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Assessment by corporate divisions

The Implementation Status of the 235 Action Items was First Assessed by the CSR Division and then Reassessed by Other Corporate Divisions

Photo of Working together with Craig Consulting
Working together with Craig Consulting

The CSR Implementation Office, which is under the control of the CSR Division, assessed progress in the implementation of the 235 action items at Toshiba Group. In order to make such assessments external and objective, we explained to the consulting firm the progress we had made in implementing the 235 items one by one to determine the objectivity of our assessments.

Four grades of assessment were conducted: (1) Action taken, (2) No action taken, (3) Confirmation required from relevant companies, and (4) Not applicable. Action taken items were further assessed based on the following scale of implementation: (A) Toshiba Group worldwide (five points), (B) Toshiba Corp. and group companies in Japan (four points), and (C) Toshiba Corp. (three points).

Furthermore, based on these assessments, all items were reassessed together with related corporate divisions including the Legal Affairs Division, Diversity Development Division, and Corporate Environment Management Division. As a result, the 235 items were classified into two categories: 189 items which were already in place and 46 items which required confirmation with relevant companies.

Examples of assessments

Assessment sheet for the 235 action items
Assessment sheet for the 235 action items

[Item] Environment: Adaptation to climate change
Measuring, recording, and reporting significant greenhouse gas emissions using methods stipulated by internationally accepted standards wherever possible.
Five points (highest) were given because GHG data is managed and disclosed for all Toshiba in-house companies and subsidiaries.
[Item] Human rights: Due diligence
Organizational policy toward human rights, which provides meaningful guidance to parties within, and those closely connected with, the organization.
Three points were given because although the policy was implemented at the corporate level, the status of implementation at in-house companies and subsidiaries required confirmation.

Message from an interested party

“We expect Toshiba to prioritize the issues identified and develop a medium-term plan to address the issues.”

Mitsuo Ogawa Representative Director Craig Consulting

We have worked closely with Toshiba Group since August 2010 on their initiative to integrate ISO 26000 standards. In the future, we hope that Toshiba Group will continue this initiative by taking the following steps to ensure that they become a company that employs advanced global CSR management practices.

he first step is to prioritize the issues identified in these assessments and address them by developing an action plan spanning a period of three years. The second involves engaging in dialogues with stakeholders on these issues.

We believe that by carrying out these initiatives in a steadfast manner, Toshiba Group will be able to not only further strengthen its CSR management, but also contribute to the sustained growth of the Group itself and society as a whole.

Mitsuo Ogawa
Representative Director Craig Consulting