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23 March, 2005

Deep trench "super junction" technology reduces ON Resistance 60 percent compared to conventional MOSFET technolog


TOKYO -- Continuing its leadership role in developing innovative power semiconductors, Toshiba Corporation today announced a new power MOSFET called DTMOS, that employs a new super junction structure that enables a reduction in power consumption caused by on-state resistance (RDSON) to approximately 40 percent of the value typically achieved with conventional MOSFETs. The first device in the DTMOS family, TK15A60S, is targeted for use in power supplies in television sets, home appliances, AC adapters and ballast lighting. Toshiba began shipping samples of the new MOSFET today, and will begin production in April 2005.

The super junction structure, which has vertical paths to allow electrical current to flow through easily on a silicon substrate, realizes lower RDSON than the theoretical limit of silicon. By applying this super junction structure and optimizing the total device, the RDSON for the same area in Toshiba's DTMOS device achieves a 60 percent reduction and its gate charge (Qg ) achieves a 40 percent reduction compared with Toshiba's conventional MOSFETs. Consequently, RDSON* Qg (See note 1), a characteristic that is one important performance index for MOSFETs (in which smaller is better), is one-fourth the value of the company's conventional MOSFETs.

With this announcement, Toshiba is combining a super junction structure with the company's original Deep Trench MOSFET (DTMOS) technology. This is the first in the market using super junction structure combined with deep trench technology. The first device in the family, designated TK15A60S, features maximum ratings of 15 Amp (A) and 600 volt (V) with on resistance of 0.3 Ohm and will begin sampling in March 2005.

Background of the Development

Recently, reduction of power consumption and miniaturization of consumer electronics have been in strong demand, and consequently, lower RDSON in power MOSFETs has been a target to improve their power efficiency. In order to respond to the demand for lower power consumption, Toshiba is commercializing a new product utilizing DTMOS technology which can improve efficiency of power supplies. Toshiba succeeded in the development of DTMOS because of its broad repertoire of power MOSFET devices and development expertise and device technology.

Specifications for Toshiba's First DTMOS MOSFET

Specifications for Toshiba's First DTMOS MOSFET


  • Due to the super junction structure, RDSON reaches 0.3 Ohm (maximum).
  • At this time, Toshiba is the first to utilize a super junction structure with deep trench technology on a silicon substrate.
  • The device uses a TO-220SIS package, which is widely used in the market, and enables conventional products to be replaced easily.

Pricing and Availability

Samples of Toshiba's TK15A60S 15A, 600V DTMOS are scheduled for availability in March 2005, priced at 300 yen each.

Toshiba's Discrete Products

Since 1986, Toshiba has ranked as the top discrete supplier on a worldwide basis. According to its most recent report, Gartner Dataquest (San Jose, Calif.) ranks Toshiba as the top supplier according to revenue from worldwide shipments of total discrete products for 2003. More specifically, Toshiba leads in worldwide market share in a number of discrete product categories, including power transistors, LMOS logic, CMOS logic, visible laser diodes and photocouplers. With the company's understanding of market requirements and combining target applications with the right products, Toshiba continues to deliver solutions that lead the industry in innovation, quality and value. The company's discrete devices are designed to meet the growing demand for high performance and lower voltages in today's wireless telecom and consumer electronics applications while emphasizing its strength in the automotive and industrial markets.

1 The product of on-state resistance and gate charge. The smaller this value is, the better the performance of the MOSFET.

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