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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Past Highlight

Highlights from 2015 (Featured in CSR Report 2015)

  • Our Approach to Solving Global Social Issues
  • Activity Highlight 1: Use of Hydrogen Energy
  • Activity Highlight 2: Advanced Use of ICT
  • Activity Highlight 3: Healthcare Business

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Highlights from 2014 (Featured in CSR Report 2014)

  • CSR Highlight2014 Materialities for Toshiba Group
  • Key Issue: Respect for Human Rights
  • Key Issue: Promoting Supply Chain CSR
  • Key Issue: Environmental Management
  • CSR Highlight2014 CSR Supported by 200,000 Employees

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Highlights from 2013 (Featured in CSR Report 2013)

1 .Realization of smart communities  2. Support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake3.CSR Management in the Supply Chain

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Highlights from 2012 “Realization of Smart Communities”and "Continuing to provide support for affected areas of Great East Japan Eathquake" (Featured in CSR Report 2012)

  • Realization of Smart Communities
  • Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP)
  • Project in Lyon, France
  • Construction of a smart industrial complex in Tianjin, China

Continuing to provide support for affected areas of Great East Japan Eathquake

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Highlights from 2011 “Toshiba Group's Measures in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake” (Featured in CSR Report 2011)

Toshiba Group's Measures in Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake

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Highlights from 2010 “Striving to Establish a Position as One of the World's Foremost Eco-companies” (Featured in CSR Report 2010)

  • Striving to establish a position as one of the world's foremost eco-companies
  • Green of Process
  • Green of Product
  • Green by Technology

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Highlights from 2009 “as a corporate citizen of planet Earth” (Featured in CSR Report 2009)

  • Toward Achieving the Environmental Vision 2050 Efforts in Various Business Domains
  • Toward Promoting CSR-oriented Management Worldwide. Activities for Each Overseas Region

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Highlights from 2008 Activities Undertaken in 2008 (Featured in CSR Report 2008)

Environmental Vision 2050 (PDF:6.0MB)
People leading high lifestyles in harmony with the Earth
CSR-oriented Management Worldwide (PDF:6.0MB)
Addressing various social issues around the world
Activities based on Dialogue with Stakeholders (PDF:6.0MB)
Dialogue-based product development and environmental commitment for resolution of social issues

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Highlights from 2007 (Featured in CSR Report 2007)

Reliable Energy Supply and Mitigation of Climate Change (PDF:3.9MB)
Toshiba Group is helping to provide reliable energy supplies and contributing to the mitigation of climate change by fully utilizing its versatile, world-class power generation technologies.
CSR around the World (PDF:3.9MB)
We endeavor to engage in locally based activities to fulfill CSR in accordance with regional characteristics and circumstances.
Raising CSR Awareness of Employees (PDF:3.9MB)
We promote thorough inculcation of CSR at each employee level and see its effect reflected in the day to day business activities.

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Highlights from 2006 (Featured in CSR report 2006)

A Multi-faceted Approach to Preventing Global Warming (PDF:1.9MB)
Corporate Environmental Officer’s perspective
Providing Safe Notebook PCs Worldwide (PDF:1.9MB)
Reducing hazardous substances in cooperation with suppliers in China
Symbiosis with Global Society Deepened through Dialogue (PDF:1.9MB)
Stakeholder dialogue in Thailand

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Highlights from 2005 (Featured in CSR report 2005)

Customer Needs Drive Environmentally Conscious Products (PDF:3.7MB)
Toshiba Group has developed “Factor T,” an original indicator designed to reflect customer values
Fuel Cells: Compact Home Power Plant (PDF:3.7MB)
Next-generation source of residential fuel cells
Promoting Breast Cancer Screening (PDF:3.7MB)
Developing advanced equipment and engage in activities to raise awareness of breast cancer
Deepening Roots in China (PDF:3.7MB)
Cooperative developments with local communities

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