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Toshiba's New 8-bit Microcontroller Incorporate Large-Capacity Flash Memory

18 February, 2003

Tokyo -- Toshiba Corporation today announced an 8-bit microcontroller LSI incorporating NAND-type flash memory that achieves the lowest voltage and highest operating speed of any microcontroller in its class. Expressly designed for application in portable audio applications, the microcontroller will enhance the power efficiency and performance of CD players and digital audio equipment.

The new processor combines Toshiba's proprietary high-performance 8-bit TLCS-870/C CPU core with power efficient 32Kbytes NAND-type flash memory, 512 bytes of which is reserved for such functions as backing up volume information when power is shutdown. Integrated Boot ROM for on-board programming enables serial write to flash memory using UART, simplifying reprogramming of the flash memory after the chip is mounted on a user board. This capability ideally suits small-lot production of differentiated applications. For example, it supports additional customization for different destinations immediately prior to shipment, giving manufacturers greater flexibility in responding to actual demand and improving inventory control.

The microcontroller will be packaged in LQFP and QFP packages, with samples available from March 2003 at 800 yen. Volume production is scheduled to start in May 2003, at 100,000 units per month.

Development Background

The shift to small-lot, production of diversified portable audio equipment has fueled demand for microcontroller with built-in flash memory offering performance comparable with mask ROM. Toshiba's new microcontroller integrate a high-speed TLCS-870/C CPU core and NAND-type flash memory that supports low-voltage operation and low power consumption.

Key Features

1. Low-voltage, high-speed operation (1.8V, 8MHz) is realized by combining Toshiba's 870/C core, a proprietary 8-bit microcontroller, with NAND-type flash memory. The result is a microcontroller ideal for portable applications, where low-voltage and high-speed operation are crucial.
2. 512 bytes of the 32 Kbytes of program memory can be used as flash data memory for storing such data as volume information at power shutdown. An essential feature for battery-driven portable audio equipment.
3. The power supply control function of the flash memory circuitry enables the power to flash memory to be turned off in power-saving mode, to realize the same low level of power consumption as achieved by Toshiba mask ROM products.
4. Built-in Boot ROM supports on-board flash memory programming after the microcontroller is mounted on a user board. This offers excellent support for small-volume, diversified applications, as flash memory can be programmed for each shipment.

Key Specifications

Key Specifications

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