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Regarding the recommended label acquisition for “recommended: UNIVERSAL DESIGN”

24 Mar, 2015

Tokyo--Toshiba Group has emerged as a winner in the inaugural “recommended: UNIVERSAL DESIGN” in Germany, with success in both categories of the competition: the Dynamic Volume CT AquilionPRIME as a “Universal Design Expert Favorite 2015”, and the Cordless Cleaner VC-CL1200/VC-CL200 as a “Universal Design Consumer Favorite 2015”.

Universal design, the concern to create products that can be easily used by the broadest possible spectrum of people, is increasingly recognized as a core concern in product design. Germany’s iF International Forum Design GmbH, sponsor of the prestigious iF Design Awards for 62 years, has decided to promote universal design with “recommended: UNIVERSAL DESIGN”, introduced this year. The program gauges reactions to designs by both design experts and ordinary consumers, and selects distinctive products as expert favorites and consumer favorites. Toshiba products received recommendations from both experts and consumers.

The Dynamic Volume CT Aquilion PRIME is a “Universal Design Expert Favorite 2015”. This computed tomography system is designed to be comfortable for patients and to reduce stress in examinations, while simultaneously simplifying operation for medical. It has received critical acclaim in the medical equipment market. The Cordless Cleaner VC-CL1200/VC-CL200 is a “Universal Design Consumer Favorite 2015”. The cleaner is light and easy to use, and its cleaning head can be extended or retracted to handle different cleaning jobs.

Toshiba Group considers the ability to choose a product that best suits user needs and lifestyle as an integral aspect of UD, and registered two other products for this year’s recommended: UNIVERSAL DESIGN. One is a robot cleaner that cleans rooms automatically at the push of a button, the other a light cyclone cleaner that does not cause wrist strain, has easy-to-use grips and an LED head, plus other features. 
the Dynamic Volume CT the Cordless Cleaner  the robot cleaner the cyclone cleaner

Winning Products in 2015

Dynamic Volume CT Aquilion PRIME

the Dynamic Volume CT
the Dynamic Volume CT

This dynamic volume CT system makes the examination process easier on both patients and medical staff by putting patients at ease, simplifying operation and improving safety. The cot design, while compact, is slightly curved and comfortable, designed to prevent patients from feeling intimidated or pressured, and to help them relax during the examination. Operators work with control panel operation keys designed for excellent tactility, with an intuitive layout suited to the operation flow. Staff can operate the system right next to the patient, which enhances the safety of the process.

Label of “Universal Design Expert Favorite 2015"


Cordless Cleaners VC-CL1200/VC-CL200 

the Cordless Cleaners  the Cordless Cleanerthe Cordless Cleanerthe Cordless Cleaner


An extendible cleaning head realizes two cleaner in one: a handheld type and an upright. Conversion from one to the other is easily done by adding a suction tube. Its length is easily adjusted, so the cleaner can be used by just about anyone—and wherever it is needed. It’s also compact enough to be stored in the living room. The overall design is light and compact, and the placing of the motor, battery, grip, and perfectly balanced weight makes it feel light in the hands. User friendliness is further enhanced by the powerful suction performance of the unique cyclone technology, an easily-cleanable detachable dust bag and easy-grip handle.

Label of  “Universal Design Consumer Favorite 2015”


About “recommended: UNIVERSAL DESIGN

“recommended: UNIVERSAL DESIGN” was launched this year in Germany by IF - UNIVERSAL DESIGN + SERVICE GmbH, a new company formed by the merger of Universal design e.v and Universal design GmbH, which together organized the “universal design award” from 2008 to 2013.


Label of  “recommended: UNIVERSAL DESIGN”


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