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Toshiba's New Multi Chip Package Integrates Gigabyte-Class NAND Flash Memory and SD Controller

14 June, 2006

2GB Capacity and SD Interface Brought to a Single Package

Toshiba's New Multi Chip Package Integrates Gigabyte-Class NAND Flash Memory and SD Controller

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation today announced the introduction of multi-chip package (MCP) memory that integrates a gigabyte-class NAND flash memory and an SD card interface controller with standard MCP memory devices. The new MCP significantly strengthens the capacity and versatility of Toshiba's line-up of large capacity MCP memories for mobile phones, and will go into mass production in August 2006.

The new MCP incorporates two innovative devices that add to the functionality and performance of mobile phones: a new NAND flash memory with a capacity range of up to 2GB (8-gigabit, multi-level cell NAND flash memory), and an SD card interface controller on a chip. The new NAND flash memory is dedicated to storage of the user's data, and has the large capacity necessary for music files and digital photos, while the SD controller provides an interface between the memory chip and the digital camera, music player and other devices integrated into mobile phones. The new chips can be integrated into an MCP that stacks standard MCP memory for mobile phones, including LP SDRAM + NAND flash memory and PSRAM + NOR flash memory.

The first MCP with the new gigabyte-class NAND flash memory and SD controller also integrates an LP SDRAM as working memory and standard NAND flash memory for storing program data. Each chip is available in a range of capacities, allowing combinations that meet a diverse range of customer requirements. Future MCP will combine gigabyte-class NAND flash memory with PSRAM and NOR flash memory.

Mobile phones increasingly offer advanced multimedia functions, such as high resolution cameras, music player but real usability also requires larger memory capacities able to store high resolution digital photos and hours of music. This is fueling demand for MCP package that can stack multiple, high performance memories in a minimized space. Toshiba's new MCP memories meet this demand by stacking a large capacity NAND flash memory and an SD card controller with standard MCP memories. The integration of the multiple components into a single package maximizes data storage capacity with minimum space requirements.

With the new MCP memories, mobile phone owners can get the most out of 2- and 3-megapixel cameras and enjoy a lot of music: the new 2GB MCP memory can store up to 35 hours of music recorded at a bit rate of 128kbps.

Outline of new products
* GBNANDTM is the trade mark for the combination of a Toshiba gigabyte-class NAND flash memory with an SD card interface controller.

Key specifications
Product MCP memory integrating NAND flash memory with gigabyte-class capacity
Interface SRAM interface or LP SDRAM interface
Interface for standard NAND flash
SD Memory Card standard compatible
Power supply voltage PSRAM / NOR flash/ LP SDRAM: 1.7 – 1.9V
NAND: 1.7 – 1.9V or 2.7 – 3.6V
Gigabyte NAND: 2.7 – 3.6V
Compatible standard SD Memory Card standard compatible
Exterior dimensions
12.0mm (W) x 18.0mm (L) x 1.2mm (H)
Weight Approximately 0.5g

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