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Toshiba Raises Semiconductor Capital Expenditure for FY2003 to Expand Memory Production in Japan

25 November, 2003

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced a boost in its semiconductor business capital expenditure that will expand memory production at Oita Operations in Kyushu. The additional investment, of approximately 12-billion yen, will raise capex on semiconductors in this fiscal year from 118 to 130 billion yen, and allow Toshiba to meet increased demand for memories, particularly flash memory for personal digital products, including digital still cameras and cellular phones with cameras.

Toshiba’s memory business centers on high value products, including flash memory, SRAM for multi-chip devices, and high-end Rambus DRAM for embedded applications. At Yokkaichi Operations in Mie prefecture, its main memory production base, the company is supporting expanding production of flash memories and multi-chip packages, in advance of construction of new 300mm lines, and will reinforce this program by expanding memory production at Oita.

Mr. Shigeo Koguchi, company president of Toshiba’s Semiconductor Company at Toshiba Corporation said, “The decision to expand the memory production line in Oita, which is Toshiba’s main production site for Systems LSIs, reflects greater-than-expected demand for memories. Alongside expanding production at Yokkaichi, the Oita investment will assure Toshiba maintains leadership in key segments of the memory market.”

In addition to System LSIs, Oita also produces small quantities of memory products, including SRAM. The new investment in the facility will enhance its production of memories.

Alongside its investments in new semiconductor production lines, including the forthcoming 300mm wafer production site at Yokkaichi, Toshiba will continue to enhanced memory production capabilities by developing advanced process technology and raising efficiency through outsourcing.

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