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Toshiba Achieves Industry's Lowest Noise Level with High Frequency Silicon Germanium Transistors For GPS-featured Mobile Phones and Wireless Applications

3 February, 2003

Low Noise Level Matches GaAs-based Transistors

Tokyo -- Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has developed high frequency silicon-germanium (SiGe) transistors that match the low noise level of much more expensive galium-arsenide (GaAS) transistors. The low noise level was achieved through optimization of the epitaxial-based bi-polar transistor process technologies that Toshiba brought to its first SiGe transistors last year, and produces transistors ideal for use in the ultra high frequency low noise amplifiers (LNA) essential for global positioning systems and wireless LANs.

Toshiba's new ultra low noise transistor is based on a price-competitive silicon substructure and realizes the same low noise level as GaAs transistors at approximately half the price. A further advantage is that the SiGe devices will be packaged in Toshiba's TESQ package--at 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.52mm the industry's smallest 4-pin package, allowing production of devices approximately 35% smaller than possible with present 4-pin packages.

With this new price-competitive, high-performance, high frequency SiGe transistor, Toshiba aims to expand its sales of devices for use in wireless applications and GPS-enable mobile phones.

Availability and Pricing

Sample shipments of the new SiGe transistors are scheduled for March 2003, at a unit price of 50 yen. Mass production is planned to start in September, at an initial monthly volume of 5 million units.

Technical Characteristics

1. Ultra Low Noise Type--world's lowest level noise figure
- Noise Figure = 0.52dB (f=2GHz, VCE=2V, Ic = 10mA)
- Gain =17dB (f=2GHz, VCE=2V, Ic = 20mA)

Ultra High Frequency Type--high performance even at 5.2GHz
- Noise Figure = 1.16dB (f=5.2GHz, VCE=2V, Ic = 5mA)
- Gain =13dB (f=5.2GHz, VCE=2V, Ic = 10mA)
- Noise Figure = 0.62dB (f=2GHz, VCE=2V, Ic = 5mA)

Gain =19dB (f=2GHz, VCE=2V, Ic = 10mA)

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