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Toshiba Introduce World's Lowest Power Consumption Voltage Regulator IC for Automotive Applications

24 September, 2002

Built-in sub-clock circuit contributes to high reliability


Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a voltage regulator IC for automotive application that achieves the world's lowest power consumption in this class of device.

The new IC, TB9001FN, has a power consumption of 95 microamperes (micronA), approximately 20% lower than the most efficient of Toshiba's current voltage regulator IC. It achieves this by employing *BiCD process technology and optimized internal circuits. The IC can also integrate a 32KHz sub-clock circuit that replaces such external components as the shock-sensitive crystals and ceramics that are now used to activate some systems including anti-theft systems when vehicle's engine is switched off and the micro-controller LSI is in sleeping mode. These features offer longer battery life, as well as stable output voltage, in a wide range of operating temperatures.

Samples are available today at a unit price of 300 yen. Mass production is slated for the second quarter of 2003 at a monthly volume of 1 million units.

Recent advances in automotive electronics have brought more and more micro-controller LSIs into vehicles, including those to control anti-theft system, auto-lock system and car area network system. These advanced features consume more current, even when the engine is switched off, placing more demands on the vehicle battery.

Toshiba's new voltage regulator IC supports the automobile industry in finding a solution to this problem. With a power consumption of only 95micronA, the world's lowest for this kind of device, and integration of the sub-clock circuit, the new IC contributes to support a longer battery life and highly reliable system.

*BiCD: Integration of Bipolar transistors, CMOS FET and high-voltage and huge-electric-current DMOS.

Outlines of New IC

  • The world's lowest current consumption: 95micronA
  • Built-in sub-clock circuit achieves highly reliable system.
  • Output voltage: 5V+-3%
  • Internal system reset functions: low voltage reset, power on reset and watchdog timer.
  • Built-in adjustable current limiter with an external resistor
  • External output transistor can supply applications with optimum output current.
  • Operating temperature: -40-125

Major Specifications of New IC

  • Part number: TB9001FN
  • Process technology: BiCD
  • Output voltage: 5+-3%
  • Maximum input voltage at 25: 45V (1s)
  • Current consumption: 95micronA
  • Operating temperature: -40-125
  • Package: Plastic shrink small outline package-20-pin/ pin pitch 0.65mm

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