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Toshiba Delivers Digital TV Broadcasting Transmitters to Korean Broadcasting System

6 June, 2006

Toshiba Delivers Digital TV Broadcasting Transmitters to Korean Broadcasting System

TOKYO--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it completed delivery of a major order for digital terrestrial TV transmission systems in May for the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Korea's public service broadcaster. The order, for 36 digital terrestrial TV transmission systems to be installed in 12 cities, includes 72 units of digital TV transmitters, and is one of the largest orders for high-power transmitters ever placed in an individual contract.

Each of the 36 systems integrates two transmitters from Toshiba's new TDU7000 Series of liquid-cooled digital transmitters; either the 1kW (54 units) or 2kW (18 units). The systems will bring digital terrestrial TV broadcasts to 12 Korean cities, including Dae-Jeon and Jeon-Ju, and support transmission of three channels in each city. The systems are currently being installed, with completion scheduled in middle of June. Once all the systems come on line, KBS will have completed nationwide infrastructure bringing digital broadcasting services to Korea's main cities.

"I am delighted that Toshiba completed delivery for us as scheduled, in spite of challenging circumstances, including a very short lead time and high-targeted engineering requirements," said Sung-Man, Jin, Manager of the Transmission Infrastructure Team at KBS. "This achievement reflects the technological capabilities that Toshiba has cultivated through its experience and accomplishments. With continued good relationship with Toshiba, I expect we can offer high-quality digital broadcasting service to viewers when installation is completed."

Toshiba is a leading supplier of digital TV broadcasting systems in the Japanese market and also enjoys a record of achievement in Korea, including supply of 13 transmission systems, with 26 digital transmitters, to Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation in November 2005.

"We are very pleased to have completed this demanding contract," said Toshio Aoki, Senior Manager of Toshiba's International Operations Department, Broadcasting & Network Systems Division, "and also very pleased to work with KBS. We believe that our previous on-time supply of reliable, high performance equipment to the Korean market, plus the technological capabilities of our new transmitters, persuaded KBS to select our systems. With completion of this contract for 72 transmitters, we have now supplied over 100 Toshiba digital transmitters to Korean broadcasting companies."

Toshiba is one of the few companies able to offer integrated solutions for digital broadcasting systems extending from studio systems to broadcasting and transmissions systems. Drawing on these capabilities, Toshiba is now seeking to develop a global presence in digital broadcasting systems, and is reinforcing overseas operations in order to take full advantage of the currents global transition from analogue to digital broadcasting systems.

TDU7000 Series
TDU7000 Series, Toshiba's new digital terrestrial TV transmitters, supports all three of the world's digital TV broadcasting standards: ATSC, DVB-T and ISDB-T. The TDU7000 Series offers excellent performance, reliability and operability, and provides terrestrial broadcasting stations delivering medium- to large-scale digital broadcasts with an optimal transmitting environment at a reasonable cost. The system also supports a liquid cooling system with either purified water or antifreeze liquid, and an air cooling system with built-in fan to stimulate indoor circulation.

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