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Material Issues

The Situation up to FY2016

Since FY2011, Toshiba Group has been repeating a PDCA cycle (plan, do, check, act) to administer self-evaluations based on ISO26000. We refer also to opinions we receive via dialogue with stakeholders and evaluative reviews from third-party organizations in order to determine our material issues.

In FY2013, we identified "Respect for Human Rights," "CSR Management in the Supply Chain," and "Environmental Management" as material issues. In FY2016, we continued our efforts to tackle these issues. We record our progress regarding these efforts in the ESG activity report.

FY2016 Material Issues (Identified in FY2013)

ESG Activity Report

Respect for Human Rights

CSR Management in the Supply Chain

Environment Management

Meanwhile, the accounting issue that arose in FY2015 is likely to have resulted partly from our corporate culture. In FY2016, therefore, we placed high priority on preventing similar problems from recurring and on reforming our corporate culture.

Initiatives for reforming our corporate culture

Reforming management mentality

Delivering messages from top executives

Seminars for senior management

Delivering messages from senior management

360-degree survey

Reforming employees' mentality

Education on accounting compliance

Workplace CSR meetings

Employee morale survey

In addition, in response to the losses in the overseas nuclear business that transpired in December 2016, we placed the highest priority on identifying the cause of the problem and developing remedial measures. We held a briefing session on February 14, 2017 and published documents to explain the background to the matter and the remedial measures that have been developed.

Briefing material regarding the extension of the deadline for the submission of the Financial Report on the Third Quarter, financial forecast, and the overview of the losses in the nuclear business (938 KB)

Regular Dialogues with Stakeholders

We maintain dialogues with our stakeholders at all times when identifying material issues. Toshiba Group values regular dialogues with stakeholders, and assesses its own efforts based on the results of such dialogues, leveraging them when developing and executing measures.

Stakeholders Major dialogues and their opportunities
Customers Routine sales activities, Call center (via phone and email, etc.), Monitoring system, Customer satisfaction (CS) survey
Shareholders/Investors General Meeting of Shareholders, Meetings with investors, Questionnaire survey, Investor Relations (IR) website
Suppliers Routine procurement activities, Briefing sessions on procurement policy, CSR survey, Supplier whistleblower system "Clean Partner Line"
Employees Employee morale survey (TEAM Survey), Dialogues, Information exchange meetings, Whistleblower system "Risk Hotline", "Consulting Services for Employees"
Local communities Dialogues, Information exchange meetings, Factory visits, Employees' participation in community activities
Governments and public bodies Dialogues with economic and/or industry associations
NPOs/NGOs Dialogue through collaboration, Exchange of views at stakeholder dialogues


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