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Toshiba Wins Major Order for Supercritical Steam Turbines and Generators for India's TATA Power Company Limited

10 August, 2007

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has won a major contract, to supply five large supercritical steam turbines and generators to the TATA Power Company Limited, India's largest private power sector utility. The systems will be installed at the Mundra power plant project, a thermal power plant project in Gujarat state. When it comes on line, the Mundra plant will output 800 megawatts from each state-of-the-art unit, and its total output of 4000-megawatts will make it the largest supercritical thermal power plant yet commissioned in India. 

Toshiba is the world's leading developer and supplier of supercritical steam turbine and generator technology, and the company will supply five steam turbines and generators of 800 megawatts output each, which will be the largest single unit yet installed in India. Each unit will be brought on-line as it commission is completed, from 2010 to 2012.

Driven by strong economic growth, the Indian power market anticipates that, under the 11th Five-Year Plan announced by MoP in Feb. 2007, demand will grow from 128GW to 279GW over the next decade, an increase of 151GW. Coal-fired thermal power stations accounted 66 percent of electric power generation in 2006, far surpassing other energy sources, and that situation is expected to remain unchanged for the foreseeable future.

Toshiba is the world's largest provider of steam turbines and generators, with over 1800 units, with a capacity of some 150 gigawatts, installed in over 40 countries worldwide.
Toshiba will further aim to secure further contracts in India, and is also enhancing its business in other key markets, including North America, Europe, China, and Africa where demand for supercritical thermal power systems is strong.

*This technology is categorized as “Ultra-super Critical” according to the OECD unclassified document TAD/PG(2016)1 - Annex VI, which reflects sector understanding on export credits for coal-fired electricity generation projects agreed in November 2015. (Added on January 31, 2017)

About Mundra power plant project
Project name : 4000MW Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project
Ordering party : The TATA Power Company limited
Location : Kutch district of Gujarat State, India.
Delivery equipment from Toshiba : 800MW Supercritical steam turbine and generator x 5set

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