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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility
Committed to People, Committed to the Future.

Ashita Award for CSR Excellence

Activities for social contributions, that we do globally, undergo evaluation for 9 criteria, including purpose, employee participation, originality, continuity, effects on society, and cooperation with outside organizations. Every December, the activities that produce particularly noteworthy results receive an award for excellence in social contribution (Toshiba's “Ashita” Award) with a commendation from corporate CEO.

In accordance with the yearly awards ceremony, informative exchange meetings are hosted by the award-winning offices and the Group companies. Here we exchange opinions on promoting more effective activities for social contribution.

Number of activities applied

Graph:Number of activities applied. 1st 547 activities, 2nd 944 activities, 3rd 1115 activities, 4th 1395 activities, 5th 891 activities, 6th 1290 activities, 7th 1403 activities, 8th 1449 activities, 9th 1616 activities, 10th 1481 activities, 11th 1540 activities. 12th 1359 activities. 13th 1220 activities.

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Number of Activities by Category

Graph:Number of Activities by Category.Total number of activities 1220, Donations and contributions from company 11%, Cleaning 25%, Blood donations 8%, Science and technology classrooms, field trips 8%, Fundraising, collections 15%, Protection of the natural environment 7%, Promotion of sports and culture 3%, Others 23%

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Number of Activities by Region

Graph: Number of Activities by Region. Total number of activities 1220, Japan 86%, North and America/South America 3%, Asia/Oceania 6%, China 3%, Europe/Middle East/Africa 2%

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Award-winning activities

13th Winners(April, 2016 to March, 2017)

View the details for the 13th Ashita Award winners

13th Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Japan Semiconductor Corporation Oita Operations Eco Study Session
Toshiba Memory Corporation Yokkaichi Operations Teaching children about the environment in collaboration with local government organizations
Hangzhou Toshiba Group companies Physically Disabled People's Artwork Exhibition and Spot Sale
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation:Mr.Kenichiro Fujino Tokyo Fire Department Emergency Support Volunteer

12th Winners(April, 2015 to March, 2016)

View the details for the 12th Ashita Award winners

12th Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Toshiba Elevator And Building Systems Corporation Elevator confinement rescue training
Himeji Operations – Semiconductor Donation and the discharge meeting of endangered species "Golden venus chub"
Toshiba International Corporation Rebuilding Together Houston
Himeji Operations – Semiconductor:Mr.Akihiro Tanaka The driver of a volunteer bus

11th Winners(April, 2014 to March, 2015)

View the details for the 11th Ashita Award winners

11th Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation Conserving rare flora for biodiversity
Toshiba Multimedia Devices Co., Ltd. Supporting bread sale of the Bread Studio Alice
Toshiba Oita Operations : Mr.Hiroshi Nasu Pick-up activities for dialysis patients, disabled persons, elderly people and so on

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10th Winners(April, 2013 to March, 2014)

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10th Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Toshiba India Private Limited A collaborative activity geared toward self-sustaining communities in rural areas
Toshiba HA Manufacturing (Nanhai) Co., Ltd. Campaign for protecting the environment
Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation Forest development activities
Chubu and Shizuoka Toshiba Group employees Donating Toshiba products to social welfare facilities
Toshiba Solutions Corporation / Koichi Maruoka Building friendship between Mongolia and Japan
Toshiba Consumer Marketing Corporation / Mamoru Sumita Emergency treatment activities in mountaineering
Toshiba Tec Solution Services Corporation / Yumiko Hashimoto Smile Tohoku Project

9th Winners(April, 2012 to March, 2013)

View the details for the 9th Ashita Award winners

9th Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Toshiba With Corporation Support for Intellectually Disabled People with Work and to Become Independent
Toshiba Power Systems Company Geothermal Power Reducing Carbon Emissions and Coexisting with the Community
Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc. Banaue Rice Terraces Rehabilitation
Toshiba Digital Products & Services Company Group 'Donate Clothes to Africa'
Toshiba Kansai Branch Inviting Children from Orphanages to the Fireworks Festival
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. / Ms. Colleen M Smith Power To The People-Off Grid Solar Installation-Rural Nicaragua
Toshiba Sign language Club Diversity Promotion by Sign Language Instructions
Toshiba Semiconductor Service & Support Co.,Ltd. / Ms. Yoko Okubo Support for Guide Dog Association through Charity Concerts

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8th Winners(April, 2011 to March, 2012)

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8th Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Chusonji Temple Golden Hall LED Lighting Project(Toshiba Lighting and Technology) Support for Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake: Promotion of Tourism by Conversion to LED Lighting
TPSC (India) Donation of Plumbing Supplies and Study Materials to Primary Schools in Rural Agricultural Areas
Toshiba Television Central Europe Sp. z o.o. Collection of Electrical and Electronic Products from Employees
Nishishiba Electric Co., Ltd. "Donation of Love Blood Drive" and Other Contributions to Local and Neighboring Communities
Toshiba Home Technology Corporation Volunteer Replacement of Fluorescent Lights and General Cleaning at a Home for Elderly People Requiring Special Care
Toshiba Fuchu Complex / Kiyoshi Suzuki Volunteer Activity in Areas Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

7th Winners(April, 2010 to March, 2011)

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7th Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Japan Emergency Solar System ("Jessy") team/Toshiba Consumer Marketing Tohoku Disaster Relief
Inan Electric "Education" Vocational Learning for Rural Elementary and Middle School Students
Toshiba Storage Device (Thailand) "Conservation" Thai Forest Development (Part of Efforts to Plant 1.5 Million Trees)
Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines) "Health/Medical Care" Community Medical Outreach
Toshiba Science Museum "Special Award" Toshiba Science Museum, a Proud Corporate Citizen for 50 Years

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6th Winners(April, 2009 to March, 2010)

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6th Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Toshiba General Hospital Healthier Communities
Pink Ribbon Campaign Promotion Team (Toshiba Medical Systems, others) Raising Breast Cancer Awareness
TEC Engineering Educational Support at Special-needs Schools
Toshiba Lighting and Technology Environmental Education Focused on Lighting
Toshiba Plant Systems and Services Supporting the Solar Lantern Project
Westinghouse Electric Volunteer Projects on a Day of Caring
Toshiba America Information Systems and Toshiba America Business Solutions Habitat for Humanity
Toshiba Lighting Products (France) Life Lessons through Martial Arts
Toshiba Storage Device (Philippines) Christmas Orphanage Outreach
Toshiba Vietnam Consumer Products Disaster Relief and Financial Assistance

5th Winners(August, 2008 to March, 2009)

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5th Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Kyushu Branch Ongoing Company Bazaars
Chubu Branch Supporting an After-school Daycare Center
Kawamata Seiki Stimulating Children's Interest in Science and Technology
Toshiba Solutions Group Community Environmental Forum
Toshiba Security Guard Corporation / Tokio Ito Encouraging Healthy, Conscientious Youth through Kendo Instruction
Toshiba America Consumer Products Holiday Presents for Disadvantaged Children
Toshiba Electromex Voluntary Community Renovation
Toshiba Electronics Europe A Cheerful Christmas for Deserving Children
Toshiba Embedded Software (India) Supporting a Christmas Event for Children with Disabilities
Toshiba Consumer Products (Thailand) Coral Restoration Project

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4th Winners(August, 2007 to July, 2008)

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4th Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Himeji Operations Toshiba Dreams and Ideas Science Competition
Keihin Operations Supporting Disabled Community Members
Toshiba Carrier Forest Conservation in Shizuoka
Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Promoting Children's Elevator and Escalator Safety
Toshiba Alpine Club, Mie Branch Supporting Student Hikes, Conservation, and Rescuing
Toshiba Building / Katsuko Tanabe Outreach Concerts
Software Engineering Center / Ryu Nakazato Swimming Assistance for Mentally Challenged Children
Minani Plus Volunteer Nature Club Conservation at Forests Under Toshiba Care
Westinghouse Electric Community Service by New Employees
Toshiba Business Solutions New York Making a Difference for At-risk Youth
Toshiba Europe Helping Disabled Members at a Vocational Center Relax
Toshiba TEC U.K. Imaging Systems Charity Fundraising
Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines) Christmas Sharing with Special Children
Hangzhi Machinery and Electronics West Lake Litter Removal

3rd Winners(August, 2006 to July, 2007)

3rd Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Corporate R&D Center Volunteering Leadership for Komukai Toshiba Boys and Girls Inventors' Club
Komukai Operations 100% Participation in 70th Anniversary CSR Initiatives
Ome Complex Planting at a Forest Managed by Toshiba in Mitake
Toshiba Denzai Marketing Donation and Installation of Security Lights in Noheji
TEC Engineering "Kids' ISO" Environmental Education Internal Support, External Promotion
Iwate Toshiba Electronics(present; Japan Semiconductor) Voluntary Community Clean-up
Toshiba Building / Takakazu Chikusa Play-and-Learn Workshops for Disabled Children
Toshiba Denzai Marketing / Hiroshi Kajiwara Mentoring High School Volunteers
Toshiba Micro Electronics Center / Minoru Namekata White Blood Cell Donation
Westinghouse Electric Christmas Angel Tree Project for Disadvantaged Children
Toshiba America Electronic Components Christmas Gifts for Underprivileged Families
Toshiba Information Systems U.K. Charity Drives on Casual Fridays
Harison Engineering Korea Outreach for Orphans and Seniors Living Alone
Thai Toshiba Electric Industries Ongoing Temple Orphanage Support
Toshiba Group Companies in Thailand Community Energy Awareness Camp
Toshiba Lighting (Fuzhou) Donations Supporting a Local Elementary School

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2nd Winners(August, 2005 to July, 2006)

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2nd Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Oita Operations(present; Japan Semiconductor) Year-End Charity Initiatives
Toshiba Service and Engineering Home Appliance Disassembly Workshops
Corporate R&D Center Raising Public Awareness of Environmental Initiatives
Mie Factory, Mie Chapter of the Toshiba Labor Union Nursing Home Volunteering
Kitashiba Electric Community Firefighting
"Connecting with local areas" is a Toshiba LSI Package Solutions volunteer group Friendly Exchanges between Children and Special-needs Seniors
Total Environmental and Recycling Management, Mie Office  Offering Employment to Vocational Aid Centers
Toshiba Electric Appliances Voluntary Community Clean-up by All Employees
Tomoshibi Kai Orphanage Outreach
Activities Committee of Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. ACT Committee Support of OC Social Services
Toshiba America Information Systems Volunteer Fair
Toshiba Research Europe Charity Sporting Events
Toshiba Consumer Products Indonesia Children's Learning Opportunities
Toshiba Group Companies in Thailand Mangrove Forest Conservation
Hangzhi Machinery & Electronics Strengthening Community Ties, Joining Citizen Patrols
Toshiba Elevator (Shenyang) Ongoing Support for Toshiba Elevator Hope Elementary Schools

1st Winners(August, 2004 to July, 2005)

View the details for the 1st Ashita Award winners

1st Winners list
Commended departments Information about activities
Mie Operations and Local Group Companies Voluntary Recycling and ¥1 Donation for Fundraising
Fuchu Complex 100% Participation in "Heartful 65" Activities at Toshiba Fuchu
Hokkaido Branch Voluntary Snow Removal for Seniors
Fukaya Operations Toshiba Summer Festival, a 40th Anniversary Community Gala
Toshiba TEC Corporation Employee-funded Disaster Relief
Kaga Toshiba Electronics Semiannual Fundraising for the Community
Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporaton Kanuma Operations ¥130 Company Bazaar
Toshiba Medical Systems Painting Exhibition
Toshiba Electromex Community Service Program
Volunteers of Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. Ocean Institute and Underprivileged Student Support
Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Plymouth Operations TPO Charity Fundraising
Toshiba Electronics Malaysia Gotong Royong, the Spirit of Mutual Effort
Toshiba Group Companies in Thailand "Brings Good Things to Life" Art Contest and Exhibition
Toshiba Dalian and Toshiba Copying Machine (Shenzhen) Building and Supplying "Toshiba Hope Elementary Schools"
Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Factory Tours for Elementary School Children

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