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Toshiba Corporation and Digital Fashion Ltd. to Jointly Develop 3D Real-time Clothes Fitting and Makeup Simulator

22 January, 2004

Toshiba Corporation
Digital Fashion Limited

Tokyo -- Toshiba Corporation and Digital Fashion Ltd. (DFL), an Osaka based developer of software for the fashion industry, today announced an agreement to create a 3-dimensional fashion simulation system that will allow virtual modeling and coordination of clothes, cosmetics and accessories in real time. The system will capture images of people, outfit them in the virtual clothes of their choice, and then display naturalistic images in real time, including movement of the person and the clothes. The system will provide a new level of IT-based support for trying, fitting, modeling and designing clothes, and for coordinating outfits with different styles of makeup and accessories.

Toshiba is an industry leader in 3D image processing while DFL is a pioneer in applying digital know-how to the world of fashion, including clothes coordination and makeup simulation. In developing the new simulation system the companies will draw on their respective strengths to take virtual modeling of clothes and cosmetics to a new level. Toshiba will deliver expertise in image-processing hardware, software and LSIs, DFL the software for simulating clothing in real time.

While current modeling and fitting systems present static, two-dimensional images of people trying on clothes, the new simulation system will offer 3D images in which movement in front of a display equipped with cameras is reproduced in real time, along with the textures, shades and real appearance of the chosen material and clothing. Using the simulation system will offer the same sense of reality as a real mirror. Commercialization of the system is expected in 2006.

Powerful image processing is an essential technology for coming generations of products. In developing the new simulation system with DFL, Toshiba will take image processing to the next level in terms of capabilities and performance.

Outline of Digital Fashion Ltd.
Location: Osaka
Established: January 2001
President: Yoshiyuki Sakaguchi
Capitalization: 533 million yen
Employees: 19
- Development and sales of computer-related software and hardware
- Design and consulting for computer graphics-imaged clothing
- Information processing and information provider services
- Development of planning and advertising for dress product sales

Toshiba Press Contact:
Corporate Communications Office
Toshiba Corporation
Tel: (03) 3457 2105

Digital Fashion Press Contact:
Digital Fashion Ltd.
Tel: (06) 6271 5560

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