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Support for Local Community Development and Public Policies

Contributing to economic, educational, and cultural development in countries around the world where we do business

Toshiba Group contributes to the development of local communities and solution to issues imposed on them through not only our business activities, but also our worldwide corporate citizenship activities. At our manufacturing sites, we have been making efforts to localize management, foster management development, and promote local procurement. We have also contributed to the development of social infrastructure in developing and emerging countries in addition to the development of products that meet the needs of local communities. In an effort to provide continuous support to the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, we are making plans for the restoration and development of local communities in these areas based on local interviews and the analysis of local needs.

Major Progress and Achievements in FY2012

Toshiba Group's major support for local community development and public policies (Major Progress and Achievements in FY2012) India  R&D center conducted joint research with a local university. 20th anniversary of Science and technolgy competition in North America and Canada Japan  The LED lighting project for the Golden Hall of Chusonji Temple, a World Heritage site, won an award. Toshiba invited students from schools that won an energy education award to visit its turbine plant. Philippines  Sending doctors and dentists to local communities Indonesia  Toshiba Group built a new washing machine factory to produce products that meet local demand. France  Toshiba LEDs to light up the Louvre Museum

Cosideration of Effects on Local Communities

Engaging with Local Communities on Environmental Issues

Classes offered at local junior high schools
Classes offered at local junior high schools

Since its establishment in 1992, Yokkaichi Operations, our semiconductor manufacturing site, has held an annual meeting with the local municipality. At the meeting, we explain the results obtained from the measurement data on air and water quality emissions from our facilities and exchange opinions with municipality representatives.
In collaboration with the Yokkaichi City Board of Education, we offer classes at junior high schools, where we explain the mechanism and production process of semiconductor products in an attempt to raise children's interest in science.
We also provide classes to nearby primary and junior high schools regularly on the environment to encourage children to come up with their own ideas and put them into practice.
Moreover, the Yokkaichi Operations publishes a Japanese-English bilingual enviromental report and also makes it available to the public via its website.

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Support for Education and Cultural Activities

Toshiba invited students and teachers from schools that won an Energy Education Awards to visit its Turbine Works and the Toshiba Science Museum.

Students from Sapporo Miyanomori Junior High School visiting the Turbine Works
Students from Sapporo Miyanomori Junior High School visiting the Turbine Works

Toshiba is promoting a program to encourage students to take greater interest in the environment and science in general by inviting students from schools that have won a top prize (including the Screening Committee Member Special Award) at the Energy Education Awards sponsored by the Japan Electric Association to visit our business sites and other facilities. From January to March 2013, we invited students and teachers of the winning schools at the Seventh Energy Education Awards to take a tour of the Keihin Product Operations’ Turbine Works and the Toshiba Science Museum. The invited schools were Sapporo Miyanomori Junior High School, Yamagata Prefectural Higashine Technical High School, Iwate Prefectural Kurosawajiri Technical High School, and Iwaki Municipal Onahama Dai-ichi Elementary School in Fukushima Prefecture.

Louvre Museum, France: LED Lights Illuminate the Museum’s Great Treasures

Toshiba LED lighting, which illuminates Louvre paintings of historic importance (Mona Lisam)
Toshiba LED lighting, which illuminates Louvre paintings of historic importance (Red Room)
Toshiba LED lighting, which illuminates Louvre paintings of historic importance (top: Mona Lisa, bottom: Red Room)

In June 2010, Toshiba entered into a partnership with the Louvre Museum regarding the lighting replacement project implemented as part of the Museum’s environmental conservation activities. The Museum replaced the conventional lighting of its Pyramid, Pyramidion, and Pavilion Colbert with Toshiba’s LED lighting in December 2011 and that of the Napoleon Courtyard in May 2012. This helped reduce environmental impact, including power consumption by approximately 73%.
In June 2013, we replaced the exclusive lighting system for the Mona Lisa and the ceiling lights for the Red Rooms with our LED lighting. The new LED lighting system for the Mona Lisa faithfully reproduces the shades of color in the painting by improving the uniformity of luminance, displays the artwork in an environment close to that of natural light using the newly developed color temperature adjustment system, and controls exposure to ultraviolent and infrared rays, which make the work appear brownish. In the Red Rooms, the control power source successfully maintains the intensity of illumination for the paintings in the galleries exposed to sunlight. Further, the new system reduces power consumption approximately 60% and weight by 72% (total weight of the lighting apparatuses).
The Museum aims to install Toshiba LED lighting in the Square Courtyard and Napoleon Hall in 2014. In addition to the Louvre, the French government highly evaluated our efforts to reduce environmental impact while pursuing great artistry. Then President Norio Sasaki was presented with the Grand Mecenat Award* in December 2011.

* Award given to individuals or businesses that have made a significant contribution to the development of culture in France by the French Government. Mr. Sasaki is the second Japanese to receive the award.

Lighting replacement with the Louvre Museum

Press release: “Toshiba installs its LED lighting to illuminate the galleries of France’s Louvre Museum, including the Mona Lisa”

Golden Hall of Chusonji Temple: LED Lighting Illuminates a World Heritage

Flower vase inlayed with mother-of-pearl presented to us by Chusonji Temple
Flower vase inlayed with mother-of-pearl presented to Toshiba by Chusonji Temple

In FY2012, Toshiba donated LED lighting equipment and photovoltaic power generation systems to Chusonji Temple, a key asset of Iwate Prefecture’s Hiraizumi, which is a World Heritage site. This initiative aims to attract more tourists to the prefecture as part of Toshiba’s programs to support recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Toshiba received a vase, the "immeasurable light" modeled after the gold-covered pillars in the inner sanctum of Chusonji Temple as a token of appreciation.
This lighting improvement project, which we carried out jointly with the temple, received the Japan Lighting Award.

Press Release: Toshiba's LED Lighting to Illuminate Japanese World Heritage Site

Toshiba’s LED illuminates Konjikido (Golden Hall) of Chuson-ji temple, a World Heritage.

Press Release:The lighting improvement project for Chusonji Temple’s Golden Hall won the Japan Lighting Award.(Japanese)

Science and Technology Competition for Children in the U.S. and Canada

EVA Awards ceremony in Washington, D.C.
Awards ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Since 1992, Toshiba Group has worked with the National Science Teachers Association to host the ExploraVision Awards (EVA), a science and technology competition for k-12 in the United States and Canada.
EVA is a competition aiming to encourage dreams in which children make predictions about technologies that they believe will become feasible within 20 years based on today’s science and technology. The program celebrated its twentieth anniversary in June 2012, commemorating its long history as a Japanese company’s science education support program in North America. The number of participants to date totals more than 300,000, and more than 90,000 applications have been filed. Each year, we invite eight teams that have made excellent proposals to attend an awards ceremony held in Washington, D.C. We also provide opportunities for each winning team to present their award-winning work and visit their local Congressional representatives to report on their winning EVA. Toshiba employees cooperate in holding the event and guiding teams on their visits.

Science Technology Competition

Supporting social education for elementary and middle school students in a mountainous area in Shikoku

Elementary school children learning the manufacturing process of small light bulbs
Elementary school children learning the manufacturing process of small light bulbs

Inan Electric Co., Ltd., a Group company which manufactures small light bulbs for automobiles, operates its business in a community with a population of around 10,000 people located in a mountainous area in Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture. In an effort to support social education for children, the company has invited local elementary students to see the manufacturing process of small light bulbs every year since 1990. Since 2000, the company has also invited middle school students to the workplace to provide hands-on education for three days.
The steady efforts of this company of around 100 employees are an indispensable part of elementary and middle school education in this local community.

Donating PCs and TVs to Filipino Schools

PC donation ceremony
PC donation ceremony

To enhance the educational environment in the Philippines, we supported a project promoted by the Ayala Foundation and provided multimedia equipment to schools in the Philippines. For four years starting from FY2007, we donated 440 PCs to 44 high schools in the Province of Laguna, which means that Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc. supported about 35% of the high schools in the province in which it operates.
Over three years starting from FY2012, we will donate TVs to 850 public elementary schools. During FY2012, we gave one TV each to 303 schools.

Supporting the Construction of Hope Elementary Schools in China

Children at a Toshiba Hope Elementary School
Children at a Toshiba Hope Elementary School

Toshiba Group companies in China have supported the construction of Toshiba Hope Elementary Schools since 2001. Since 2005, we have constructed two schools every year in collaboration with the China Youth Development Foundation. To date, a total of 21 schools have been built, and temporary buildings are being offered to four schools. After the schools open, we continue to support them through donations of personal computers, books and stationary.

Donating Elevators for Use by Visitors to Himeji Castle during Its Restoration

The elevators enable visitors to see the progress of the repair of the main keep from the inside.
The elevators enable visitors to see the progress of the repair of the main keep from the inside

Himeji Castle, a world cultural heritage in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, is currently undergoing restoration and preservation of the main keep under a three-year project that began in March 2010. Since Himeji Castle is the greatest tourist attraction in the region, it would have been extremely detrimental to the local economy to refuse visitors for such a long period.
To solve this problem, Toshiba Group donated two elevators to Himeji City. The elevators are installed inside the roofed scaffolding and they take castle visitors to the main keep where visitors can observe the progress of the restoration.

Himeji Castle restoration

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Job Creation and Skill Development

New thermal power generation facility plant in India contributes to job creation and local development

Steam turbine factory in Chennai
Steam turbine factory in Chennai

A production line operated by local employees
A production line operated by local employees

In February 2012, Toshiba JSW Turbine & Generator Pvt. Ltd. in Chennai, India began the integrated production of steam turbine bodies. The company ships products to domestic markets in India as well as markets in emerging countries in Southeast Asia and the Near and Middle East, where the demand for energy is rapidly growing. As part of its efforts to develop a production system managed by local personnel, the company is focusing on the recruitment and training of personnel. It plans to increase the number of local employees, which numbered around 200 in February 2012, to approximately 500 by 2014. To build the factory, the company developed a site measuring 400,000 m2 and constructed roads and sewerage facilities in the surrounding area. The company will further contribute to the development of public infrastructure in the area, including requesting the state government to develop roads from around the factory to the port.

Press Release: Inauguration of steam turbine and generator manufacturing facility in India

Creating Employment in Vietnam by Establishing a High-efficiency Motor Manufacturing Factory

Production line using locally procured parts
Production line using locally procured parts

In September 2010, we established Toshiba Industrial Products Asia Co., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam for the purpose of manufacturing high-efficiency industrial motors. We plan to increase the number of local employees to prepare for future expansion of production. Prior to the commencement of production, we dispatched a number of employees from Japan to offer technical guidance to local companies from which we plan to procure precision parts for the motors. Under our ambitious local procurement policy, we will make continuous efforts to increase the local procurement ratio. Toshiba Industrial Products Asia Co., Ltd. Marks Official Opening of New Industrial Motor Manufacturing and Sales Base in Vietnam

Press release: Opening of new industrial motor manufacturing and sales base in Vietnam

Supporting the training of industrial product designers in Thailand in cooperation with JEITA

Designer education session
Designer education session

In September 2012, Toshiba offered an intermediate course in industrial design in Bangkok in cooperation with the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA).
The FY2012 training session, the third in its series, was held for 23 employees of local companies, most of whom were engineers. Based on their understanding of and experience in design thinking, designers from the Toshiba head office guided trainees through a series of design processes, from identification of issues in fieldwork to proposal and verification of solutions using prototypes, thus supporting the development of industrial designers.

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Cooperation with Local Universities and Research Institutes

Establishment of an R&D Division in India

Major R&D Bases in Japan
R&D centers worldwide

In order to enhance its capabilities to respond swiftly to market changes in R&D and to contribute to the development of local human resources, Toshiba Group is establishing R&D bases inside and outside Japan and building closer ties with local universities and research institutes. In Asian countries, the Group promotes joint R&D with local universities and business firms by establishing not only production bases but also engineering and development bases in each major area in which it operates. As part of these efforts, we set up an R&D division in India (Bangalore) in January 2013. We have launched industry-academia partnerships mainly by working with leading local universities to choose joint research subjects and accepting students under internship systems associated with joint research projects.

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Development of Products that Meet Local Needs

New Washing Machine Plant in Indonesia develops local-fit products

P.T. Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia’s washing machine factory
P.T. Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia’s washing machine plant

In November 2012, Toshiba Group established a new washing machine plant in Indonesia.
In the Southeast Asian and Middle and Near Eastern markets, twin-tub washing machines account for about 40% of total sales. In particular, such sales represent about 70% of the Indonesian washing machine market; therefore, we started production of twin-tub washing machines in the country.
The new plant is one of the Group’s global production bases that not only produces products that meet local needs but also supplies washing machines to the rest of Southeast Asia, the Middle and Near East, and Japan.

Launch of a vacuum cleaner for China

Horsehair broom brush suited to tiled and wooden floors
Horsehair broom brush suited to tiled and wooden floors

The VC-B50C vacuum cleaner launched in China
The VC-B50C vacuum cleaner launched in China

In urban areas of China, brooms and mops are being replaced by vacuum cleaners as a result of the change in aesthetic values and living conditions, including increases in the number of condominiums. Using the catch phrase, “Farewell to the age of brooms,” Toshiba Home Appliances Manufacturing (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. launched a vacuum cleaner for Chinese homes in October 2011. In order to develop the product, the company’s manufacturing, planning, and engineering staff worked together to research customer needs and reflect them in the product design. In order to achieve a reasonable price for the product, the company’s staff also increased the rate of local parts procurement and developed a low-price motor.

Development of LCD TVs for Southeast and South Asian countries

Toshiba’s Digital Products and Services Company conducts interview surveys on the use and design of LCD TVs in Indonesia, Vietnam, and India, and develops products based on analysis of survey data.
The company produces products with specifications and functions that meet local needs, such as Auto Clean (a function that projects beautiful images on TV screens without lowering image quality even in areas where it is difficult to receive broadcasting waves), equipping TV sets with large speakers to suit the preferences of viewers in India and other Asian countries, and including price competitive models in the LCD TV lineup.
Since Asian models with large speakers have been well received, such speakers are now again being used for models destined for the Japanese market.

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Contributing to Local Medical Care

Sending doctors and dentists to areas around a factory in the Philippines

Medical examination of local residents by doctors sent by the company
Medical examination of local residents by doctors sent by the company

Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc. since 2006 has been providing medical and dental examination services to promote and improve the physical well-being of intended beneficiaries in the nearby community.
In FY2012, the company continued to dispatch a team consisting of doctors, dentists, nurses, and many employee volunteers. In addition, it offered education programs on occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection to residents while waiting for their examinations.

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Support for Promotion of CSR Management

Holding a CSR Symposium for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in Thailand

Chairman Nishida addressing the symposium
Chairman Nishida addressing the symposium

In Thailand, our second largest overseas manufacturing base after China, we held our CSR Symposium Thailand for the first time in November 2010. This symposium was held in response to a request from the Federation of Thai Industries and attended by 250 people including the Deputy Minister of Industry of Thailand and small and medium entrepreneurs.
At the symposium, Atsutoshi Nishida, the Chairman of Toshiba, introduced Toshiba Group's CSR management policy, while the general manager of the CSR Implementation Office highlighted its various CSR activities and the challenges it faces.
Furthermore, through our local subsidiaries in Thailand, we have been conducting various corporate citizenship activities such as mangrove tree-planting events and educational support programs.

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