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Toshiba to Launch Chip Set for 5GHz Wireless Local Area Network

19 September, 2002

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a 5GHz-band local area network (LAN) chipset that provides the essential components for a high-speed, broadband wireless LAN that conforms to the IEEE802.11a specification. The chip set comprises a baseband LSI and intermediate frequency (IF) IC.

The baseband LSI, TC35672, integrates a dedicated circuit that can process data transferred at 54Mbps, and 10-bit AD and DA converters that operate at 40MHz. High speed processing and low power consumption are supported by Toshiba's proprietary TX39 core and power management system.

The IF IC, TA32151, designed expressly to interface with TC35672, integrates an orthogonal modulator and demodulator with a direct current (DC) offset function that removes the remaining DC elements in alternating current (AC). On receiving a signal from a radio frequency (RF) IC, it executes orthogonal modulation and demodulation and transmits the signal to the baseband LSI. TA32151 processes analog signals fast, with high accuracy. In order to cover an optimized range of signals, both received and transmitted, it enables auto gain control of the amplifier to achieve reception exceeding 70dB and transmission of over 40dB.

The chip set is designed to support the Card Bus interface and integration in PCMCIA-based applications, such as PCI cards, access points, PCs and PDAs. The chip set's interoperability is secured by full conformity with the Wi-Fi specification.

The industry trend of wireless networks in PCs is to support transmission and reception of broadband signals. This same capability is also being introduced into components of home networks, DVD players and high definition TVs. The new chip set promotes this trend and supports high speed processing and handling of analog and digital sources combined with low power operation. In addition to PC-card based application, the chipset will be integrated into AV products, PCs and PC peripherals.

Toshiba is now completing development of a complete chip set solution by developing an RF IC that includes blocks for a mixer, and phase-locked loop (PLL), power amplifier and switch. The next generation chip set will cover both 5GHz and 2.4GHz operation, in full conformity to IEEE802.11a and IEEE802.11b, respectively. Smart antenna and security technologies, such as Temporal Keying Integrity Protocol and the Advanced Encryption Standard, will be introduced in the next-generation chip set, realizing an ideal combination of highly secure wireless communication. The new chipset will also conform to the IEEE802.1x authentication specification. Both Mini-PCI and PCMCIA-based applications will provide potential markets.

Samples of TC35672 and TA32151 will be available in December 2002 at 6,000 yen and 500 yen respectively. Mass production will start in March 2003 and reach 30,000 units of each a month in 2003.

The new products will be exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2002, which will be held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba Prefecture, from October 1 to 5.

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