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23 Jun, 2016
Westinghouse Announces Executive Leadership Transitions
Today Westinghouse Electric Company announced a series of executive leadership transitions. These transitions are effective today, with Danny Roderick as president and CEO of Toshiba Corporation’s Energy Systems and Solutions Company (ESS). Roderick will fulfill this role in addition to his role as chairman of the Board of Westinghouse Electric Company.
15 Jun, 2016
Toshiba Develops World's First High-Speed, Low-Power, 1Xnm Size MTJ Element for Non-Volatile STT-MRAM For 2X nm Generation And Later Transistors
Toshiba Corporation has developed Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ) elements for STT-MRAM non-volatile Magnetoresistive Random Access memory for 2X nm generation and beyond silicon transistors cache memory, required for future high-performance low-power-consumption computing.
15 Jun, 2016
Toshiba’s Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection Device with 0.13μm Process for Analog Power Semiconductor Improves ESD Characteristics
Toshiba has developed an electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection device for analog power semiconductor application, fabricated with advanced 0.13μm process technology, that optimizes the structure of transistor and significantly improves ESD characteristics. ESD protection is much more robust, up four times, and the standard deviation is only 1/12 that of the conventional structure. Analysis of 3D simulations has also allowed Toshiba to identify a mechanism for optimizing transistor structure to boost ESD robustness. Toshiba announced these advances at “ISPSD2016”.
14 Jun, 2016
Toshiba’s Spur Canceled Clock Generator Recovers Receiver Sensitivity in Wireless SoCs
Toshiba has developed a spur canceled clock generator (SCCG) that recovers receiver sensitivity of wireless connectivity IC. The SCCG recovers receiver sensitivity by suppressing the spur, interference that originates from the clock signal, and achieves receiver sensitivity of -93 dBm for all channels in Bluetooth® Smart ICs. Toshiba will announce this advance at VLSI Circuits Symposium 2016.
14 Jun, 2016
Toshiba Develop Circuit Technology for Small Area, Low Cost, Non-volatile FPGAs
Toshiba Corporation has applied non-volatile memory technology to the development of circuit technology for field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and successfully manufactured devices that are smaller and cost less while maintaining performance and reliability. Details of the technology were announced on 14 June at the "2016 Symposium on VLSI Technology", an international conference on semiconductor devices in Honolulu, Hawaii.
14 Jun, 2016
Toshiba Delivers Emergency-Running Battery System for Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Toshiba Corporation has delivered battery-based emergency running systems that ensure trains operating on Tokyo Metro's Ginza Line, Tokyo's oldest subway line, can safely carry passengers to the nearest station in the event of a total power loss.
8 Jun, 2016
Development of an Imaging Technique That Can Simultaneously Acquire a Color Image and Depth Map from a Single Image Taken with a Monocular Camera
We have developed an imaging technique that can simultaneously acquire a color image and a depth map from a single image taken by a monocular camera. This technique achieves high-precision distance/range detection, comparable to that of a stereo camera, through the combination of a lens device and image processing.
31 May, 2016
Toshiba to Start Field Testing Medium-sized EV Bus with Wirelessly Rechargeable SCiB™ Lithium-ion Battery  [video]
Toshiba Corporation has developed a fast, cable-free contactless charger for electric vehicles (EV) , and will field test it on a medium-sized EV bus designed to handle the power demands of regular high-speed journeys on expressways.



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