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Toshiba Group Holds FY2019 Technology Strategy Briefing

Towards becoming a world-leading CPS technology company
28 Nov, 2019


TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today held the Toshiba Group FY2019 Technology Strategy Briefing, where it unveiled the strategy and technologies that will drive the Group’s progress in coming years, and its transition to become one of the world’s leading CPS technology companies.

CPS—cyber-physical systems—collect data from the physical world for analysis and processing by digital technology. They create value through a constant feedback loop between the cyber and physical worlds that drives forward innovation.

Today’s briefing focused on R&D policies for transportation, energy, manufacturing, logistics and leading-edge technologies, and also featured an exhibition of the supporting technologies: Toshiba’s digital and AI technologies; renewable energy technologies; and technologies supporting new growth businesses in SCiBTM rechargeable batteries, power electronics, and precision medicine.

Over the five years of the Toshiba Next Plan, from FY2019 to FY2023, Toshiba Group will invest 930 billion yen in promoting the fusion of physical technologies built up over many years of experience as a manufacturer and the strong cyber technologies it has cultivated, to become a world-leading CPS technology company.

Exhibition contents


• Remote monitoring service for rolling stock

 -Improving maintenance issues faced by customers as a manufacturer of electrical equipment for rolling stock

• Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line 2000 series all-SiC drive system

 -System development ability to configure all-SiC drive system, PMSM, SCiBTM to usage environment

• Next-generation gate drive circuit technology

 -Low power loss, high reliability power electronics that contributes to the adoption of renewable energy

• Next-generation power electronics / intelligent circuit control

 -Optimal driving of power semiconductors and high system reliability through constant monitoring of high-voltage circuits

• Video recognition AI technology

 -Quick and accurate monitoring in various situations, from normal to disasters

• Image recognition processor with AI technology ViscontiTM5

 -Equipped with AI technology to realize advanced recognition at high speed with low power consumption



• IoT solutions for power plants

 -Providing services that meet diverse needs through abundant performance data and know-how x IoT

• Solar power generation forecasting technology

 -Realize high-precision prediction by combining weather forecasting, a PV engineering model, and machine learning

• Power to Chemicals (P2C)

 -Use surplus power to convert CO2 into raw materials for chemicals and fuel


 -Expand SCiBTM battery use, mainly in industrial fields requiring high capacity and service.

• Battery life diagnosis technology

 -Diagnose battery life and make full and effective use of batteries until the end

• High efficiency, low cost tandem solar cell

 -Laminate transparent Cu2O solar cells and Si solar cells to realize high efficiency and low cost


3.Manufacturing / Logistics

• Manufacturing IoT cloud service Meister ManufactXTM

 -Digital transformation of the manufacturing value chain with manufacturing knowledge and the latest IoT technology

• Yield analysis support system

 -Discover rarely occurring defects and quickly identify causes

• Spot welding inspection robot

 -The realization of automated non-destructive inspection of spot welding

• Logistics system solutions robots

 -Realize “quick,” “close” and “easy” with intelligent robots


4.Leading-edge technologies

• Life-style related disease risk prediction; AI + diabetic nephropathy prevention

 -Realization of high-precision AI utilizing multi-year high-quality big data

• Cancer screening technology using microRNA

 -Ultra-early detection of cancer is possible with only a blood test at a health checkup

• Simulated bifurcation machine

 -Solve combinatorial optimization problems at the world's highest speed and scale

• Application example of the Fintech simulated bifurcation machine

 -Utilizing a high-speed algorithm to realize the world's fastest automated financial transaction system

• Audio subtitle system

-Quick subtitles in easy-to-read spoken language



Information in the news releases, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the press announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

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