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27 Mar, 2015
Cosmic-ray Muon Technology to be Used To Image Debris Inside Fukushima Dai-ichi Reactors
18 Mar, 2015
Toshiba Corporation to Participate in Large-scale Hydrogen Research Project in Scotland
3 Mar, 2015
Development of a nonvolatile memory circuit for high-performance processors using new types of magnetic memory elements
27 Feb, 2015
Toshiba Develops 1.9 TOPS Heterogeneous Multicore SoC with Color-Based Object Classification Accelerator for Image-Recognition Applications
5 Feb, 2015
Toshiba to Accelerate Development of Nano Imprint Lithography
16 Jan, 2015
Development of a Cloud System for Instantaneous Remote Control of over One Million Devices on the Internet of Things
27 Dec, 2014
Toshiba Develops Glasses-Free Ultrahigh-Definition 2D/3D Switching Display Using Low-Crosstalk Liquid Crystal Lens Technology
25 Dec, 2014
IHI and Toshiba to Launch Demonstration Research of Ocean Current Power Generation System
3 Dec, 2014
Toshiba Develops World's Highest Efficiency Artificial Photosynthesis Technology for Generation of Fuel and Feedstock from Carbon Dioxide
13 Nov, 2014
Toshiba to conduct cooperative demonstration experiment of an independent energy supply system utilizing renewable energy and hydrogen with Kawasaki City
26 Sep, 2014
Toshiba Develops Extremely Low-Power 2.4 GHz VCO Utilizing Dynamic Supply Voltage Control Technique
9 Sep, 2014
Toshiba Collaborates with Johns Hopkins University on Big Data Healthcare Research
3 Sep, 2014
Achieving the world's highest rate of quantum encryption key data distribution
3 Jul, 2014
Toshiba and Ibiden Establish Manufacturing Technology for Reactor Core Material Using Silicon Carbide (SiC)
30 Jun, 2014
Toshiba Testing Experimental System to Monitor Infrastructure Integrity in UK
20 May, 2014
Toshiba Wins a Contract for ITER's Superconducting Coils
23 Apr, 2014
Toshiba Starts Mass Production of World's First 15nm NAND Flash Memories
18 Mar, 2014
Toshiba Develops Breath Analyzer for Medical Applications
25 Feb, 2014
Toshiba Develops World's Fastest Device Controller for Embedded NAND Flash Memory Module Compliant with JEDEC UFS Ver.2.0 Standard
12 Feb, 2014
Toshiba Develops eXtremely Low Leakage SRAM (XLL SRAM) which Enables Lower Power MCU to Fast Wake-up from a Deep Sleep Mode
10 Feb, 2014
Toshiba Develops Wide-Load-Range High-Efficiency DC-DC Converter for Mobile Devices
20 Jan, 2014
Establishment of Toshiba Medical Systems R&D (Dalian)
7 Jan, 2014
Spain’s Gas Natural Fenosa and Toshiba to Demonstrate Use of Transportable Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage System in Power Distribution Network
7 Jan, 2014
Toshiba Announces "Bright Mode", High Speed Video Technology for CMOS Image Sensors for Smartphones and Tablets
1 Aug, 2013
Toshiba Achieves World First with Successful Operation of Novel Combustor for New, Low Cost, Low Emissions Thermal Power System
11 Jun, 2013
Toshiba Participates in Biomass Energy Utilization Project of Saga Incineration Plant
22 May, 2013
Toshiba's Proposal Reaches Major Milestone in IEC International Standardization for Smart Grids
21 Mar, 2013
Toshiba and Kawasaki City Institute for Public Health(KCIPH)to start co-development of detecting technology for bacterial species for food poisoning and bacterial enteric-infections
25 Feb, 2013
NSM Initiative to Commence Licensing of SeeQVaultTM
21 Feb, 2013
Toshiba Develops Time-Domain Analog and Digital Mixed-Signal Processing Circuitry
19 Feb, 2013
Toshiba Develops Highly Efficient CMOS Power Amplifier for Mobile Phone
25 Jan, 2013
Toshiba to showcase the leading-edge technologies to nano tech 2013
27 Nov, 2012
Toshiba Constructing Cutting Edge Global Power Engineering Center
21 Nov, 2012
Toshiba Develops Tetrapod Robot for Tokyo Electric Power Plant Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant
11 Sep, 2012
Toshiba, Kobelco and Keio Univ. to Develop Hybrid Power Control System for Concentrated Solar Power, Wind Turbine and Biomass Power Generation
16 Aug, 2012
Toshiba Develops Dysprosium-free Samarium-Cobalt Magnet to Replace Heat-resistant Neodymium Magnet in Essential Applications
11 Jul, 2012
Toshiba Launches Enterprise 2.5-inch HDD in Industry's Highest Capacity Class for Drives with 10,500RPM Rotation Speed
10 Jul, 2012
Toshiba Group to Strengthen Global Research and Development Structure
6 Jul, 2012
Toshiba’s Technical Contribution to Apparent Discovery of the Higgs Boson
5 Jul, 2012
Toshiba to Support Jinzhou's Smart Community Project in China
15 Jun, 2012
Toshiba Signs Agreement to Develop Next Generation Thermal Power System with NET Power, Shaw Group and Exelon
15 Jun, 2012
Toshiba Develops Many-Core SoC for Embedded Applications
9 Apr, 2012
Toshiba Develops NPEngineTM, the World's First Hardware Engine that Directly Streams Video Content from SSD to IP Networks
20 Feb, 2012
Toshiba Develops the Circuit Technique for Power Efficiency Improvement in CMOS Power Amplifier for Mobile Phones
16 Jun, 2011
Toshiba's New Technology Cuts Phase Noise in Oscillation ICs for Wireless Communication
26 Apr, 2011
Toshiba Mobile Display (TMD) has developed a 7.0-inch LTPS TFT LCD panel as a demonstration of its integrated in-cell touch panel technology
21 Apr, 2011
Toshiba launches 19nm process NAND flash memory
21 Feb, 2011
Toshiba Develops New Energy-Saving Flip-Flop Circuit
22 Nov, 2010
Toshiba Makes Full-scale Entry into Environmentally Conscious Modular Data Center Business
2 Jul, 2010
Toshiba Accelerates Development of SCiB™ Rechargeable Battery for Electric Vehicles
15 Jun, 2010
Toshiba develops leading-edge silicon nanowire transistor for 16nm generation and beyond
18 May, 2010
Toshiba Mobile Display Develops OCB Liquid Crystal Panel for 3D Glasses
12 Apr, 2010
Toshiba brings industry's brightest LED lightings series at Lightfair 2010
15 Feb, 2010
Toshiba and AIST Jointly Develop Mask Pattern Optimizing Technology That Extends Life of Optical Lithography
8 Feb, 2010
Toshiba Develops SRAM Circuit Technique that Secures Low Voltage Operation of System LSI
9 Dec, 2009
Toshiba Develops High Performance CMOS Device Technology for 20nm Generation LSI
8 Dec, 2009
Toshiba develops essential technology for spintronics-based MOS field-effect transistor
17 Nov, 2009
Toshiba develops molecular photoresist technology for EUV lithography
2 Nov, 2009
Toshiba Starts Operation of State-of-the-Art New Facilities in Nuclear Power Plant Engineering Center
29 Sep, 2009
Toshiba to complete construction of carbon capture pilot plant
29 Sep, 2009
18 Jun, 2009
NEC Electronics and Toshiba Extend Chip Technology Development Agreements with IBM
15 Jun, 2009
Toshiba Develops a New High-k/Ge Gate Stack Technology for LSIs at 16 Nanometers (nm) Node and Beyond
17 Apr, 2009
Toshiba and IBM Showcase MXF Flash Memory Video Server Integrated with MediaHub
11 Feb, 2009
Toshiba Makes Major Advances in NAND Flash Memory with 3-bit-per-cell 32nm generation and with 4-bit-per-cell 43nm technology
9 Feb, 2009
Toshiba Develops World's Highest-Bandwidth, Highest Density Non-volatile RAM
18 Dec, 2008
Toshiba develops cost-effective 32nm CMOS platform technology by advanced single exposure lithography
18 Dec, 2008
Toshiba Establishes New Platform Technology for 40nm CMOS Process
17 Dec, 2008
Toshiba, IBM, and AMD Develop World’s Smallest FinFET SRAM Cell with High-k/Metal Gate
3 Dec, 2008
Toshiba Corporation to build pilot plant for carbon dioxide capture technology
1 Dec, 2008
Toshiba Inducted into Software Product Line Hall of Fame at Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute
1 Dec, 2008