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Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction

Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy

Adhering to the Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy established in 2003, we aim to enhance customer satisfaction (CS) through the provision of safe and innovative products, systems and services as well as through communication with customers.

Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy

We make the voice of customers the starting point for all ideas and provide products, systems and services that deliver customer satisfaction.

  1. We provide products, systems and services that are safe and reliable.
  2. We respond to requests and inquiries from customers sincerely, rapidly and appropriately.
  3. We value the voice of customers and endeavor to develop and improve products, systems and services to deliver customer satisfaction.
  4. We provide appropriate information to customers.
  5. We protect personal data provided by customers.

Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct 2. Customer Satisfaction

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CS Promotion Structure

For cross-functional activities in accordance with the Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy, the following working groups (WGs) have been set up.

After-sales Service Enhancement WG

Members: After-sales service sections of Group companies in Japan
Activity: Implementation of measures to enhance the quality of after-sales services.

Contact Center Enhancement WG

Members: Over 30 Contact centers of Group companies in Japan
Activity: Implementation of measures to enhance the quality of Contact Center services.

Customer Satisfaction (CS) Promotion Structure

Customer Satisfaction (CS) Promotion Structure

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Customer Satisfaction (CS) Survey

Toshiba Group conducts a CS survey (also called Voice of Customer survey) for implementation of a PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

Since FY2005, the CS survey has been conducted Group-wide, covering individual and corporate customers to find out their views on Toshiba Group's products, prices, repair services, etc. The findings are shared among the personnel concerned, including senior executives, and executed in activities to enhance CS.

Toshiba Group's CS Promotion Cycle

Toshiba Group's CS Promotion Cycle

Conduct surveys and analyze the results

Based on the periodic survey conducted every year, the positioning of Toshiba against other competitors as well as changes in VOC are constantly examined, and strategies and measures for improvement are formulated. (Surveys have been conducted nine times as of June 2014.)
To develop strategies suited to the needs of emerging economies, we have enhanced our surveys of individual customers in developing countries since 2011 in order to develop products and sales strategies that meet local needs.

Share the survey results and ensure penetration

Chief Business, Marketing and Technology Executives gather to share the survey results in their department and to ensure that the voice of customers is widely and thoroughly penetrated.
For issues which are common to the entire Group, a cross-functional project is set up to implement the improvement activities.

Formulate and implement improvement activities

Survey of Corporate Customers: For customers providing continuous and strict feedback, improvement measures are formulated without fail. From onward, the structure will be further reinforced to achieve improvement activities.
Survey of Individual Customers: Based on the voice of the customers who also use competitors’ products, the strengths and weaknesses of Toshiba products can be analyzed to better understand the needs of the customers and help in product development.

Assess activities

A self-assessment of the improvement measures of the past one year was conducted against the survey results. As a result, the issues appear highlighted so that more effective measures can be implemented.

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CS Survey of Corporate Customers

In FY2013, we received responses from approximately 2,300 people representing over 800 corporate customers, and executed the results of response analysis to improve sales and marketing, products and services, as well as in better provision of information to customers. In addition, we received a total of 4,130 opinions and requests. As a result, a total of Group-wide improvements plans are being promoted upon analysis of such opinions and requests.

Survey respondents Corporate customers of Toshiba's products and services
Survey items Evaluation of the degree of satisfaction with regard to Toshiba products, sales activities, and maintenance and repair services
Other customer requests related to the above

FY2012 Survey Results

FY2013 Survey Results

FY2013 Survey Results

FY2013 Survey Results

Opinions and Requests

Sales & Marketing

Request to provide ground-breaking proposals for the future
Request to provide proposals that meet our needs on timely manner
Request to take an active part in making proposals for combining Toshiba Group’s various products and technologies
Desirable to possess more technical skills
Desirable to have speedy information on new products and technological trends
Request better coordination with technical and maintenance divisions
Regular visits are desirable
Strengthen support overseas

Technology & Product

Request that product development be specifically based on consumer needs
Request to enhance proposals based on advanced technologies
Request to further enhance product quality and reliability
Request to ensure that skills are passed onto members of younger generations

Delivery & Production

Desirable to speedily inform the delivery status of goods
Request better coordination between the sales team and the production team


Desirable to provide an easy explanation of the basis of calculation of quotations
Request that the costs include the running costs as well as the innitial cost

Maintenance & Repair Service

Request to further accelerate emergency and repair service procedures
Request for improvements on service maintenance menu and other remediation in response to customer needs
Desirable to eliminate the differences in technical levels
Request for an easy explanation of the details of repair services

Activities Based on the Survey Results

Strengthen Providing Suggestions and Proposals

At Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage Products Company, in order to meet customers’ requests for information on advanced technologies and for total solution proposals, organizations within the Sales Division that specialize in system proposals will enhance proposal services in collaboration with related divisions.

Reinforcement of the Structure for Executing Improvement Measures

At our Railway & Automotive Systems Division, in order to strengthen CS activities, we share concrete survey feedbacks among corporate divisions, factories, Group companies in change of maintenance and repair services, and distributors relevant to the business unit, having all of the concerned parties involved in the corrective action process.
In the air-conditioning and heat source equipment business, we are promoting measures to collect individual requests from customers in each of our sales channels to reflect them in our business activities. We are also working to respond to customers’ needs regarding the Circulation Heating Pump Unit “CAONS,” one of our flagship products, based on data on customers’ needs and dissatisfactions.

Overseas CS Surveys

In an effort to make improvements based on VOC, Toshiba Group continuously conducts nationwide CS surveys (VOC surveys). In FY2013, we conducted VOC surveys on the use of home appliances and living conditions in several emerging economies.
We received responses from approximately 70 households in metropolitan areas, from among which we chose 20 households to conduct personal interviews. Survey results are analyzed and shared among related divisions in Japan and overseas to develop product planning and sales promotion strategies.  

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Policy for Customer Information Protection

Purpose of Personal
Information Use

Toshiba clearly states the purpose while using customer personal data and, in principle, obtains direct personal data based on the consent of customers and other individuals. The majority of personal data is basic personal data essential for contacting customers or providing services, such as name, address, telephone number, and email address. The principal purposes of use of personal data with Toshiba are published on the following website.

Toshiba appropriately handles personal data in accordance with internal regulations and rigorously controls personal data using a framework integrated with the data security management structure.

Intended Use of Personal Data

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