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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

FY2015 Topics


Risk Management and Compliance

We enforce worldwide compliance with laws, company regulations, social and ethical norms, and the like. To promote risk management, we have established a specialized division for it.

  • Establishment of a financial risk evaluation structure, through the creation of a new Accounting Compliance Committee
  • Commitment to a thorough understanding of basic accounting principles, through accounting compliance training
  • Setting up the new Audit Committee Hotline

Audit Committee Hotline (Intranet)Audit Committee Hotline (Intranet)

Resarch & Development and Intellectual Property

We are making efforts to strengthen our intellectual property strategy, focusing our R&D on business areas expected to grow in the future, and expanding them globally.

  • Testing a CO2-free, autonomous hydrogen energy supply system in a public facility in Kawasaki City
  • Applied BiCS FLASH™ of 48-layer 3-D stacked cell structure flash memory to 256-gigabit, started sample shipment
  • Started running verification tests EV bus system featuring the latest wireless charging device

Wirelessly charged EV busWirelessly charged EV bus

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Environmental Management

In order to create an affluent life for mankind that is in harmony with mother nature, we promote ecological management, and make it our responsibility to take good care of the Earth's environment before passing it on to the next generation.

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Respect for Human Rights

We uphold human rights as one of our management principles, and support universal, fundamental principles concerning human rights, and labor practice including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • Held workshops on global human rights for human resources and procurement managers in Thailand

Workshop on human rights in ThailandWorkshop on human rights in Thailand

Employment and Labor Relations

In accordance with fundamental principles of labor-management equality, mutual trust and understanding, and prior discussion, we hold labor-management dialogue, seeking rational and amicable solutions.

  • Held the semi-annual Toshiba Group Labor-management Congress and held discussions on management policy

Labor-management congressLabor-management congress

Fair Evaluation and Talent Development

We promote the proactive training of our personnel and making the most of the capabilities, and have established fair personnel systems in order to produce employees who can create new ideas.

  • Conducted the Leadership Survey (360-degree survey) targeting senior management.

Global Marketing Leaders ProgramGlobal Marketing Leaders Program

Diversity Promotion

We have positioned the promotion of diversity as one of its integral management policy visions, and under the strong top commitment, sent out positive messages about diversity internally and externally.

  • Percentage of female managers increased to 4.1% (Toshiba Corp.)

Trends in the number/percentage of female managers (Toshiba Corp.)Trends in the number/percentage of female managers (Toshiba Corp.)

Occupational Health and Safety

One of our management principles is to "commitment to people." Accordingly, we promote CSR management by setting "human life, safety and legal compliance" as our highest priority.

  • 61 group companies certified by OHSAS18001 (100% of manufacturing companies in Japan)
  • 0.15 Lost-time Injury Frequency Rate* at domestic Toshiba Group companies
  • * Frequency of accidents per million work hours resulting in death or injuries that require one or more days off work

OHSAS18001 CertificateOHSAS18001 Certificate

CSR Management in the Supply Chain

We advance CSR efforts through our supply chain, such as improving working conditions and decreasing the environmental impact at our suppliers.

  • Checks of compliance status regarding environmental laws and regulations in China
  • Held an EICC seminar, which was attended by 152 people from suppliers and Toshiba Group companies.

EICC briefings in ChinaEICC briefings in Japan

Quality Control

We aim to contribute to society by providing products and services that are high-quality, safe, and technologically ahead of the curve.

  • Conducted product quality training (7 programs) in China, attended by a total of 307 people. The trainers have been replaced with local staff trained at Toshiba.

Toshiba Quality Assurance Guidelines for Suppliers (Japanese)Toshiba Quality Assurance Guidelines for Suppliers (Japanese)

Product Safety

Based on the Toshiba Group's Basic Policy on Product Assurance, we endeavor to ensure product safety and to disclose safety-related information to our customers proactively.

  • Strengthened efforts for the swift recall of products

Flyer showing products subject to recall (Japanese)Flyer showing products subject to recall (Japanese)

Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction

We respond properly to our customers' inquiries, opinions and requests, and make use of them to enhance product quality, our after-sales service and the like in order to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Set a "Customer Satisfaction Improvement Month," and ran education and training on CS for all employees
  • Established an After-sales Service Enhancement Working Group to share service issues and tackle service improvement Group-wide.

KIZUKI training to improve receptiveness in after-sales servicesKIZUKI training to improve receptiveness in after-sales services

Universal Design

We strive for Universal Design (UD) to help realize a society where everyone can live in comfort, regardless of age, gender or disability.

  • Started offering the RECAIUS™ cloud service, which can support people in a variety of activities
  • Issued Universal Design Guidelines (office version)

Vocalization by Daisy Rings™Vocalization by Daisy Rings™

Support for Local Community Development

As a good corporate citizen, we conduct community-based business activities at sites worldwide, contributing to solving local issues.

  • Starting demonstration of positive energy buildings (PEB) in Lyon, France
  • Large-scale steam turbine rotors manufactured from start to finish in India

The HIKARI Buildings where PEB is being demonstratedThe HIKARI Buildings where PEB is being demonstrated

Social Contribution Activities

We promote a wide range of activities, focusing on science and technology education, protection of the natural environment, social welfare, international exchange, and the promotion of sports and culture. We also engage in post-disaster reconstruction aid.

  • Initiated Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Activities
  • Supporting Early Childhood Development in Tanzania in the light of children's human rights

Literacy education at community childcare facilitiesLiteracy education at community childcare facilities

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