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Highlights of CSR Activities - Toshiba Group's Measures in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake

  • Major assistance activities
  • Situation at major production facilities
  • Measures to reduce electricity consumption at Toshiba Group
  • Toshiba's measures to help recover power systems infrastructure
  • Building a sustainable society using low-carbon power generation technologies

Situation at major production facilities

1Restoration of production bases

Iwate Toshiba Electronics Co., Ltd., a semiconductor manufacturing subsidiary located in Kitakami City, Iwate Pref., suspended its operations immediately after the earthquake, but resumed partial production in mid-April. In order to minimize the impact on customers, Toshiba has started to provide support at alternative production facilities, such as Oita Operations, Himeji Operations-Semiconductor, and Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corp.

Toshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd., located in Fukaya City, Saitama Pref., resumed partial production at its LCD manufacturing line in late March, and resumed full operation at the end of April. The company is supplying some products from Ishikawa Works, the company's other production facility in Ishikawa Pref.

Among other production bases in the Tohoku Region, Kitashiba Electric Co., Ltd. and Kawamata Seiki Co., Ltd. in Fukushima Prefecture were also affected by the earthquake and had to suspend their operations temporarily, but resumed production by the end of March. Toshiba Group has taken various measures to minimize the effects of the disaster on customers.

2Securing procurement parts and support for affected suppliers

Many of our component suppliers, mainly those located in the disaster-struck areas of the Tohoku Region, suffered damage.

Immediately after the disaster, Toshiba Group used all possible means to secure parts and materials, such as investigations of available inventories (including channel inventories), negotiations with suppliers to switch production to locations outside the affected region, and acceleration of the use of substitutes. We have made every effort to secure parts and materials to minimize the impact on production.

Toshiba Group is also supporting the earliest recovery of suppliers with damaged manufacturing facilities by supplying necessary emergency power supply equipment and components.

We will continue to assist suppliers in their efforts to return to normal business operations.