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TIFO Contributes to the Japanese Studies of Mori Ogai Memorial Hall in Berlin

TIFO, in corporation with Toshiba Corporation, donated cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and notebook computers in order to enrich Mori Ogai Memorial Hall's Japanese cultural activities offered to the community.

On June 3, a grant awarding ceremony was held at Mori Ogai Memorial Hall. Tadashi Okamura, chairman of Toshiba Corporation, other Toshiba executives, and Shinji Fukukawa, vice chairman of TIFO attended the ceremony with Prof. Dr. Klaus Kracht, director of Mori Ogai Memorial Hall and director of the Institute of Japanese Studies, Humboldt University of Berlin.

Mori Ogai Memorial Hall was opened in 1984, commemorating the centenary of Mori Ogai's stay in Germany. Ogai, (1862-1922), a distinguished novelist and a physician at the dawn of Japan's modernization, studied in Germany from 1884 to 1888. The building was originally a private residence, which was Mori Ogai's first home in Berlin in 1887. Subsequently, Mori Ogai Memorial Hall became part of the Institute of Japanese Studies of Humboldt University and is currently operated by Humboldt University.

Mori Ogai Memorial Hall has exhibitions of Mori Ogai's works and related books, collects artifacts associated with him, plans and holds events, and offers Japanese cultural programs on such subjects as ikebana, the tea ceremony, and shogi. The Institute of Japanese Studies of Humboldt University, to which Mori Ogai Memorial Hall belongs, is widely admired for its activities. It is the country's sole publisher of a journal of Japanese studies written in the German language. As one element of the support program, TIFO will provide financial support for the editing and production of this journal.

Mori Ogai greatly contributed to cultural exchanges between Germany and Japan and his literary works are translated into German and various other languages and are read by people interested in Japanese literature all over the world. TIFO's decision to provide support to Mori Ogai Memorial Hall reflects TIFO's enthusiastic endorsement of Mori Ogai Memorial Hall's intention to further contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding between Germany and Japan through enrichment of the institution's activities.

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