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Toshiba's Heavy-Ion Radiotherapy System Ready to Start Operation at i-ROCK Facility in Kanagawa Cancer Center

7 Dec, 2015

TOKYO--Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that it has completed installation of a heavy-ion radiotherapy system at i-ROCK, (ion-beam Radiation Oncology Center in Kanagawa), a new treatment facility at Kanagawa Cancer Center in Yokohama. i-ROCK started clinical operation on December 5, and the first patients will receive treatment by mid-month.


Heavy-ion radiotherapy is a cancer treatment that irradiates cancerous tumors with a carbon ion beam. The beam is accelerated up to 70% of the speed of light and a concentrated dose of radiation is precisely delivers to targeted tumors, with less damage to surrounding healthy tissues and fewer secondary effects. The treatment also reduces burdens on patients and speeds rehabilitation.


Heavy ion beam are reported to kill cancer cells more efficiently than conventional radiotherapy treatments, and to be more effective in treating refractory cancers such as sarcoma.


The leading-edge technologies and capabilities of the treatment system delivered to i-ROCK include High Speed Scanning Beam Irradiation. It enables precise irradiation that accommodates the various shapes of tumors, as the beam’s positioning and angle are controlled with electrical magnets. Irradiation precision and treatment times are improved, and high quality treatment can be provided to more patients.


The conventional irradiation method replaced by High Speed Scanning Beam Irradiation required the use of collimators and compensating filters to control the electron beam. These were custom-made for each patient and discarded as waste after use. Removing the need for these extra tools also shortens treatment times.


Toshiba has already delivered its latest heavy-ion irradiation system to Japan’s National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS), the world’s leading research institute for heavy-ion radiotherapy. The rotating gantry and superconducting magnet required for realizing next-generation irradiation techniques were delivered ot NIRS earlier this year. Most recently, in September, Toshiba received an contract for a next generation heavy-ion radiotherapy contract from National Yamagata University.


Toshiba Group will continue to enhance its Healthcare business as a focus business field, with an emphasis on medical diagnostic imaging and heavy ion radiotherapy systems.

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