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Toshiba Develops Blue-Violet Laser for Future Optical Disc Systems

2 October, 2003

Achieves 200mW Optical Output and
World's Best Low Noise Performance

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced development of gallium-nitride based blue-violet lasers offering highest level performance ever achieved. The new laser offers a high optical output of 200-milliwatts, while achieving the lowest noise characteristics ever attained. The laser performance meets the requirements for blue violet laser based optical disc systems that will emerge in the near future, including the ability to support dual layer and high-speed recording systems requiring a powerful laser.

The blue-violet semiconductor laser is an essential component for the next generation optical disc players and drives after current red laser based DVDs. These lasers must achieve high optical output power, low noise performance and a stable beam profile if they are to read and write the highly dense data packed onto next-generation optical discs. This is particularly true in cases of dual-layer-disc recording and high-speed recording, both of which require a more powerful laser source than single-layer, standard-speed recording. Toshiba's newly developed blue-violet laser satisfies all specifications necessary for next-generation higher density optical disc systems.

Technological Achievement

1) High quantum efficiency is achieved by precision optimization of the density of impurities used to dope the laser and maximize optical output. This achieves a lower operating current at higher optical power output.
2) Toshiba's coating technology at light emission facets of the laser achieves high optical output of 200mW, and the noise level of -132dB/Hz which is the best ever achieved.
3) Toshiba's original semiconductor process technology was applied to achieving a device structure that assures to supply stable electric current at active area to generate laser light, producing stable optical laser beam emission.

The new blue violet laser will be exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2003 to be held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture, from October 7-11.

Main Specifications

Max. Optical Output 200mW (Continuos wave mode at 25 degrees C)
Relative Intensity Noise -132 dB/Hz (at 3mW)
Laser Wavelength 409 nanometer
Threshold Current 35 mA
Operation Current 164 mA
Beam Angle (parallel) 12.4 degree
Beam Angle (perpendicular) 25.8 degree
Max. Operational Case Temperature 100 degrees C

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