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Hightlight 1 Realizing Smart Communities
Case study 1: Yokohama
Community energy management
Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP)

Current project status

One of Japan’s largest experiments is now underway.

The Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP) consists of 15 projects that the City of Yokohama is implementing in collaboration with 33 businesses.

- Achieve an energy conservation rate of 20% through energy creation, storage, and conservation
- Achieve a peak shaving effect of 20% through demand response (DR)*
- Reduce CO<sub>2</sub> emissions by 25%
* Demand response refers to end users action to balance power supply and demand by modifying their electricity usage.

Toshiba Group provides wide-area energy management systems based on electric system monitoring and control technologies that we have developed.

Solutions provided by Toshiba Group

Solutions provided by Toshiba Group

*2 CEMS: Community Energy Management System
*3 MEMS: Mansion Energy Management System
*4 HEMS: Home Energy Management System
*5 BEMS: Building Energy Management System

We set and achieved a goal of maximizing peak power consumption cuts during winter.

In January 2013, we conducted winter demand response tests at six buildings. Our results showed an average reduction of 17% in peak power consumption.
We will apply the functions and technologies that we tested and found to be effective as part of YSCP to other locations within and outside the city.
Also, Toshiba will effectively utilize the large amount of data and knowledge we have obtained from these tests in future projects.

Details of demand response experiments

Details of demand response experiments

Results of demand response experiments (numerical data)※6

※6 Average peak power consumption for the same time period of 30 non-DR weekdays until just before the day preceding the issuance of a DR request

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Future development

We will apply project results to the Tohoku region and overseas.

Utilizing demand-side energy management effectively through energy creation, conservation, and storage

One initiative of Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP) was to effectively make use of Toshiba’s proprietary building management system. In cases where the highest temperature was predicted to be 8°C or lower, a request for demand response would be issued to curb maximum power consumption when electricity demand peaked.
This initiative was implemented from January 8 to February 22, 2013 with the aim of reducing power consumption during peak hours by up to 20%. The results will be used in future projects.


We expect Toshiba to serve as an indispensable partner of the City of Yokohama.

Mr. Shiro Hamano Director of the Headquarters to Cope with Climate Change 
City of Yokohama
Mr. Shiro Hamano
Climate Change Policy Headquaters
City of Yokohama

By promoting YSCP in collaboration with private companies, the City of Yokohama aims to realize a low-carbon, comfortable city with a stable energy supply.
Toshiba is a key player that is making daily efforts toward realizing YSCP; the company is an indispensable partner of the City. We hope that Toshiba will contribute to facilitating next-generation smart lifestyles in Yokohama, where some 3.7 million people live, and apply the results of this project to other locations in Japan and aboard. We also hope that Toshiba will contribute to making Yokohama a city that is easy to live in—a city capable of serving as an example to the rest of the world.

Yokohama Smart City Project (New Energy Promotion Council)

Toshiba Smart Community

Hightlight 1 Realizing Smart Communities
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