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Toshiba Corporation to bring leading-edge technologies to CEATEC

5 Oct, 2009

TOKYO— Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced the line-up of innovative products and technologies that it will introduce at CEATEC, Japan's biggest consumer electronics show. Taking pride of place in the spotlight will be the new CELL REGZA, the world's first TV powered by the CELL Platform, integrating the Cell Broadband EngineTM[1], while other displays will underline how Toshiba's advances in digital technologies and products are making life easier, more productive and enjoyable.

CEATEC will run from October 6 to October 10 at Makuhari Messe, and Toshiba will have booths in Hall 3.

CELL REGZA (Booth 3A65)

Pride of place in the Toshiba booth will go to the world's first LCD TV to integrate the CELL Platform, the new CELL REGZA. Displays involving a total of 35 CELL REGZAs will show off the new TV's state-of-the-art picture quality, ultra-high-speed processing and recording, enhanced navigation and seamless network interactivity. Toshiba will also look even further into the future with sample displays of 3D and 4K2K technologies.

1. Main stage and CELL REGZA theater

The main stage will feature the state-of-the-art-picture quality and ultra-high–speed processing technology of the new TV. The CELL REGZA theater will show just what that means for the viewer, playing movie content in a subdued, theater-like atmosphere.

2. Functions of CELL REGZA

(1) Improving picture quality

Unrivaled image-enhancing capability is achieved by the CELL Platform Super Resolution Technology, which builds significantly on Toshiba's current Super Resolution Technology[2], and high contrast is realized by an advanced LED backlight control system.

(2) Support for multiple recording and playback functions with a 3TB hard disk

CELL REGZA has a 3-terabyte (TB)[3] hard disk drive, 2TB of which is dedicated to the "time-shift machine,"[4] which records user-specified programs. This immense capacity can simultaneously record up to eight terrestrial digital channels for as long as 26 hours [5]. Sifting through that contents—and more—is easily accomplished with "Roaming Navigator," which searches for and delivers thumbnails and data on archived, on-the-air, and to-be-aired programs.

(3) Network functionality

A browser supporting full HD, with super resolution technology that detects Internet content and controls noise at image edges, provides full support for viewing YouTube content near HD level quality.

(4) CELL Platform

The internal structure of CELL REGZA and the three boards of the CELL Platform, including that of the Cell Broadband Engine™, will be displayed.

(5) CELL REGZA audio

CELL REGZA'S picture quality is complemented by a newly developed audio system and multi-amplifier system, for sound that far surpasses that of current TV speakers. The internal structure of the speaker will be displayed.

3. Future concepts of CELL REGZA (CELL REGZA NEXT)


The future is 3D, one display will show how future versions of the CELL REGZA platform will processes 2D images into lifelike 3D. It will also offer intuitive and easy control and operation via the "Spatial Motion Interface," an interactive 3D GUI that integrates a 3D-capturing infrared sensor. The interface is based on an original motion recognition algorithm that allows users to use hand movements to search for and navigate recorded content on a digital TV.


Upconversion of a 1920x1080 HD quality image for display on a 3840x2160 (4K2K) panel CELL REGZA will demonstrate the power of the CELL Platform to boost image quality.

(3) All in one "CELL REGZA"

A concept model 46-inch CELL REGZA integrating CELL BOX, the TV's dedicated tuner and hard drive housing, with the monitor.

(4) Entertainment server "CELL REGZA"

A concept 37-inch type CELL REGZA featuring the CELL BOX as a home network system.

dynapocket (Booth: 3A58)

dynapocket is Toshiba's versatile high-speed internet phone featuring the leading-edge Snapdragon™ CPU, and is sold as "docomo PRO series™ T-01A" by NTT DOCOMO in Japan. With dynapocket as a platform, Toshiba will showcase advanced capabilities, including network collaboration between PC and TVs.

1. Wireless network between devices

(1) Toshiba will show how images can be uploaded by dynapocket, shared in a cloud computing environment, and downloaded to create and enjoy photobooks with a face recognition function on PCs, and TVs.

(2) A demonstration of close distance wireless data transfers and DLNA between TV, PC and mobile device will show how images and videos captured with dynapocket can be easily shared and enjoyed.

2 Applications

(1) Mobile business solutions

Inventory management and order can be done via the dynapocket. With the large screen of dynapocket, operation is quick and input easy.

(2) Electronic book

Toshiba will introduce services offered by eBook Initiative Japan Co., Ltd., a vendor of electronic books, and show how the large display of dynapocket makes it a great e-book reader.

(3) Windows® Marketplace for Mobile (from October 7)

"Windows® Marketplace for Mobile" by Microsoft Co., Ltd., a new application store, will be used to access English version of games and to see how they are given new vitality by TG01's spacious screen and high speed processor.

(4) Voice translation and Voice synthesis

Translation between English and Japanese and Japanese and English, with voice synthesis.

(5) Net search support

dynapocket supports relational searches for keywords, and also displays items related to the search object, opening up wide horizons.

3. Large screen type

A variation of dynapocket with a 7-inch screen will be displayed, and shows more realistic image, complemented by an excellent sound system.

4. Design Variation

Design variations of dynapocket will show the standard version alongside a QWERTY keyboard model, a sliding 10-key model and a double-screen model.

5. Other mobile phone and Internet device

The current au "biblio" model, and "WILLCOM NS (WS026T)" will be displayed. "biblio" has a dual-key which allows for the user to choose from among a QWERTY keyboard, 10-key pad, and touch panel. It also integrates "BOOK Player" that supports e-books, including manga. "WILLCOM NS (WS026T)" is a new conceptual device which focuses on internet browsing.

Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.), jointly developed by IBM, Sony Group and Toshiba, is a breakthrough design featuring a central processing core based on IBM's Power Architecture technology and eight synergistic processing elements (SPE). Cell/B.E. brings an unseen level of broadband processing power to digital products. Cell Broadband Engine is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Reproduction technology for image improvement. With current Super Resolution Technology, an image is once up-scaled and then converted to a lower resolution image. Toshiba's proprietary algorithm compares the edge detail and image texture of the lower resolution image against the original and detects areas that can be improved. This information is incorporated into the up-scaled image. The current function is adopted in other REGZA TVs, including the REGZA ZX8000 series.
1TB is calculated on the basis of 1TB = 1,000 GB and 1GB = 1-billion bytes.
Programs that can be viewed using this function are limited to programs that the user has specified for simultaneous recording, for up to eight channels of digital terrestrial broadcasting. When the hard disk capacity designed for this function becomes insufficient, the oldest programs are the first ones deleted from the archive. Recorded programs can be moved to the built-in hard disk drive or to an external USB hard disk drive.
This function is limited to programs that the user has specified for simultaneous recording, for up to eight channels of digital terrestrial broadcasting and up to one day of recording, for high-definition TV program (at a rate of 20Mbps)
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Information in the news releases, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the press announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

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