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5 Feb, 2016
Toshiba's Advanced Propulsion System to Drive Nishitetsu Railroad's New Trains
Toshiba Corporation has received an order to provide train propulsion and other key electrical systems to Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd., the major operator of private rail services in Fukuoka, northern Kyushu. The equipment will be installed in 18 new Series 9000 trains that Nishitetsu will introduce on its main line, the 78-kilometer Tenjin Omuta Line between Fukuoka City and Omuta City, in March 2017. Toshiba will start to ship equipment in May this year.
4 Feb, 2016
Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. steps up its ‘Make in India’ drive with the introduction of new products manufacturing lines at its Hyderabad factory
Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.(TTDI) today announced the completion of a major 3-billion Yen investment (approx.US$30-million) at its Hyderabad factory, that has boosted production capacity for transformers up by 50%, and established a new line for production of “New Technology”switchgears like Gas Insulated Switchgears and Solid Insulated Switchgears. The expansion will allow TTDI to meet growing demand in India and globally.
2 Feb, 2016
Toshiba to Implement Evaluation System for President and CEO and Leadership Survey (360 Degree Survey) of Executives
Toshiba today announced the introduction and initial implementation of a new evaluation system for the Company’s President & CEO (the “President”), and of a comprehensive personal leadership survey (360 degree survey) for executives. These performance appraisal systems have been adopted as part of the Company’s continuing program of proactive measures to strengthen internal controls and reform the corporate culture, and were used for the first time at the end of last year and in January.
2 Feb, 2016
Toshiba Acquiring Land for New Semiconductor Production Facility
Toshiba Corporation today announced that it is gearing up for future expanded production of “BiCS FLASH™”, its proprietary 3D flash memory, by acquiring 150,000m2 of land adjacent to its Yokkaichi Operations memory production complex in Mie prefecture. The land borders the eastern and northern parts of the complex, and will cost approximately 3 billion yen.



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