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Toshiba to Launch 64-bit RISC Microprocessor Built-in Data Encryption Standard Algorithm

20 September, 2002


Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a new 64-bit RISC microprocessor that brings high level security to data transmissions via broadband routers, home servers and home gateways and interactive digital televisions. The new microprocessor supports the Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm, the most widely used encryption standard, and Triple DES (3DES) that reinforces the protective measures against the associated risk, achieving highly secure data transfers in Virtual Private Networks.

The new microprocessor, TMPR4926XB-200, is based on a TX49/H2 core operating at 200MHz. Its design integrates Toshiba's TMPR4925XB-200 CPU with a dedicated DES algorithm in a single chip, allowing utilization of TMPR4925XB-200's software properties and development environment. The microprocessor's provision of controllers for peripheral component interconnect (PCI), direct memory access (DMA) and NAND flash memory equip it to support a wide range of applications.

As broadband Internet connections become the norm, more and more companies are promoting VPN--private data networks that use public telecommunications infrastructure but maintain privacy by using of a tunneling protocol and security procedures--as a vehicle for e-business. This approach demands high level encryption, a need that Toshiba meets with TMPR4926XB-200.

Secure data transmission first encrypts data to be transmitted, turning it into unintelligible code, and decrypts it into its original form on receipt. In such a system, security depends on the security of the key used to encode and decode the data. Although the encryption algorithm specified in DES algorithm is commonly used, the unique key for each transaction protects the security of data. Encrypted data can be deciphered only by using a key identical to that used to encipher it. Even if unauthorized recipients of enciphered data have access to the DES algorithm, they cannot access original data without the correct key.

Samples of the new microprocessor are now available at 4,000 yen. Mass production will start in October 2002 at 100,000 units a month.

Key Features

  • Integration of DES circuitry supports design of network equipment for VPN. In order to enhance the security level, DES-cipher block mode (CBC) can be supported by adding triplicate DES and a feed back loop.
  • A standard built-in PCI bus interface allows the new microprocessor to interface with Toshiba's TC86C001FG, which integrates support for six key controllers: PCI, ATA, ATAPI, USB host, USB device and I2C. In home servers and home gateways, built-in HDD are a potential application.
  • The NAND flash memory controller supports design of digital consumer and network equipment and contributes to fewer external components.

Major Specifications of New Microprocessor

Major Specifications of New Microprocessor

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