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Toshiba Corporation to bring leading-edge technologies to CEATEC

3 Oct, 2011

TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced the line-up of innovative products and technologies that it will bring to CEATEC, Japan's biggest consumer electronics show, including cutting-edge digital products, plus an overview of the smart community concept and a demonstration of some of its key technologies for smart home.

The Toshiba booth will showcase the company's latest additions to its stand-out digital products, including the world's thinnest and lightest[1] tablets; a large-screen, 55-inch glasses-free 3D[2] TV with Quad Full HD resolution; a high-capacity Blu-ray recorder offering 5-terabytes[3] of storage; and the world's thinnest and lightest[4] Ultrabook™[5] PC. Toshiba will also demonstrate how all these products, and more, can be linked with REGZA Link Share, a new service that eliminates restrictions of time and place by allowing users to share content across multiple platforms and access it at their leisure.

Looking further into the future, Toshiba will also spotlight smart community technologies and show how digital products harnessing the power of information communication technologies will combine with innovative energy solutions to create new infrastructure and advanced capabilities, in a unity that will contribute to the home, to the community and to the wider society of tomorrow.

CEATEC will run from October 4 to October 8 at Makuhari Messe, and Toshiba will be at booth 2A56 in Hall 3.

Major Exhibits of Digital Products

1.REGZA Tablet: the world's thinnest and lightest tablet

Toshiba's new "REGZA Tablet AT700" is 7.7mm slim, weighs only 558g, yet sports a 10.1-inch display and packs an extensive range of essential ports and interfaces. The sparkling screen offers an amazing wide-view display for comfortable content consumption, while full web browsing capabilities support the preferred use of tablets.
The AT700 will be available in mid December 2011 in Japan.

2.Large-screen glasses-free 3D TV with Quad Full HD resolution

Toshiba's eye-grabbing 55-inch TV, "REGZA 55X3" takes the 3D experience to new heights by taking dedicated glasses off the viewer and allowing a large group to share immersion in the images. It also offers enhanced 2D with its Quad Full HD screen that displays images at four times (quadruple) Full HD resolution. The glasses-free 3D application is powered by CEVO-ENGINE Duo, Toshiba's high-performance multi-processor platform.
The REGZA 55X3 will be available in mid December 2011 in Japan.

3.REGZA Blu-ray; High-capacity Blu-ray recorder

The immense 5-terabyte (TB) storage capacity of the "DBR-M190," Toshiba's new Blu-ray recorder, dedicates a huge 4TB of disk space to the "time-shift machine[6],"which can simultaneously record up to six terrestrial digital channels for 15 days[7], while still allowing 1TB to be used to record other programs. In addition to TVs, programs can be viewed on other digital platforms via REGZA Link Share.
The DBR-M190 will be available in mid December 2011 in Japan.

4."REGZA Link Share"

Toshiba's new service, "REGZA Link Share" makes it easier than ever to enjoying programs by connecting digital TVs, Blu-ray recorders, tablets, PCs and smartphones.
Three key functions support connectivity.

  • Streaming live programs from a Blu-ray recorder or digital TV to a tablet or PC  anywhere in the home.
  • Streaming recorded programs from a digital recorder or digital TV to a tablet, PC or smartphone for viewing in the home.
  • Downloading recorded programs from a digital recorder to a tablet or PC for viewing anywhere.

5. dynabook R631: the world's thinnest and lightest Ultrabook PC

One of the first Ultrabook PCs, Toshiba's "dynabook R631" is also one of the most distinctive: a feather-light 1.12kg, a mere 15.9mm thick at its thickest point, yet with a 13.3-inch (33.8cm) display. Powered by a dedicated Intel® i5 Core™ processor, this new PC offers impressive portability, durability and essential features with truly smart styling.
The dynabook R631 will be available in early October in Japan.

Smart Community

Toshiba is bringing digital know-how to the creation of new solutions in energy management and at CEATEC will demonstrate how its state-of-the-art Home Energy Management System (HEMS) creates a smart home as an integral part of a future smart community. The display will include the following.

  • Energy control through visualization of Energy Usage
  • Use of a tablet to operate home appliances and acquire and display information
  • Utilization of photovoltaic generation system, rechargeable batteries for energy storage and electronic vehicles
  • DC home appliances to reduce power loss from current conversion (for reference only)
  • Technology for reducing peak-time energy consumption
  • A Home Area Network system service that measures and displays power consumption in the home
  • REGZA TV with Ecochip
  • Storage battery combined solar power system
For tablets with 10.1-inch displays, as of September, 2011. Source: Toshiba Corporation.
3D warning: Some individuals may experience health-related complications when exposed to certain 3D images. Please refrain from viewing 3D content if you feel out of sorts. Anyone who experiences any physical problem should immediately stop viewing 3D content and consult a physician. Perception of 3D effects will differ from person to person and according to content. Due to the possibility of impact on vision development, viewers of 3D video images should be aged 6 or older. Please refer to the 3D viewing precautions in the manual when viewing 3D images.
1TB is calculated on the basis of 1TB = 1,000 GB and 1GB = 1-billion bytes.
For commercially available notebook PCs with 13.3-inch displays. Measured at the thickest part of the case, excluding the support on the base. As of September, 2011. Source: Toshiba Corporation.
“Ultrabook™” is a trademark of Intel Corporation.
Programs that can be viewed using this function are limited to programs that the user has specified for simultaneous recording. When the hard disk capacity designed for the Time Shift function becomes insufficient, the oldest programs are the first ones deleted from the archive. Recorded programs can be moved to an external hard disk drive.
Recording six channels of digital terrestrial broadcasts at low image quality.

Information in the news releases, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the press announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

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