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Realization of smart communities

Realization of smart communities

  • Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP)
  • Project in Lyon, France
  • Construction of a smart industrial complex in Tianjin, China

France Lyon: Area About150ha

Prominent example: Redevelopment type Project in Lyon,France

Sustainable city based on systems to utilize and manage renewable energy

Aiming to achieve the “20-20-20”* targets set by the European Union five years ealierDetails of experiments and important contributions (from 2012 to 2015)

“20-20-20” refers to the EU's targets to mitigate global warming. By 2020, the EU aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 20% each compared to 1990 levels, and boost the percentage of natural energy used as a proportion of total energy consumption to 20%.

The conceptual drawing of positive energy buildings
The conceptual drawing of positive energy buildings at their completion was made by Japanese architect Mr. Kengo Kuma.
© Cyril Thomas pour Bouygues/Asylum pour SPLA Lyon Confluence

A project is currently underway at the Lyon Confluence redevelopment district in Lyon, France. This district consists of a sandbar between two rivers, where smart equipment will be introduced as a part of the new urban infrastructure planned in the redevelopment plan. The project is based on the main theme of “realizing a sustainable city based on systems which utilize and manage renewable energy” and involves homes, buildings, and transport in an area measuring around 150 hectares. It involves the active introduction of photovoltaic power generation and other systems and the establishment of management technology for their efficient use.

Along with the application of energy conservation technology, the project targets newly constructed buildings generating more energy than they consume with about 15% of expected energy consumption covered by photovoltaic power generation and around 83% by cogeneration. In addition, electric vehicles powered by electricity that is generated using renewable energy will be shared as a means of transport. Thus the project will realize a means of transport that achieves zero emissions and helps alleviate traffic congestion.

The Lyon project, which plans experiments for the period from 2012 to 2015, aims to utilize solar energy to achieve the “20-20-20” targets set by the EU five years earlier.

Firstly, Toshiba was commissioned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) to conduct a feasibility study from January until the end of October 2011. In the years to come, together with Toshiba Solutions Corp., Toshiba Group will continue to serve as a supervisor of this project. Toshiba will work with major French corporate groups in the area of construction and transport and several Japanese businesses in other areas, thus establishing the best practices in this European smart community project and applying them to projects in other regions of the world.