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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

CSR supported by 200,000 employees

Toshiba Group’s CSR is supported by the activities of each and every one of 200,000 Toshiba Group employees. We will continue to act as a corporate group that maintains a high level of motivation among its employees in order to further enhance CSR initiatives and increase corporate value.

1 Promoting diversity
Exhibiting diverse individuality and expertise

Trends in the number and ratio of female workers (Toshiba Corp., manager and above)
Trends in the number and ratio of female workers (Toshiba Corp., manager and above)

Getting the best out of our employees’ strengths and their diverse individuality creates innovation and leads to the growth of the company. On the basis of this philosophy, Toshiba Group has long positioned diversity as a “management philosophy,” and from top management down, we are committed to diversity, both internally and externally.
In FY2013 we identified “training and utilization of diverse human resources” as a management policy, and in addition to initiatives in HR planning and HR development we are also accelerate activities to promote diversity. We have set targets for raising the ratio of female executive officers to above 5.0% in FY2015. In FY2012, 11 women held senior positions (nine at the general manager class, two chief technology auditor), and we propose to triple that number in FY2015.

Development of Corporate Culture
Highest Priority on Human Life, Safety and Compliance

Consolidated companies that have attained
OHSAS 18001, by region

Consolidated companies that have attained OHSAS1800, by region
Note: As of the end of March 2014

Different country editions of the “Toshiba Code of Conduct”
Different country editions of the
“Toshiba Standards of Conduct”

Toshiba Group lists “Commitment to People” as one of its management philosophy and conducts business activities while placing the highest priority on human life, safety and compliance.
In order to ensure the safety of our employees we have acquired third-party certification to International Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001 standard since FY2007. Based on the system, we continue to reduce health and safety risks through risk assessments and maintain and manage compliance with laws and regulations.
In addition, in order to implement strict compliance, we have produced and distributed the “Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct” in 16 languages, and provide training. Various compliance programs, training including the “Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct,” are incorporated into level-based training, occupation-based training and senior management seminars. On top of this, all employees undergo repeated training via e-learning. In FY2013 our e-learning themes included bribery, fraudulent transactions and improper expenses, and we continue to work to ensure Group compliance with laws and regulations.

3 Social contributions of Toshiba Group’s 200,000 employees 
The combined power of individuals and organizations

“Toshiba ‘ASHITA’ Award”

Breakdown of Number of Entries
for Toshiba "ASHITA" Award

Breakdown of Number of Entries for the Social Contribution Award

Seeking to stimulate activities that contribute to society, we initiated the “Toshiba ‘ASHITA’ Award” in FY2005, to recognize social contribution activities. Every year, we invite individuals and companies throughout Toshiba Group to submit their social contribution activities. In FY2013, the 9th year of the event, we received 1,616 entries from a total of approximately 127,000 participants. To complement the current “Corporate Citizenship Award” category, we have established a new category “Social Contributions by Business” to promote contributions to social issues. Based on recommendations from business departments, we selected programs by reflecting the opinions of evaluators from NGOs and other external organizations. We are actively working to promote the involvement of all 200,000 employees in these activities.

Colleen Smith
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
Colleen Smith
Toshiba America Electronic
Components, Inc.
Toshiba With Corporation
Toshiba With Corporation

FY2013 Toshiba "ASHITA" Award Winners
Corporate Citizenship Activities by Employee

Supporting rural communities with donations of lighting and solar panels

Colleen Smith serves as a director of “Power 2 The People” (P2TP), an NGO that promotes the spread of solar power generation in developing countries. Since coming into contact with this NGO in 2009 she has participated in individual P2TP activities, and has travelled to Nicaragua on four occasions at her own expense to install solar power generating equipment, etc.

FY2013 Toshiba "ASHITA" Award Winners
Social Contributions by Business

Supporting intellectually disabled people in finding work and becoming self-reliant

Toshiba With was established in February 2005 as a special subsidiary company. Employees with intellectual disabilities are put to work throughout Toshiba Group on tasks such as printing, cleaning, mail duties and healthcare, and through this we hope that they can experience the responsibility, reward and joy of working, learn self-reliance and at the same time learn how to cope with society. We are working closely with support organizations and the families of people with disabilities to build an integral support system.

Continuing support activities for reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake

New employees providing reconstruction support activities (April, 2014)
New employees providing reconstruction
support activities (April, 2014)

With employee-organized fundraising and labor union activities taking the lead, we continue to dispatch volunteers to the affected areas. In addition, specialty goods from the affected areas are on sale at shops in Toshiba HQ and our factories, and local foods are used in the canteen menu. Since FY2012, as part of their initial training, new employees of Toshiba and other Group companies assist the shipping of seaweed from the affected region.

We continue to support the reconstruction of the Tohoku region from the perspectives of human development, manufacturing (industrial development), and community development, toward helping the affected region and the people affected by the disaster recover as soon as possible. In addition, we continue to cooperate and support the stable maintenance and decommissioning of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

Human development
Developing human resources for the next generation
  • Scholarships for college students in the Tohoku region
  • Cooperation with NPO, ETIC (Entrepreneurial Training for Innovative Communities)
  • New employee reconstruction support activities
  • Employees’ volunteer activities"
Industrial development
Supporting the reconstruction of local industry
  • Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.: procurement of copier paper from Ishinomaki Mill
  • Purchases of sports support goods
  • Providing foods from the quake-hit region in staff canteens (including suppliers)
Community development
Providing safe, secure and comfortable lives
  • Developing the smart community business (Iitate, Ishinomaki and Kuji, etc.)
  • Fukushima Airport mega solar project
  • Minamisoma Solar Agri-Park Project
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