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technologies of Toshiba Industrial ICT Solutions Company group

Vol.21 Toshiba's new IoT architecture, “SPINEX” Digital innovation from Japan, changing the business models of the industrial world.

It is now or never for Japanese industry and society to transform using digital technology.
Toshiba has released a new, innovative IoT (Internet of Things) architecture that represents the culmination of its technologies. The name of this new IoT architecture is “SPINEX.” It brings state-of-the-art technologies such as IoT, big data, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, together with the diverse range of technologies Toshiba has developed in its various worksites.
By providing an open, flexible system which includes global standards, it enables digital transformation optimized to meet customer needs, helping transform business.

Just started, the world where people, things, and services are brought together and technologies, products, and services are linked in real-time.
This article pulls back the veil on SPINEX and introduces its features, together with its latest deployment examples.

Noriyasu Okitani
General Manager, IoT Buisiness Creation Division
Industrial ICT Solutions Company, Toshiba Corporation

Kimihiro Nakamura

May 30, 2017

Supporting digital transformation from Japan
All about “SPINEX,” Toshiba's new IoT architecture
Shigeru Fukazawa

May 30, 2017

Rapid implementation of visualization and remote monitoring using the IoT
Accelerating customers' business innovation The IoT Standard Pack
Koichi Shimaoka

July 21, 2017NEW

The Energy IoT Possibility Opened Up by SPINEX,
selected as IoT platform for Yokohama City “Virtual Power Plant” Demonstration Trial Project
Yoshinobu Takaguchi / Takahiro Akiyama

July 21, 2017NEW

Use case: IoT Standard Pack, Accelerating the Creation of Added Value
Kobe Steel, “Compressor M2M Cloud Service”


Vol.20 Artificial Intelligence Discovering Values of IoT Data - Analytics towards Deep Learning -

Various technologies of AI (Artificial Intelligence) are already used in the world of games and internet services, and in the manufacturing and social infrastructure region where a very large volume and variety of data is handled, AI has begun to be utilized along with the spread of the IoT (Internet of Things).

Toshiba has long been active in the research and development of AI and the result of this effort is incorporated in Toshiba Communication AI "RECAIUS". The know-how and technology acquired through this versatile experience is brought together. Toshiba Industrial ICT Solutions Company is accelerating its efforts to support our customers' businesses and the Toshiba Group in the industrial region by using "Deep Learning", which is attracting attention among AI technologies.

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