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Evaluation by External Parties

Awarding entity /
Name of the award
Evaluation Recipient Period
Customer Related
46th Mechanical Industrial Design Awards
Review Committee Special Award
Mechanical Industrial Design Awards
Hydrogen Based Autonomous Energy Supply System
Toshiba Corporation Jul 2016
  • H2One™
    Hydrogen Based Autonomous Energy Supply System
  • 1KDK-5A , Home radio receiver for disaster prevention
  • SOHC memory Card with TransferJet™
  • Cloud Service for TV
Toshiba Corporation /
Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation
Sep 2016
IInternational Association for Universal Design
IAUD Award
Silver Award in the public space category
IAUD Award 2016
Elevator for train station buildings Toshiba Corporation / Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation Dec 2016
TXLamino™, professional nondestructive X-ray instrument Toshiba Corporation / Toshiba IT & Control Systems Corporation Feb 2017
Toshiba Home Gateway Toshiba Corporation / Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation
Environment Related
Evaluation of products and technologies
The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association
Excellent Award
Excellent Award
Practical operation of a power regeneration system for power generator load tests
Nishishiba Electric Co., Ltd. Apr 2016
Incentive Award
Development of a shaft generator control system with an electric propulsion feature
H&V News Awards 2016 Mechanical and Electrical Building Services Product of the Year SMMS-e, multifunction air condition system for large buildings Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd. Apr 2016
RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2016 Air Conditioning Innovation of the Year - VRF Systems Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd. Sep 2016
Ministry of the Environment
Climate Change Actions FY2016
Minister Award
Development and commercialization of a dimmable, compact LED bulb containing a Gallium Nitride (GaN) power device and replacement of all light bulbs (light sources) with LED bulbs Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation Nov 2016
The Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ)
Energy Conservation Grand Prize for t FY2016
(Products and Business Models Category)
Air conditioner for stores and offices
Super Power Eco Gold P224 and P280
Toshiba Carrier Corporation Feb 2017
(Energy-saving Products Category)
Construction and implementation of a next-generation energy-saving office model
Toshiba Corporation / Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. / Nikken Sekkei Ltd / Obayashi Corporation / NREG Toshiba Building Co.,Ltd.
Evaluation of business activities
Iwate Prefecture Environmental Conservation Liaison Association
Environmental Conservation Excellent Employees Awards
Chairman Award
Activity of waste reduction and recycling promotion Japan Semiconductor Corporation Jun 2016
3R Packaging Awards
Distinction Award
Reduction in packing material disposal
Gold Award
Improvement efficiency of the packing and logistics
Toshiba TEC Singapore Pte Ltd. Jul 2016
Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Fifth Kawasaki City Smart Lifestyle Grand Prize
Incentive Award
Education by participatory programs to raise the environmental awareness of employees working at the complex Komukai Complex,Toshiba Corporation Oct 2016
Ministry of the Environment
Climate Change Actions FY2016
Minister Award
Environmental Conservation Activities at Yokohama Complex Yokohama Complex,Toshiba Corporation Nov 2016
Yokohama City, Kanagawa PrefectureYokohama Environmental Action Awards
Yokohama 3R Dream Promoter Award
Outstanding 3R Activity Business Sites
3R activities Ofuna branch, Storage and Device Solution Company, Toshiba Corporation Nov 2016
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Awards for Outstanding Performance in Green Logistics
Green Logistics Partnership Commission Special Award
Improvement in the efficiency of transportation of end-of-life products by the establishment of a retriever replacement system JBMIA Venous Logistics Committee
* Toshiba Tec Corporation awarded as one of the member companies
Dec 2016
Japan Accreditation Board
3rd JAB Award
Construction and practical use of environmental management system Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation Jan 2017
METI Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
FY2016 Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director-General Award for Persons and Companies Contributing to Energy Management
The spread activity of energy saving technology Toshiba Carrier Corporation Jan 2017
Iwate Prefecture
FY2016 Iwate Prefecture Environmental Conservation Activity Awards
Iwate Prefectural Governor Award
The conspicuous activity and result of public interests Iwate Office, Japan Semiconductor Corporation Jan 2017
24th Yokohama city Environmental practice award
Practical award in business category
The activity of waste prevention Ofuna branch, Storage and Device Solution Company, Toshiba Corporation Mar 2017
The Prime Minister Industry Award 2016
Energy sector
Energy-saving Activity Toshiba Semiconductor (Thailand) Co. Ltd. 2016
CSR-DIW Continuous Awards Effort toward environment regulation Toshiba Semiconductor (Thailand) Co. Ltd. 2016
Department of Energy
Excellent energy-saving award
Effort to reduce CO2 Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc. 2016
CEMIG Suppliers Award, Edition 2016
Special award
Activity themed Environmental Responsibility Toshiba América do Sul Ltda. 2016
Award from International Green organisation for Best Environment Practise for the year 2016 Green Apple Award
Bronze award
Improvement in business processes, enhancement of the management of chemicals, promotion of biodiversity activities and communication activities Toshiba JSW Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. 2016
9th sustainable development award
Best award of large company category
Environmental activity at site Toshiba TEC Europe Imaging Systems S.A. 2016
Evaluation of environmental communication
Environmental Communication Awards Excellent award Toshiba Group Environmental Report 2016 Toshiba Corporation Feb 2017
Komukai Complex, Toshiba Corporation Environmental Report 2016
Toshiba Carrier Social and Environmental Report 2016 Toshiba Carrier Corporation
Product and Technology Related
Japan Fine Ceramics Association
FY2016 JFCA awards Engineering Promotion Award
Development and practical operation of ZnO elements for super-pressure resistant lightning arresters Toshiba Corporation May 2016
Development of a double-sided cooling power control unit for hybrid vehicles Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. / DENSO Corporation
Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
FY2016 National Commendation for Invention
Chairman Award of Japan Patent Attorneys Association
FY2016 (42nd) Resource Recycling Technology and System Awards
Rare Metal Recycling Award
Invention of programming method for multi-bit NAND Memory Toshiba Corporation Jun 2016
Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry High Performance Recycling Technologies for Rare-Earth Magnet Materials in Industrial Motors Toshiba Corporation Oct 2016
The Promotion Foundation for Electrical Science and Engineering
64th Electrical Science and Engineering Promotion Award
Development of PWM Converter for Air-Source Heat Pump Unit Toshiba Carrier Corporation Nov 2016
Development and practical application of dimmable, small controlgear using GaN devices for LED lighting Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation
Top 100 Global Innovators 2017 (Clarivate Analytics)
Top 100 Global Innovators 2017 (Clarivate Analytics)
Selected as Top 100 Global Innovators 2017(Clarivate Analytics)
Selected for the 7th consecutive year since 2011
Toshiba Corporation Jan 2018
Japan Techno-Economics Society
5th Management of Technology and Innovation Award
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize
Practical viability of NAND flash memory and technology development to realize increasing data capacity and cost reduction Toshiba Corporation Feb 2017
New Energy Foundation
FY2016 New Energy Award
Chairman Award in the Excellent Products category
H2One™ Hydrogen Based Autonomous Energy Supply System Toshiba Corporation Feb 2017
Patent Result Co., Ltd.
Technology of oxide negative electrode for lithium-ion secondary battery
Top of total patent ranking
Technology of oxide negative electrode for lithium-ion secondary battery Toshiba Corporation Feb 2017
63rd Okochi Memorial Grand Technology Prize multi-bit/cell
NAND Flash memory by reducing adjacent memory cell coupling effect
Toshiba Corporation Mar 2017
One Step on Electro-Technology The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan Current Differential Protection of Transmission Line by Use of Digital Technique Toshiba Corporation / TEPCO Power Grid, Incorporated Mar 2017
Semiconductor Memory, 1Mbit CMOS DRAM Toshiba Corporation
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
FY2017 MEXT Minister Prizes for Science and Technology
Development of Superconducting Rotating Gantry Irradiation System for Heavy-Iron Radiotherapy Toshiba Corporation / National Institute of Radiological Sciences Apr 2017
49th Ichimura Prize in Industry for Distinguished Achievement Development of and commercialization of a high power, heavy rare-earth-free, demagnetization resistant magnet for motors Toshiba Corporation / Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. Apr 2017
The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association
Excellent Award
Technology development of equipment for atomic power plant maintenance and inspection Toshiba Corporation Apr 2017
Development of next generation light-water nuclear reactor core design technique
Development of volume minimization technology for radioactive waste from nuclear power plant

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