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Toshiba Launches World's First 1.8V 16-bit Microprocessor for Digital Audio Applications

18 September, 2002


Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a new 16-bit dedicated microprocessor for portable CD players and digital audio applications that significantly cuts power consumption and promotes longer battery life.

The new product, adopting TLCS-900/ L1 as a processor core, is the world's first 1.8-volt, 16-bit microprocessor specially developed for digital audio applications. It will be made available in two versions, one integrating a MASK ROM type (TMP91CW28F), the other NOR-type flash memory (TMP91FY28F), both with built-in a Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) addition/subtraction circuit to support ease of control for electrical shock proof (ESP) and reinforce reliability in portable CD players.

High speed processing, increased memory and low noise, all combined with low power consumption, are increasingly demanded as mobile digital audio grows in popularity. Toshiba's new 16-bit microprocessor meets these demands and also integrates a BCD addition/subtraction circuit to support ease of control for ESP that cuts skipping during playback of CDs.

Samples of both TMP91CW28F and TMP91FY28F will be available in the end of March 2003 at 1,000 and 3,000 yen respectively. Mass production is slated for June 2003 at 300,000 units a month.

Key Features

  • Toshiba's 16-bit microprocessor, TLCS-900/ L1, realizes 10MHz processing capability at 1.8V operation.
  • 1.8V operation is optimal for portable applications.
  • Ease of control for ESP by BCD addition/subtraction circuit assures skip-free CD playback and reduces loads on the CPU core.
  • Full compatibility with Toshiba's proprietary 16-bit microcomputers, TLCS-900/L and TLCS-900/H cores, and a C-compiler for program encoding. A development environment that supports Toshiba's Real Time Emulator (RTE) model 15 and 25 controller.

Major Specifications of New Products

Major Specifications of New Products

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