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Toshiba's New 8-bit Microcontroller Is Ideal for Small Home Appliances

26 February, 2003

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a new 8-bit microcontroller dedicated to system control in small electronic home appliances. The microcontroller integrates a 8-bit CPU core with on-chip memory in a compact package small enough for size-sensitive appliances.

The new microcontroller incorporates 2Kbytes of ROM as one time programmable ROM (OTP) and is ideally suited for small-lot production of differentiated applications. This compact microcontroller includes 2 channels of 8-bit timer and 4 channels of analog-digital converter, the optimized configuration for control of small electronic home appliances such as rice cookers, induction heater cookers, hot water pots and electric razors.

Samples are available now at 200 yen. Mass production is planned to start in March 2003 at a monthly volume of 250,000 units.

Development Background

The new microcontroller is Toshiba's answer to growing demand for low-priced, high-performance microcontrollers in the market for small home appliances. Based on a high-performance 8-bit CPU core, the microcontroller uses OTP, which improves the turn-around time from application development to product launch. Other distinguishing features include low cost and a compact size, which are realized by the optimization of functions.

Key Features

1. Low voltage, high-speed operation (3.3V, 8MHz) is realized by Toshiba's 870/C core, a proprietary 8-bit microprocessor. The combination of the core processor with compact OTP results in a microcontroller ideal for small home appliances, where low-voltage and high-speed operation is required.
2. The TMP86P202P supports either a ceramic or crystal resonator while the TMP86P203P supports an external RC resonator. The latter version offers a low-cost solution for applications that do not require timer precision.
3. Built-in OTP enables application product manufactures to perform programming, thus achieving faster times to market. It also offers excellent support for small-lot, diversified applications.
4. Housed in a space-saving 20-pin DIP (Dual Inline Package), the new microcontroller can easily be mounted on a board.

Key Specifications

Key Specifications

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