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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Our Approach to Solving Global Social Issues

Toshiba Group contributes to solutions for various global social issues and the realization of the Human Smart Community—a safe, secure and comfortable society—through business activities in three main areas: Energy, Storage and Healthcare.

Our aim is provide not only products but also excellent user experiences.­Through dialogues with our stakeholders, we understand their interests and trends in public opinion, and recognize the latest social issues, and then create value appropriate for the times.

Overview Our Approach to Solving Global Social Issues (PDF:419KB)

Recognition of Global Social Issues


  • Stable energy supply
  • Efficient utilization of energy
  • Reduction of CO2 emission
  • Solution for the large volume data processing in an advanced information society
  • Development of products and technologies that incorporate the “Internet of Things” concept
  • Personalized healthcare
  • Friendly medical care
  • Support for home medical care and nursing care
  • Safe, secure and comfortable lifestyles

Toshiba Group's Businesses

  • Efficient utilization of energy

    We provide power generation systems that use renewable energy sources such as solar, geothermal and wind power as well as systems for transmission, transformation and distribution of electric energy. We also promote the key role of hydrogen usage in creating a stable supply of renewable energy.

  • Storage supporting information infrastructure

    We provide comprehensive solutions that incorporate our technologies and knowledge concerning data storage, usage and processing, controlling things, hardware, software, and system management.

  • Promotion of the positive cycle in healthcare

    We support sustainable and efficient systems for medical and nursing in the four areas: disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, prognosis and nursing, and health promotion. We provide products and services which contribute to the improvement and promotion of people’s health.

Toshiba Group’s Solutions

  • Achievement of the best mix of energy sources

    Development of technologies designed to achieve an optimal balance in the use of thermal, nuclear, hydraulic power generation and renewable energy

  • Realization of a smart community

    Provision of a variety of solutions for communities, such as energy, water, building, home, commerce and retail solutions

  • The pursuit of safe, secure and comfortable hydrogen society

    Using hydrogen derived from renewable energy sources

  • Development of devices for data storage demand

    Provision of storage devices that meet the demands of increasing the speed, capacity, energy-saving efficiency and space conservation requirements

  • Integrated use of ICT ranging from devices to cloud services

    Provision of solutions based on collection and analysis of actual data using ICT

  • Efficiency of medical diagnosis and treatment, and alleviation of the patients’ burdens

    Development and spread of radiation exposure reduction technologies, development of methods for breast cancer screening with less pain and for early detection and treatment, and the provision of heavy ion radiotherapy systems that treat cancer without surgery

  • Enhancement of businesses for disease prevention, prognosis and nursing and health promotion

    Development and utilization of sensing technologies and promotion of big health data analysis / Development of products and services that support home medical and nursing care / Development of products and services that support health and safety regarding our matters surrounding our lifestyles, such as food, water and air

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