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New Fiber Optic Devices in Toshiba's TOSLINK Line-up Supports Development of High-speed Automotive LAN

20 February, 2003

TOTU133 (transmitter) and TORU133 (receiver)

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced new fiber optic receiver and transmitter devices specially developed for the demanding environment of automotive LAN. The latest addition to the company's highly regarded line-up of TOSLINK fiber optics, the new devices operate at temperatures ranging from -40 degrees centigrade to 85 degrees, and deliver data at a rate of 125-megabits per seconds--more than three times faster than current optical transmitters and receivers for automotive LAN. Their high-end capabilities open the way to LAN systems supporting advanced, high-speed entertainment systems in coming generations of automobiles.

The new devices will be available in sample quantities in April 2003 at 2,000 yen for a pair. Mass production is planned to start in October 2003, at a monthly volume of 500,000 pairs.

The new devices, TOTU133 (transmitter) and TORU133 (receiver) draw on Toshiba's expertise in developing high-speed TOSLINK supporting IEEE1394 networks, in achieving the high reliability required for demanding industrial applications, and in miniaturization and mass-production technologies derived from the development of digital audio equipment.

Toshiba's TOSLINK series of signal transmission devices convert digital electrical signals into optical signals. Use of optical fiber instead of coaxial cable or twisted-pair cable achieves noise-free operation at high transmission speeds. TOSLINK applications include high-end connections for digital AV equipment, such as DVD and CD players, high-speed data transmission such as IEEE1394, industrial network and entertainment LANs in vehicles.

The TOTU 133 transmitter incorporates a high-speed indium-gallium phosphide (InGaP) red LED and driver circuit. The TORU 133 receiver incorporates a photodiode and waveform-reshaping circuit on a single chip. Interface is 3.3V PECL for both TOTU133, and TORU133, facilitating easier connection with peripheral circuits.

In addition to 125-megabit/s data rate, TOTU133/TORU133 can be operated at 150-megabit/s data for optional need.

Current automotive LAN use optical devices that conform to the D2B (Digital Data Bus:10Mb/s) or the MOST (Media Oriented System Transport:50Mb/s). Toshiba's new devices make possible high-speed automotive LAN that are 10 times faster than D2B and 3 times faster than MOST systems.

Key Features

Operating temperature range: -40to +85
Data rate: 125Mbps (standard specification)
150Mbps (optional specification)
Fiber Output Power: from -7 to -3dBm, avg.
Minimum Receivable Power: -22.5 dBm, avg. (125Mbps)
Supply voltage: 3.3V +/- 0.3V
Transmitter and receiver IC included
3.3V PECL interface
Package dimensions: 6.3 x 6.9 x 2.3 mm

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