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Relations with NPOs and NGOs

Policy on Relations with NPOs and NGOs

We develop collaborative partnerships with NPOs and NGOs in a wide range of fields, including the environment, human rights, and corporate citizenship, and engage in proactive dialogues and exchange meetings with them.
Prior to provision of support to and collaboration with NPOs and NGOs, we screen them based on criteria, including the extent of their contribution to resolving social issues, their relevance to Toshiba's priority areas, creativity and pioneer spirit, and relationships with communities.

Framework for Dealing with NPOs and NGOs and Checks and Audits

Depending upon the nature of the work (e.g. related to the environment, corporate citizenship, etc.) or geographical area, respective divisions serve as the contact points for the NPOs and NGOs.
Donations to NPOs and NGOs are made based on the judgment of legal compliance and appropriateness in accordance with the internal rules. The Corporate Citizenship Committee checks the details of the support provided to NPOs and NGOs.

Support for and Collaboration with NPOs and NGOs

Toshiba Group is promoting a wide range of CSR activities through collaboration with NPOs and NGOs worldwide, including science education, support in response to disasters and other social contributions and environmental activities.

Toshiba Initiative: Support for Science Education

Real Science Education Institute, an NPO

In collaboration with the Real Science Education Institute, an NPO, and by capitalizing on Toshiba's technological strengths, Toshiba is contributing to the resolution of a pressing issue in Japan, namely, the growing disinclination to study mathematics and science coupled with a perceived decline in educational aspirations among young people.

Toshiba Experiential Science Education
Toshiba Experiential Science Education

Experiential Science Education

Toshiba Initiative: "Home Appliance Disassembly Workshop"

Disassembly Workshops
Disassembly Workshops

In order to help children deepen their understanding about home appliances and other inner workings, in Japan, Toshiba Group has been holding Disassembly Workshops for elementary and junior high school students every year in cooperation with the “Seikatsu-Kobo (Lifestyle Design Center)” of the Setagaya Arts Center(Japanese) since 2005. Toshiba employees participate voluntarily in such workshops as Disassembly Doctors. The children learn about the application of the tools from Disassembly Doctors and disassemble home appliances familiar to them to understand the technology of the inner parts and their recycling.

Disassembly Workshops

Toshiba Initiative: Forest Maintenance at Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Children's Educational Hikes
Explore the Forest Expedition

Based on the agreement signed with Tokyo Metropolitan Government in November 2008 regarding the preservation of forest in Tama area, Toshiba has been involved in the maintenance of the protection forest (24.5 ha) at Hachioji City.
The three parties, Toshiba, the metropolitan government and an NPO “Mori to Hitono Network”(Japanese) (network between forest and people) hold meetings to develop plans to promote forest maintenance as well as to provide Toshiba employees and local citizens opportunities to experience the importance of nature.
"Mori to Hito no Network" formed by Toshiba employees who are qualified as nature observation leaders takes initiatives to maintain the local forests and also acts as navigators during nature trails.

Forest Development

Toshiba Initiative: Forest Neighborhood Association “Morino chonai-kai”

Office Morino Chonai-Kai
Morino Chonai-Kai

Toshiba Group entered into a framework agreement to cooperate on forest maintenance activities with Aomori Prefecture (Japan) in May 2009. Based on this agreement, we aim to maintain the mountain forest and woodland of 10.5 hectares in Shichinohe Town and Misawa City in cooperation with Aomori Prefecture and use them as venues for environmental education of employees.
In addition, we will also use the mechanism of the Forest Neighborhood Association “Morino chonai-kai”, as promoted by the environmental NPO Office Neighborhood Association. We will use the paper in the form of printed materials or copier paper made by paper manufacturing companies using tree thinning in Misawa City

Toshiba Initiative: Support for Recovery from Disasters

Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Recovery Support Activities

Toshiba Group has provided in-kind donation of 1,230 air purifiers through NPO Peacebuilders and NPO The Institute of Cultural Affairs Japan, and 90 laptop computers through NPO Yume Net Ofunato(Japanese). Furthermore, washing machines, rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, radio cassette players and batteries were also donated through other NPOs.
In addition, we have pledged 10 million yen to Government Certifies NGO JEN as their relief activity fund.

Support in the Aftermath of Disasters

Toshiba Group has supported the swift recovery from the disasters collaborating with NPOs and NGOs. Some of our relief efforts: US Tornado in FY2011, Floods and landslides in Pakistan, China and India in FY2010, Sumatra Earthquake (Padang) in FY2009, Myammar Cyclone in FY2008.

Disaster Relief

Toshiba Initiative: Used Computer Donation

In order to support the "informatization" of financially challenged organizations, Toshiba has been donating pre-owned computers to welfare organizations and citizen groups through eparts(Japanese), a specified nonprofit organization. In FY2012, a total number of 596 computers were donated, which makes an accumulated total of 2,267.

Donation of Used Computers in Japan

Toshiba Initiative: Support for and Collaboration with Human Rights NGO

Supporting Amnesty International Japan

Toshiba supported Amnesty International Japan's annual film festival which features human rights issues.

Date: Janualy 26-27, 2013
Organizer: Amnesty International Japan

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