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Toshiba a Winner in Red Dot Design Award 2015

31 Mar, 2015

Toshiba Group is a winner in Red Dot Design Award 2015, with two laptops, the Portégé Z20t and the Toshiba CB30-B, selected in the product design category . This marks 14 years in a row the Toshiba Group has taken awards in the prestigious German competition.

The Red Dot Design Award, presented by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen e.V., is one of the world’s top international design awards, along with Germany’s iF Design Award  and America’s International Design Excellence Awards. Products are judged against nine standards, including innovativeness, functionality, quality and ergonometric consideration.

The awards ceremony will be held on June 29 in Essen, Germany, and the winning products will be exhibited in a special exhibition from June 30 to July 26 in the Red Dot Design Museum, in a rebuilt section of the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen, Germany, a World Heritage Site.

Toshiba’s winners in Red Dot Design Award 2015

1. Portégé Z20t laptop

This 12.5” detachable 2-in-1 for business is a clamshell laptop when docked with its keyboard, and a tablet when detached. High-density assembly technology and skillful parts layout deliver a magnesium case that is as flat and compact as it is sturdy. The layout, which blends large RGB output terminals and LAN cable ports into the keyboard base for mounting to the flat-screen body, has both the superior design and the functionality indispensable for business. When used as a laptop, the keyboard has an easy-to-use 19mm pitch and 1.5mm stroke, and the palm rest is also raised for comfortable typing. Extra sturdiness is provided by a docking device that connects the tablet and keyboard made of die-cast aluminum.

image Toshiba Portege1 image Toshiba Portege2
TOHIBA Portégé Z20t laptop TOHIBA Portégé Z20t laptop

2. Toshiba CB30-B laptop

A 13.3" laptop with built-in Chrome OS that’s highly compatible with cloud services, the CB30-B is highly portable and has an exceptionally long battery life of 9 hours. Access to the Internet is pleasant using Wi-fi. Access to the Internet is by Wi-Fi.
A high-quality sound system designed in cooperation with Google and Skullcandy is built into the compact body. In the hand, the subtle texture of the surface creates a pleasant tactile sensation. It’s a mobile clamshell laptop in a compact case that does not sacrifice ease of use.

image Toshiba CB30-B laptop1 image Toshiba CB30-B laptop2
TOSHIBA CB30-B laptop TOSHIBA CB30-B laptop

 The Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award is sponsored by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen e.V. and is an eminent design award given to exceptional designs selected from worldwide since 1954. There are many applications from worldwide as well as Germany. Then, award winning products are selected in the categories of products, concept and communication, and receive high approval as internationally exceptional designs. The German Red Dot Design Award for Product Design evaluates designs comprehensively for design innovation, ease of use from the functional aspect, quality, ergonometric suitability and environmental consideration.

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