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Toshiba Announces Industry's Smallest GaAs MESFET Switch for Multi-band/Multi-mode Cellular, Bluetooth and WLAN Aplications

4 November, 2004

Leadless GaAs MESFET is World's Smallest and Lowest Profile RF Single Pole Dual Throw Switch; Features Range of Operation from DC to 3GHz

Toshiba Announces Industry's Smallest GaAs MESFET Switch for Multi-band/Multi-mode Cellular, Bluetooth and WLAN Aplications

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced the release of a new industry-leading small, low-profile gallium arsenide (GaAs) Metal-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MESFET) Single Pole Dual Throw (SPDT) Switch that is well suited for use in multi-band/-mode cellular Antenna Switch Modules (ASMs), Bluetooth (BT) modules and Wireless LAN (WLAN) applications.

Recently, demand for multi-band/-mode antenna switch devices for GSM-based cellular handsets and Global Positioning Devices (GPS) has been increasing, and designers have been seeking smaller, more cost-effective antenna switch solutions. To help address these requirements, Toshiba developed this new RF SPDT in the smallest package available on the market today for use in cellular ASMs, Bluetooth and WLAN. The device features low insertion loss and high isolation to provide very good performance for such a small package.


The TG2217CTB SPDT Switch is offered in a very small and low profile leadless 6-pin CSP package. The device operates from DC to 3 Gigahertz (GHz) requiring two control positive voltages also acting as bias supply. The control voltages are very low and 2.4V switching operation is possible. This GaAs MESFET monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) features 0.35 decibel (dB) insertion loss at 1GHz (0.40dB at 2GHz) and 24dB isolation at 1 and 2GHz. Power handling performance is 17dBm P1dB at 2.5GHz which is very good for the extremely small and low profile package.

1. Industry's smallest and lowest profile leadless package currently available: 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.38mm
2. Low voltage switching operation: Down to 2.4V possible
3. Very good performance for the small size and low profile
Low insertion loss: 0.35dB at 1GHz (0.40dB at 2GHz)
High isolation: 24dB at 1 and 2GHz

Pricing and Availability:

Samples of Toshiba's TG2217CTB will be available in Dec. 2004, priced at US $0.20 each. Volume production is scheduled to begin in 1Q of 2005, at which time production pricing will become available. To improve cost effectiveness, Toshiba's new more efficient, chip scale package (CSP) mass production line will be used to manufacture this device.

Technical specifications for Toshiba TG2217CTB:

Part Number: TG2217CTB
Power Handling (P1dB): 17.0 dBm(Typ.) @2.5GHz
Insertion Loss: 0.35dB(Typ.) @1GHz, 0.40dB(Typ.) @2GHz
Isolation: 24dB(Typ.) @1 and 2GHz
Control Voltage: High:2.4V(Min.)/2.6V(Typ.)/2.8V(Max.)
  Low:0V (range –0.2V to +0.2V) recommended
Process: GaAs MESFET
Packaging: 6-pin CSP
Dimensions: 1.0mm x 1.0mm x 0.38mm

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