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CSR - As a corporate citizen of planet Earth

II. Toward Promoting CSR-oriented Management Worldwide: Activities for Each Overseas Region

In the Americas

Contributing to a Better Global Environment, Building Greater Cooperation with American Society

Helping Build a "Green Society" in Cooperation with the Obama Administration

Amid mounting concern from nations around the world toward the mitigation of global warming, the new administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has taken steps to improve energy efficiency and help mitigate the effects of climate change. In addition to its announced intention to create five million "green" jobs, the U.S. government has greatly accelerated efforts to tackle pressing environmental issues. In keeping with our company's core philosophy to conduct itself as a "corporate citizen of planet Earth," Toshiba Group is committed to working together with American society to help contribute to a better global environment.
To help guide us in our efforts, in March 2007, Toshiba America, Inc. invited experts from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) and socially responsible investment (SRI) research organizations to discuss options. At this meeting it was suggested that we issue a corporate statement with "clear numeric targets." To this end, in 2007 we developed the "Toshiba Group Environmental Vision 2050," announcing our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and establishing clear guidelines that reflect our values and intentions. In 2008, we released the first volume of our environmental report, unveiling our pledge to devote ourselves to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Once again in this fiscal year, we held substantive discussions with representatives from environmental NGOs and SRI research organizations concerning expectations from Toshiba with regard to our environmental activities and commitment. We resolve to strengthen our cooperation with the people and government of the United States in order to continue and to further enhance our efforts to help build a true "green society."

Case Study
2009 Environmental Dialogue with our Stakeholders

In February 2009, Toshiba once again invited representatives from environmental NGOs and SRI research organizations to convene our second environmental dialogue at the headquarters of Toshiba America, Inc. in New York.
At this meeting we received very favorable feedback and expectations from all participants concerning our Environmental Vision 2050, as well as our ongoing recycling efforts in the U.S., our environmental communications and the issuance of our corporate environmental report. Some of the encouraging comments we received included: "Toshiba's activities represent major advancements beyond what was reported in the first dialogue," "I understood very well the seriousness of your company's commitment to resolve environmental problems," and "I hope that the company further strives to address environmental challenges earnestly by making the most of its comprehensive strength, which features a broad range of businesses and a diverse product portfolio."
At the same time, we also received feedback such as: "Focusing on stakeholders' interests, the company should provide environmental information that is easier to understand," "Tackling environmental problems as one of its business opportunities, the company needs to increase its competitiveness as a leader company in environmental initiatives," and "I want the company to develop an approach of environmental labeling that consumers can easily understand."
Based on this feedback, Masahiko Fukakushi, Chairman & CEO of Toshiba America, Inc., noted: "We will continue to hold discussions concerning our environmental activities with our stakeholders, strive to actively deliver pertinent information, and aim as always to conduct ourselves as a trusted corporate citizen of planet Earth."

Opinion from the CSR Consultant

Dialogues with Stakeholders Should be Linked to R&D and Product Development

BSR is pleased to partner with Toshiba and support their emphasis on the importance of stakeholders, as well as their regular substantive discussions with them. This type of dialogue not only provides the company with valuable information, but also greatly helps the stakeholders to understand the business activities of Toshiba Group. The environmental information that has been disclosed by the company is both comprehensive and detailed. I expect Toshiba to further increase the transparency of its environmental impact assessment process, as well as disclose more information about how these results can be incorporated into the company's overall business strategies. It is my strong recommendation that the company continue such dialogue with its stakeholders and whenever possible apply what has been learned to its R&D and product development projects.

Photo of Ms. Kara Hartnett Hurst Kara Hartnett Hurst Managing Director,
East Coast Business for Social Responsibility

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