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[Hightlight 1] :Realization of smart communities The rapid growth in world population,concentration of people in cities, increasing demand for energy, and information explosion due to ICT and networking—all of these issues are becoming an increasing concern resulting in the need to innovate in the areas of energy and storage urgently. At the same time, city dwellers seek comfortable, convenient, safe, and secure living environments and earnestly desire solutions that support such lifestyles. “Smart communities” are expected to be one such solution to balance these interests. In order to contribute to the development of affluent future communities, Toshiba Group will carry out smart community projects around the world.

[The projects at a glance]
Toshiba Group has participated in 35 projects to develop smart communities that address local priority issues (cumulative total as of May 31, 2013).

[Case study 1  Yokohama, Japan]
Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP)

[Case study 2  New Mexico, Indiana U.S.]
Ensuring a stable energy supply Two projects in the United States

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