CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

CSR Management

Toshiba Group's CSR management is the base for all corporate activities. It seeks to contribute to sustainable social development by supporting the resolution of global social issues through business and by setting human life, safety and compliance as our top priorities.

Through communication with various stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, and employees, each and every one of Toshiba Group's employees will promote CSR activities based on the Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct.

Toshiba Group's CSR Management

Toshiba Group's CSR Management

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Organization of CSR Management

In 2003 Toshiba internally established an organization promoting CSR and leads CSR management in Toshiba Group. The CSR Governance Committee, consisting of the Executive Officer in charge of CSR and the executives concerned, holds meetings periodically in order to discuss and determine Toshiba Group CSR Action Policy. Based on the polices determined, the Corporate Environment Management Committee, Risk Compliance Committee and other relevant committees (see the chart below) establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and implement action plans for each of the topics for which they are responsible.

Group companies in Japan and overseas appoint their own Chief CSR Officers. They ensure the implementation of Toshiba Group's CSR Action Policy and check the progress regarding key issues for the companies.

To discuss CSR progress and issues, the CSR Office holds a monthly meeting called the Corporate CSR Meeting, which is attended by representatives from CSR-related divisions such as human resources, environment and procurement.

CSR Management Structure

CSR Management Structure

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We have been conducting the Global CSR Survey annually since FY2005 in order to check and improve CSR-related activities at overseas Group companies.

The survey consists of items concerning human rights, labor, ethics, amount of expenditure on social contribution activities, management of suppliers, and so on. The answers submitted by suppliers are gathered, analyzed and shared with the department in charge of managing the results, and we request improvements be made in problematic areas.

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Increasing Employee Awareness of CSR

In order to increase CSR awareness throughout Toshiba Group, the President speaks about the Group's corporate philosophy, "Committed to People, Committed to the Future" at the start of each accounting period, during company ceremonies and start-of-year addresses, as well as at any other opportunity. He puts particular emphasis on practicing CSR management and on its importance. The overview is circulated among domestic and overseas bases and Group companies through in-house newsletters and the office organization system. We also conduct training programs all year round including rank-specific CSR education such as for new employees and newly appointed officers, and e-learning on various themes such as the environment, information security, human rights and engineering ethics.

Toshiba Group's CSR Month

The Toshiba Group has designated December as its CSR Month since FY2006. During this month, we assess our CSR initiatives and hold a variety of events, such as the Group-wide CSR Conference and other events at our companies and business sites focusing on social contribution and other CSR activities.

In FY2016, we delivered the President's message to Toshiba Group employees to explain that we need to think about our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and take action in order to regain public trust in Toshiba Group for its regeneration. We also participated in the Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Activities on International Volunteer Day (December 5).

On December 13, we held our annual CSR Conference, which was attended by some 680 employees, including executive officers and labor union representatives. On the conference day, the executive officer in charge of CSR reported on global CSR issues facing companies as well as on progress in management reform. In addition, Shoei Utsuda, Counselor of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., delivered a special lecture entitled "Looking Back on Two Incidents at Mitsui & Co., Ltd." In this lecture, Mr. Utsuda discussed measures that were taken to regain public trust after the compliance issue arose at Mitsui and efforts to do good work to be recognized by the public. He also provided advice about what is needed for Toshiba Group and what the Group needs to consider now.

The conference made us realize the importance for Toshiba Group members to work together to the best of our abilities in order to restore the trust of all stakeholders.

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