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Toshiba to Commercialize DVD-R Medium with CPRM that Allows Users to Record Copy-Once Content

28 September, 2004

Tokyo -- Toshiba Corporation today announced a DVD-R disc that supports Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM), allowing recording of copy-once content in the DVD-VR format. The new disc will be available from the beginning of November, 2004 at "Shop TOSHIBA," Toshiba's online shopping site at.

Digital broadcasting in Japan, including the terrestrial broadcasts that began in December 2003, BS, CS110° and "SKY Perfect TV!" digital broadcasts, increasingly use CPRM to protect content. CPRM scrambles broadcast programs and allows copy-once recording only to DVD-R or RW discs formatted for Video Recording (VR). Saving content to DVD VR requires both a VR compatible disc and digital video recorder (DVR).

Toshiba's new DVD-R, "RD-RVR120" is a 4.7GB, single-sided disc. It can be used with the "RD-X5" Toshiba's newly announced flagship DVR, which integrates a 600GB HDD and DVD video recorder. Among a wide range of advanced functions, the RD-X5 includes the capability to record to DVD-R supporting the DVD-VR format. This will allow the increasing number of subscribers to digital broadcasts to record copy-once content to DVD, in the same way that viewers can save and record analog broadcasts. The new disc supports a write speed of 8x for standard video and 4x for recording in the DVD-VR format.

In addition to recording copy-once content, the DVD-VR format allows recording of bilingual sound tracks for recorded programs, when available, for both analog and digital broadcasts, a capability not supported by conventional recording to DVD-R. Before a recording is finalized, users are also free to write data to the disc management area. This allows checking of edited content by frame and rewriting of program titles, chapters and thumbnails.

Toshiba will continue to promote "record to HDD, save to DVD" and to seek enhanced operating convenience, with the goal of expanding the DVR market and increasing its market share.

* High definition images cannot be recorded with their original resolution
* This medium integrates media ID, a unique ID number written in the BCA (Burst Cutting Area) that supports CPRM.
* Programs recorded to a DVD-R in DVD-VR format can only be played back with the device that supports the DVD-VR format, such as "RD-X5".
* The DVD-R must be initialized by the user before it can be used to record to the DVD-VR format. If the disc is nor formatted, any images recorded with "RD-X5" will be in a DVD-VIDEO format. Even if recording is in the DVD-VIDEO format, the disc cannot be played back in a DVD player or DVR that does not support DVR. If played back in such a DVD player or DVR, the disc may cause malfunction or physical damage requiring repair, either to the disc itself or to the player or DVR.

Outline of New Disc
Outline of New Disc

Recordable DVD Formats and its Relations to the Media
Recordable DVD Formats and its Relations to the Media
*1 Playback is possible with some DVD players. Please consult the instructions for more details.
*2 Playback is not possible with some DVD players. Please consult the instructions for more details.
*3 Playback and recording are only possible on a DVR that supports recording to DVD-R in the DVD-VR format, such as the RD-X5. Playback is not possible with some DVD players. Please consult the instructions for more details.

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