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Toshiba Adds New High Performance SDHC Cards and High Capacity microSD Card to Extensive Memory Card Line-up

05 January, 2007

4GB CLASS 6 SDHC Card, 4GB CLASS 4 miniSDHC Card, 2GB microSD Memory Card

TOKYO--Toshiba Corp., a leading innovator in memory card solutions, today announced the latest enhancement to its extensive line-up of SD Memory Cards: a 4-gigabyte (GB) Class 6 SDHC Card; a 4GB Class 4 miniSDHC Card; and a 2GB microSD Card. The new SDHC and miniSDHC Cards will be available worldwide from March next year, and the microSD will be launched worldwide next April.

The SD High Capacity standard (version 2.00) takes card-based memory into the broadband era by defining three classes of high speed data write for cards with an enhanced capacity of 4GB and more. The market for these high performance memory cards will grow alongside increasing demand for digital equipment able to handle motion pictures and high resolution images without long delay times. Demand for miniSDHC Cards and microSD Cards will primarily come from mobile phones.

Toshiba's new 4GB Class 6 SDHC meets the ultra high speed Class 6 rating, and delivers a guaranteed sustained write speed of 6MB/s; Toshiba has measured sustained performance at a maximum of 20MB/s. The new 4GB SDHC Card extends the Company's line up of 4GB SDHC beyond the Class 4 card launched in September.

With the new 4GB miniSDHC Card, Toshiba brings to market the industry's first Class 4 miniSDHC Card, capable of sustained write speeds of 4MB/s. This advance will bring new levels of performance and functionality to mobile phones and other personal digital products.

Toshiba rounds out its latest additions with a 2GB microSD Card, reinforcing its overall product line-up in all key areas.
Toshiba will continue to expanding and upgrade its SDHC and SD Memory Card series to meet the growing demand for high speed, high capacity products.

The expanded new card series will be featured at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2007, in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 8 to 11, at booth 12832.

Outline of New SD Memory Card
Outline of New SD Memory Card

Product names above are for the Japanese market.

Key Features
1. SDHC Memory Card (Ultra High Speed Type)
(1) Realizes maximum speed of 20MB per sec.
(2) "Class 6" SD Speed Class, guaranteeing sustained data write at 6MB/s.
(3) Applies highly secure CPRM copyright technology.
2. miniSDHC Memory Card
(1) Realizes large 4GB capacity in a miniSDHC Card. It can store 69 hours of music at a bit rate of 128kbps.
(2) "Class 4" SD Speed Class, guaranteeing sustained data write at 4MB/s.
(3) Applies highly secure CPRM copyright technology.
3. microSD Memory Card
(1) Realizes 2GB capacity, best-of-class in a microSD Card.
(2) Applies highly secure CPRM copyright technology.



Product names above are for the Japanese market.


* Maximum read and write speed depends on such factors as device and file size.
* SDHC Memory Cards can be used with devices that support the SD Memory Card Ver. 2.00 standard. They are not backward compatible with standard SD Memory Cards.

Customer Contact (Japan)
Toshiba Consumer Marketing Corporation

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