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II. Toward Promoting CSR-oriented Management Worldwide: Activities for Each Overseas Region

In China

Contributing to the Development of the Chinese Society by Promoting Activities that Support Science Education

Emphasizing Educational Support Activities to Realize a More Affluent Society

Of the 200,000 Toshiba Group employees working all over the world, approximately 30,000 work in China. China, now experiencing a rapid growth, is one of the main bases where Toshiba can expand its operations. Realizing the region's significance, Toshiba Group is actively promoting activities to contribute to development of the Chinese society. The national commitment of China to maintain its high growth is reflected in the "Scientific Outlook on Development" and "Realization of Well-balanced Society" objectives. One of the keys to these goals is a higher quality education. Considering this, Toshiba Group has been proactively promoting educational activities in China.
For example, we founded 15 elementary and junior high schools (144 classes) from FY2002 to FY2007. In FY2008, after the Sichuan earthquake, we re-built four tentative elementary schools (50 classes). The same fiscal year, we held a contest based on science and math contents for students aiming to become teachers at teacher-training universities.
Toshiba Group will continue to spread the importance of education, specifically science education, and support the development of next-generation human resources who can contribute to build a better society in China.

Case Study
Help Students Aiming to Become Teachers through a Teaching Program Contest

At present, the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China is promoting "Independent Innovation," an important theme in the field of education. Toshiba Group fully supports this activity, as achieving this goal means realization of the CSR philosophy of "Support of Education" and "Development of Scientific Technology." As part of our support activities, in FY2008, we held our "1st Toshiba Cup Contest" aimed at students specializing in science and math education at teacher-training universities in China.
This competition featured the best teaching plans by the students with regard to subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. Under the teaching plan contest, the candidates created their original teaching program, provided simulated lessons, and were evaluated based on whether elementary and junior high school students were motivated and enthusiastic enough to learn or not.
More than 2,500 students from 12 universities all over China participated in the competition and only 36 advanced to the final. Following the selection, students at Huazhong Normal University, Center China Normal University and Northeast Normal University won the first prizes in mathematics, physics and chemistry respectively. Toshiba Group offered the nine winners having obtained the first, second and third prizes for each subject, as well as six professors a training trip to Japan. During this trip, they visited classrooms in Japanese schools and exchanged opinions with Chinese researchers working at Toshiba's Corporate Research & Development Center. We believe, we have provided them with the opportunity to experience advanced scientific technology during the training trip to Japan and help them grow as teachers.

Voice of a Government Official

We Further Expect Your Support for Our "New Teacher Development Program" toward Realization of the Concept of "Industry-University Collaboration"

2008 is the 30th anniversary year of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship. Both the governments agreed on the full promotion of reciprocal relationship between the two countries, and collaboration and exchange in the field of education are also entering a new stage of development. Toshiba proposed to the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China to jointly hold a new program to train teaching skills of students specializing in science at teacher-training universities. This corresponds to the philosophy of the "New Teacher Development Program" and the "Industry-University Collaboration," which are priorities for the Ministry of Education.
This competition has been highly appreciated by Chinese teacher-training universities and the educational community. We will strive to develop better programs based on the successful experience of this first competition.

Photo of Mr. Liu Baoli Liu Baoli Deputy Director-General
Dept. of International Cooperation and Exchanges
Ministry of Education
China (PRC)

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