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10 May, 2017
Toshiba and QST Achieve Major Breakthrough in Greatly Downsizing Pencil Beam Scanning System for Heavy-Ion Therapy
Toshiba Corporation and the National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, leaders in heavy-ion radiation therapy, have developed a novel s pencil beam scanning system that significantly reduces the size of the scanning system, without any compromise in operating performance.
28 Apr, 2017
DENSO and Toshiba to Collaborate on IoT-based Manufacturing, Advanced Driver Assistance, Automated Driving, and Others
DENSO Corporation and Toshiba Corporation today announced that the two companies have begun talks to enhance collaborations in the fields of Internet of Things-based manufacturing, advanced driver assistance, automated driving, and others.
28 Apr, 2017
Toshiba to Demonstrate Leading Edge Energy System Solutions at the 50th Asian Development Bank Annual Meeting
Toshiba Corporation today announced that it will exhibit its leading edge hydrogen, hydro and geothermal energy system solutions and technologies at the Asian Development Bank 50th Annual Meeting, at PACIFICO Yokohama in Japan from May 4 to 7.
27 Apr, 2017
Toshiba's Biomass Power Plant Starts Operating in Japan
Toshiba Corporation today started commercial operation of its first ever biomass power plant, a 50MW facility that will supply enough electricity for 80,000 households and reduce CO2 emissions to about 300,000 tons a year. The newly retrofitted Mikawa Power Plant, operated by Toshiba subsidiary SIGMA POWER Ariake Corporation in Omuta, Fukuoka prefecture, has been equipped to burn biomass in a circulating fluidized bed boiler, and can handle a variety of fuels.
27 Apr, 2017
Toshiba's 100kW Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Realizing CO2 Free Electricity Generation is now Operating in Japan
Toshiba Corporation today announced that its first 100kW pure hydrogen fuel cell system has started commercial operation at the municipal wholesale flower and vegetable market in Shunan, Yamaguchi prefecture, the westernmost prefecture of Japan's main island.
24 Apr, 2017
Toshiba’s RECAIUS™, Artificial Intelligence Service to Provide Japan’s Largest Regional Bank with On-line Inheritance Advisory Service
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd., Japan’s largest regional bank, has selected Toshiba's inheritance advisory service to provide on-line support and advice for customers settling estates.
24 Apr, 2017
Toshiba to Reinforce Organizational Management
Toshiba Corporation has decided to split off its four in-house companies into wholly-owned subsidiaries.
21 Apr, 2017
Toshiba has Supplied Propulsion Systems for Tobu Railway’s New Train Cars
Toshiba Corporation announced that high performance train propulsion systems it has delivered to Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. have entered service today driving the “Revaty,” Tobu’s new series 500 trains.



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