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Annual Ashita Winners

13th Winners (April, 2016 to March, 2017)

Company activity

Eco Study Session

Japan Semiconductor Corporation Oita Operations


To attract the interest of children, future leaders, in global environmental issues, Japan Semiconductor Corporation invites students from nearby Matsuoka Elementary School to the Eco Study Session held at its manufacturing site during the National Environmental Awareness Month (June) each year. In FY2016, the 13th year of the program, 149 fifth graders visited the company. After introducing the Oita Operations and taking a brief look at global warming issues, the company's staff spent approximately two hours to have the children learn, through the following activities, how important it is to maintain the environment: a hand power generation experiment; an explanation on how wastewater is treated; a water quality survey and a precipitation experiment; a tour of the recycling center and production lines; and a hands-on lesson on how to put on dust-proof clothes. The staff received such comments as "I had so much fun learning so many different things. Starting today I will practice what I learned here." The fun event was full of smiles.

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Teaching children about the environment in collaboration with local government organizations

Toshiba Memory Corporation Yokkaichi Operations


To enable children, who are next-generation leaders, to think and act about global warming, Toshiba Memory Corporation has been sending instructors to teach classes at elementary schools since 2006. In these classes, children discuss and make presentations on energy-saving activities, thereby developing awareness about global warming. The total number of children who participated in this program has reached approximately 2,600. Some of the classes are attended by their parents as visitors, providing opportunities to raise environmental awareness among both parents and children. In FY2016, the company taught fifth graders at Asahi Elementary School in the vicinity of Asahi Test Center for three days and at Mie Kita Elementary School in the vicinity of the Yokkaichi Operations for one day. Also, to start a new program, the company's staff visited after-school daycare centers during spring holidays to enable children in lower grades to enjoyably learn by using various videos, including videos of a power generation experiment with incandescent, fluorescent, and LED light bulbs as well as of the global warming mechanism.

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Physically Disabled People's Artwork Exhibition and Spot Sale

Hangzhou Toshiba Group companies


As in the previous year, Toshiba Information Equipment (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (TIH), Toshiba Logistics (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (TLGH), Toshiba Carrier Air Conditioning (China) Co., Ltd. (TCAC), and Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd. (TCH) Hangzhou Office, held a Physically Disabled People's Artwork Exhibition and Spot Sale jointly with companies in Sanhua Industrial Park. In addition to a total of 8,292 company members (3,292 Toshiba Group members, including company presidents, plus Sanhua Holding Group employees), leaders of the Hangzhou City Disabled People's Federation also participated in the activity. A total of 283 pieces of art were sold, with a total sales amount of 33,646 yuan (approximately 500,000 yen). The exhibition was also reported on a Hangzhou TV program. Over many years, TLGH has donated 30 artworks that it purchased to its customers and other companies. TIH and TLGH have obtained the title of 2015–2016 Organization with the Highest Disabled People's Employment Rate and the 2016 Honorific Title of Hangzhou City Support for Disabled People's Employment.

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Individual activity

Tokyo Fire Department Emergency Support Volunteer

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation:Mr.Kenichiro Fujino


The Tokyo Fire Department Emergency Support Volunteer Program was launched in the wake of the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake with the aim of supporting the fire department's rescue, firefighting, and emergency relief activities during a disaster and participating in training and lecture sessions during normal times, thereby working to prevent disasters. Kenichiro Fujino has been active over the past 19 years in leading the 177 Hino Fire Station members. He has obtained certification for handling emergency materials and equipment and for first-aid treatment, and is organizing self-training programs as well as providing training in disaster prevention and first-aid treatment. In the event of a large-scale disaster, the volunteers must work without regard for risks. Therefore, their activities require their family members' understanding. Fujino was awarded the Tokyo Fire Department Fire Chief's Award, the highest award for emergency volunteers. His disaster prevention training has been reported on a Hino Cable TV program.

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12th Winners (April, 2015 to March, 2016)

Company activity

Elevator confinement rescue training

Toshiba Elevator And Building Systems Corporation

Photo:Situation of rescue trainingSituation of rescue training

Toshiba Elevator And Building Systems Corporation is building thoroughgoing support organization by maintenance service offer on 24 hour in 365 days for safe operation of an elevator. Since the case which shuts up also in a misfortune in the power failure by an earthquake, a heavy rain, etc. which occur all over the country on the other hand, and causes an accident is also increasing, rescue training for the commissioned company and rescue team member of institutions is conducted as a measure against a case which requires a long time by local arrival of the maintenance member of our company in the case of the emergency occurrence of an accident. Training explains the matter etc. which should consider a passenger besides the safe rescue method. He/She could understand the structure of apparatus and it has acquired popularity, such as having contributed to the improvement in consciousness to safety, from the participant. This activity is carried out from around 1975. And this action is done about 1,000 times a year.

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Donation and the discharge meeting of endangered species "Golden venus chub"

Himeji Operations – Semiconductor

Photo:Discharge meeting to a biotopeDischarge meeting to a biotope

Golden venus chub is the freshwater fish peculiar to Japan which inhabited western part of Japan widely, and is a fish which is reducing the number greatly under the influence of change of river environment, a predation fish, etc., and is specified as the Ministry of Environment Red List in these days.
At this factory, 26 Golden venus chub with a gene peculiar to the Ibogawa river basin system were inherited from the Himeji municipal aquarium in 2013, and breeding / protection activities are continued in the biotope of the enclosure of a factory. This time, about 60 Golden venus chub which bred are presented to a Taishi municipal Tatsuta elementary school as protection region expansion in the Ibogawa river basin system zone, and an aid of the environmental education in a local elementary school, the discharge meeting to the biotope of the school grounds is held, and the child is studying the importance of biodiversity conservation through daily observation .

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Rebuilding Together Houston

Toshiba International Corporation

Photo:With people of Houston areaWith people of Houston area

For more than three decades in Greater Houston, Rebuilding Together has repaired the homes of low-income, elderly homeowners -- along with those of veterans and people with recognized disabilities. In so doing, they've restored hope to individuals, rekindled community spirit, and built a better Houston by assisting over 11,000 families. Today Rebuilding Together assists about 365 homeowners a year.

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Individual activity

The driver of a volunteer bus

Himeji Operations – Semiconductor:Mr. Akihiro Tanaka

Photo:With Northeast reconstruction support volunteersWith Northeast reconstruction support volunteers

I am taking a part in the planning of a volunteer organization from 2013 by the reconstruction assistance of the Minamisoma area of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and am performing support service. From 2014, I am taking charge of the driver of the bus which goes and comes back to Tokyo and South Sanriku once per month. Although coming out of Tokyo becomes Friday night and there are physical worries and feeling of tension, the language of the gratitude from a participant relieves tiredness.

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11th Winners (April, 2014 to March, 2015)

Company activity

Support Turtle Sanctuary


Photo:Support Turtle SanctuarySupport for a Turtle Sanctuary

June 16th 2012, TTMM initiated a biodiversity feasibility study around Penang Island that identified a dwindling Green Turtle (chelonia mydas) population in Malaysian waters. In June 2013, TTMM volunteers started to support turtle conservation by providing cages to protect turtle nest from predators including raccoon dogs, monitor lizards and monkeys. TTMM provided 15 cages each in 2013 and 2014, and we have received positive reports from the Fisheries Department on an increased survival rate for baby turtles. We intend to continue this program in coming years.

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Conserving rare flora for biodiversity

Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

Photo:Conserving  rare flora for biodiversityRreplanting Hamakanzou to their original habitats

The Yokosuka head office of Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation, TLT, grows "Hamakanzou", a kind of daylily, and replants them in their original habitats. In May 2012, TLT accepted 28 seedlings of Hamakanzou picked excessively in the Koajiro forest of Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture to the premises of TLT's business sites. Though Hamakanzou seedlings have decreased by environmental change, lawn withdrawal, exchanging the soil, and filling up manure in the beginning, they could increased 28 to 100 in 2014 and the transition ceremony was held to return Hamakanzou to their original habitats, the valley of Koajiro. TLT to continue this activity to make Koajiro the best habitat of Hamakanzou in Japan.

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Individual activity

Pick-up activities for dialysis patients, disabled persons, elderly people and so on

Toshiba Oita Operations : Mr.Hiroshi Nasu

Photo:Pick-up activities for dialysis patients, disabled persons, elderly people and so onPick-up and send patients by car

In 2005, Hisroshi Nasu, an employess of Oita Operations started an NPO "Kitakyshu Hidamari-no-kai" to take dialysis patients and disabled and elderly people pick-up at home, send to the hospital and home. The patients are 83 persons permitted to the management conference and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Kitakyushu. The NPO has 12 active members and they make a total of 5000 trips a year. NPO members use their own cars, except for one vehicle presented by "24-hour television". Thepatients need to pay only 500 yen for up to 4 km, which goes to administrative and maintenance expenses for gasoline and members' cars. Since dialysis patients need treatment once in two days, NPO volunteers working without vacationss, even at the Bon festival period and on New Year's day.

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10th Winners (April, 2013 to March, 2014)

Company activity

A collaborative activity geared toward self-sustaining communities in rural areas

Toshiba India Private Limited

Photo:A collaborative activity geared toward self-sustaining communities in rural areasPrototype of a student desk with an attached LED light

LPCT is an NGO that has supported the self-sustainable development of the region through continuing educational activities in Chikhali Gaon village, Maharashtra, for over 30 years. Despite this region being an 8 hour trip, one-way, by car to any urban area, the education standards are high and there are many entrepreneurs thanks to LPCT's activities. From the summer of 2012, Toshiba, together with LPCT, supported the aim of collaborative technology and business models. In 2013, we set up a community hub to facilitate the advancement of women in society and donated small solar-powered systems and 50 Toshiba televisions for education. Additionally, we work together with the people of the region to create prototypes that use Toshiba LEDs.

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Forest development activities

Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation

Photo:Forest development activitiesKaga Toshiba Forest

Through an agreement with Nomi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation christened a plot of land (3.33 ha) as "Kaga Toshiba Forest" in Tatsunokuchi Hill Park in the local area of Nomi City and, starting from 2013, began forestry management activities to grapple with environmental preservation in the local area. Twice a year we remove unnecessary trees and maintain the walking paths, farm of shiitake mushroom, and practice wood working. Every year, over 100 employees and their families participate in these activities as a place to communicate and preserve the environment. Since 1994, we have also been involved with the "Ishikawa Prefecture Forest Development (Ishikawa Forest Development Association)" through which about 100 people participated. This is connected to spreading the word about environmental awareness.

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Donating Toshiba products to social welfare facilities

Chubu and Shizuoka Toshiba Group employees

Photo:Donating Toshiba products to social welfare facilitiesDonation ceremony for welfare facilities

This activity started as a 133-yen donation drive in 2008, 133 years from the founding of Toshiba. Toshiba Chubu Branch and the Chubu/Shizuoka area Toshiba Group company employees who agreed to do this activity donated money. They gave the collected money to welfare facilities, with a focus on children's homes, and donated the Toshiba Group products that each facility wanted. 44 companies and 62 workplaces in the Chubu/Shizuoka area participated in the 138-yen donation drive in 2013,138 years from the founding of Toshiba. In the 6 years up to then, a total of 25 institutions donated roughly 4.6 million yen worth of Toshiba Group products.

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Individual activity

Smile Tohoku Project

Toshiba Tec Solution Services Corporation / Yumiko Hashimoto

Photo:Smile Tohoku ProjectMosaic art at the Yuriage Community Center ruins

Ms. Hashimoto participated as an individual in a project run jointly by the 3 papers, Fukushima Minpo, Kahoku Shinpo, and Iwate Nippo, based on the concept of spreading the smiles through Tohoku to the entire country. A flower garden (mosaic art) in the shape of a smiling face was created at the ruins of the Yuriage Community Center, which was damaged by the enormous tsunami. She grew the flower garden by mixing the seeds of the flowers in the soil to make globular flower balls and placing them together with message plates received from around the country to support the victims.

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9th Winners (April, 2012 to March, 2013)

Toshiba Group established the Business Division Awards in addition to the existing Corporate Citizen Department Awards to promote contributions to global social issues through our businesses. There are 5 judges on the evaluation committee from outside the company from NPOs and NGOs. They discuss the proposals submitted from the operational departments in view of qualities of good problem solving and qualities of good corporate citizenship.

  • Business division
  • Corporate citizen department

Corporate citizen department: Company activity

Support for Intellectually Disabled People with Work and to Become Independent

Toshiba With Corporation

Photo:Condition of cleaning workCondition of cleaning work

Toshiba With was established in 2005 as a special subsidiary, running businesses such as cleaning, printing, postal mailing, and health care within the Toshiba Group. The company's aim is to foster independence among people with intellectual disabilities by providing them with a workplace and work-experience. The company conducts the necessary coaching to help these individuals become independent members of society. This includes motivating them to improve their abilities through skill tests and mentoring systems, as well as teaching them how to look after their health. The company accepted all apprenticeship requests from schools for disabled children. It has also been working on raising people's awareness to understand that 'intellectually disabled people can work' by inviting parents, guardians, and support centers to observe our workers in action.

Comments from the chairperson of an external evaluation committee:

Photo:Yayoi TanakaYayoi Tanaka
(President of the Japan NPO Research Association)

Toshiba's advantages are being utilized for missions to support the independence of people with disabilities and for appropriate provisions as means to achieve that in the workplace. It is great that not only the workplaces that employ people with disabilities, but also government agencies cooperate to make necessary resolutions that also bring into perspective their living conditions. From the aspect of profitability, this company is seen to have room for improvement, but if it can exercise its ingenuity to improve that, it can probably come up with innovations regarding society's problems by employing people with disabilities.

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Geothermal Power Reducing Carbon Emissions and Coexisting with the Community

Toshiba Power Systems Company

Geothermal PowerGeothermal Power

Immune from the effects of weather, and with a low level of carbon emissions, geothermal power generation is a stable source of electricity. However, nothing new had been installed for over 10 years due to the difficulty of reaching agreements with local hotspring associations. Therefore only around 2% of the total geothermal heat had been harnessed. We developed a small, environmentally-friendly power generation facility and proposed a model allowing for joint income ventures with local residents. We carefully spoke with locals regarding a number of opportunities such as sharing steam in order to generate electricity as well as heated water for use in the hotspring industry. We also discussed creating an emergency supply of electricity for disasters, and creating jobs at the geothermal power generating station. We commenced excavation at Okuhida Nakao Hotsprings to help promote the generation of geothermal power that can coexist with the local community.

Comments from the chairperson of an external evaluation committee:

Photo:Emiko NagasawaEmiko Nagasawa
(Keidanren Business Service Planning Office Director [Japan Business Federation])

Toshiba precisely grasps the obstacles for developing geothermal energy and we can see their efforts to overcome them. Even the stakeholders can admire that they are aiming to accomplish multiple goals: combining an environmental and financial balance with a strong awareness of the connections with local businesses. The expectations and happiness of the local people involved are a huge incentive for local companies. We hope to apply the advantages of building these same relationships in the future in new regions.

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Corporate citizen department: Individual activity

Banaue Rice Terraces Rehabilitation

Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc.

Photo:Banaue Rice Terraces Rehabilitation

Acknowledging the importance of biodiversity, Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines) committed itself to supporting the maintenance of the World-Heritage Banaue Rice Terraces. 50 of our employees worked together with 30 local residents to remove broken stones from the damaged rice terraces and cultivate the soil. We made arrangements with the owners of five rice terraces and donated 100 thousand pesos (approximately 220 thousand yen) to put toward the costs of maintenance. We also undertook an education program to teach local residents how to maintain their community and provided them with relevant tools. Just a week after we finished our restoration of the site, the Banaue Rice Terraces were removed from the 'List of World Heritage in Danger'.

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Power To The People-Off Grid Solar Installation-Rural Nicaragua

Ms. Colleen M Smith

Photo:Power To The People-Off Grid Solar Installation-Rural Nicaragua

I traveled to rural Nicaragua to install an 880W off-grid solar system (4- 220W modules on the roof, an inverter, charge controller & 225W PV battery charging station) The town is home to more than 135 residents. The main source of income is the sale of corn, beans and wheat that are grown in the community & sold at a local market. The town has no access to grid electricity or basic services like health care, secondary education, potable water or phones lines. While in the community, I stayed with a host family and experienced life in rural Nicaragua w/o lights, limited food and poor sanitation. TIC donated LED lights for the School!

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Diversity Promotion by Sign Language Instructions

Toshiba Sign language Club

Photo:Diversity Promotion by Sign Language Instructions

In 2009, our Social Action Office approached employees with hearing disabilities to become volunteer instructors. They hold the Toshiba Sign Language Club (a sign language classroom for employees) once a month. The class is set up with 5 different stages of enablement, allowing engaging material to be taught according to each learner's level. The content of the lectures helps support the study of sign language technique and encourages understanding of hearing disabilities. The total number of students who have attended these seminars to date is over 1500 people. Their roles have gradually expanded into areas such as instructors and teaching material creators for the 'Training Seminar for Communication with Hearing Impaired Persons' hosted by HRD. Other roles include teaching sign language to guides working at the Toshiba Science Museum, giving information using sign language at Eco-Products Exhibitions, and presenting sign language lectures at local elementary schools.

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Support for Guide Dog Association through Charity Concerts

Ms. Yoko Okubo

Phto:Support for Guide Dog Association through Charity Concerts

Since 1982, the company has been performing charity concerts using koto, shamisen and shakuhachi as a member of the Oita San-Kyoku Association. For the past 29 years we have been donating a part of the proceeds from the ticket sales to the Oita Guide Dog Association. We advertised in newspapers and magazines to draw more guests, and our concerts have appeared in both the news and newspapers. The donations received have been used to raise guide dogs; so far 55 have been brought up as a result.

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8th Winners (April, 2011 to March, 2012)

"Donation of Love Blood Drive" and Other Contributions to Local and Neighboring Communities

Nishishiba Electric Co., Ltd.

photo:Donation of Love Blood Drive and Other Contributions to Local and Neighboring Communities

With the cooperation of the Japanese Red Cross, we have been conducting blood donation drives twice a year, in summer and winter, since 1968. In FY2011, the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare presented us with a letter of commendation in appreciation of this activity, which has been continuing without interruption for 43 years. Although the company has only about 800 employees, some 40 to 50 of them donate blood every time. Every year we also contribute to local communities by making monetary contributions for traffic accident orphans, providing internships for students of four local junior and senior high schools, opening company facilities to local residents, and co-sponsoring local festivals.

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7th Winners (April, 2010 to March, 2011)

"Health/Medical Care" Community Medical Outreach

Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines)

photo:Health/Medical Care Community Medical Outreach

Filipinos in economically disadvantaged communities who would otherwise be at risk for health problems have received needed medical and dental checkups and medicine at no cost in an annual program started by Toshiba Information Equipment in 2006. In all, 6,035 individuals have benefited from this project. By educating patients awaiting medical attention about health and safety, Japanese 5-S methods, and environmental conservation, the program extends beyond medical care to raise local environmental awareness.

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"Special Award" Toshiba Science Museum, a Proud Corporate Citizen for 50 Years

Toshiba Science Museum

photo:Special Award Toshiba Science Museum, a Proud Corporate Citizen for 50 Years

Opened in 1961 as a pioneering corporate museum, the Toshiba Science Museum takes visitors back in Toshiba history and into the future in advanced Toshiba technology. For more than 50 years, the museum has educated the community through children's science experiments, adult education computer classes, and hands-on science events at elementary schools, among other activities. Annual museum traditions include assisting with middle school science fairs in Kawasaki and participating in many community events. In recognition, the Museum received a cultural award from the city in 1992, followed by an award from the board of education in 2009. Meanwhile, the museum itself remains a popular destination, boasting 130,000 visitors in 2010 and a total of 8.7 million to date.

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6th Winners (April, 2009 to March, 2010)

Healthier Communities

Toshiba General Hospital

photo:Healthier Communities

Residents near Toshiba General Hospital know that the hospital supports a healthy community in several ways. What began in 2001 as a day of free public health counseling by nurses once a year in front of a station and at a popular department store has become a health event held twice a year since 2009, in spring and fall. A team of 10 nurses check blood pressure, BMI, and abdominal obesity, after which they offer accessible health advice, including matters of diet and exercise. Hospital staff also attend local festivals and public fitness events, where the red Toshiba logo on their uniforms reminds people Toshiba cares for the community.

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Environmental Education Focused on Lighting

Toshiba Lighting and Technology

photo:Environmental Education Focused on Lighting

This Toshiba company leverages their unique expertise to educate students about science, technology, and environmental conservation in ways focused on lighting. Near the Yokosuka main office and Kanuma Operations, workshops coordinated with nonprofits enabled students to learn as they assembled their own LED lighting under employee supervision. Regular educational outreach includes career day site tours for elementary school students. Differences in energy consumption between LED and incandescent bulbs are explained, in the context of climate change issues, and in other cases, children predict what will happen in experiments with liquid nitrogen, or see wind-powered outdoor lighting, factory wastewater treatment facilities, or recycling centers. At the request of a middle school in Niigata, volunteers also educated students there about LED lighting.

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Supporting the Solar Lantern Project

Toshiba Plant Systems and Services

photo:Supporting the Solar Lantern Project

Rural Indian villages without electricity now benefit from both light and business opportunities, as introduced by the nonprofit Gaia Initiative's "Solar Lantern Project." Through this project, Toshiba has donated sets of equipment combining a solar-powered charging station for rechargeable batteries and 50 battery-powered LED and fluorescent lanterns. Besides enjoying illumination at night, villagers can set up lantern rental businesses simply by charging the batteries during the day. Five villages received a set of equipment in 2009, equivalent to a total donation of ¥4.25 million. One of the villages also happened to be located near a Toshiba hydroelectric plant. Media coverage of this socially relevant project has included a front-page article in the Yomiuri Shimbun identifying Toshiba as a contributing company.

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5th Winners (August, 2008 to March, 2009)

Ongoing Company Bazaars

Kyushu Branch

photo:Ongoing Company Bazaars

A variety of welfare projects benefited from fundraising sales of items donated by nearly 1,000 employees at a two-day on-site bazaar. This event marked the fourth bazaar in 2009, with each generating more than ¥40,000 for distribution by a venerable regional welfare organization.

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Stimulating Children's Interest in Science and Technology

Kawamata Seiki

photo:Stimulating Children's Interest in Science and Technology

Children in a city-organized extracurricular program have enjoyed learning about science from young Kawamata Seiki engineers for several years. Since 2006, this Group company has supported the annual workshop event for 30-50 local elementary school children. Activities have included studying how electricity is generated and how to create motors to power Toshiba products. Another example of public service by this company is the brief internships offered to middle and high school students, who have had a chance to learn about fabrication and assembly over a period of about five days in the Production Department since 2001.

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Community Environmental Forum

Toshiba Solutions Group

photo:Community Environmental Forum

Discussing local environmental issues with the community has been the goal of a forum series hosted by this Group company. Lectures to date have included "Message from the Forest," by naturalist C.W. Nicol (2006); "Changing Japan, Starting with Mount Fuji," by alpinist Ken Noguchi (2007); and "Marine Environmental Change through the Viewfinder," by underwater photographer Ikuo Nakamura (2008). Some 500 people attend the city-sponsored event each year, which also provides an opportunity to introduce environmental measures taken by the Toshiba Solutions Group.

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4th Winners (August, 2007 to July, 2008)

Toshiba Dreams and Ideas Science Competition

Himeji Operations

photo:Toshiba Dreams and Ideas Science Competition

Stimulating local elementary students' interest in science is the goal of this annual competition, which has been held since 1993. Students at 12 local schools submit either inventions (which must be battery-powered or contain electronic parts) or environmental posters.
Their work is evaluated by an 11-member panel of media company presidents, education committee members, a science museum director, residential environment administrators, and Toshiba representatives, who award outstanding student effort.
In 2008, some 1,322 inventions and 240 posters were received.

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Promoting Children's Elevator and Escalator Safety

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems

photo:Promoting Children's Elevator and Escalator Safety

Children's safety on elevators and escalators has been the focus of educational efforts by this Toshiba company since 1978. Children understand about safety better than ever, now that the company updated an existing DVD in October 2007 to tell an engaging story through computer animation and live action. In fact, it was chosen as a designated video for this purpose by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and distributed to kindergartens and nursery schools across Japan. More than 15,100 DVDs had been distributed free of charge as of 2008, regardless of whether the elevators and escalators nearby are contracted with Toshiba. Distribution is a grass-roots effort, with employees personally visiting schools, or if this is not possible, mailing the DVDs. In response, many thank-you letters have been received.

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Supporting Student Hikes, Conservation, and Rescuing

Toshiba Alpine Club, Mie Branch

photo:Supporting Student Hikes, Conservation, and Rescuing

Volunteers of the Alpine Club support their community in several ways. At the request of two elementary schools, they have assisted with an overnight camping trip and related lessons since 2005.
Local mountain and wetland conservation by the club includes monthly path construction, runoff channel work, landslide prevention projects, and forest thinning and path work. Additionally, in August 2008, three members assisted the police and fire department for two days in rescuing hikers in distress.

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Swimming Assistance for Mentally Challenged Children

Employee Ryu Nakazato, Software Engineering Center

photo:Swimming Assistance for Mentally Challenged Children

Children with mental disabilities have enjoyed swimming under the guidance of employee Ryu Nakazato every Saturday morning since 1985, when Ryu began volunteering for this special sports club. As they become better swimmers, the children also learn about using the fitness center and interacting with club members. It is a valuable opportunity to gain social skills. Before lessons, Ryu shows the children how to use the changing rooms, and as they learn how to swim, he supports them in the pool. He tailors his guidance to each child, providing assistance suited to their personality and skill level.

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2nd Winners (August, 2005 to July, 2006)

Nursing Home Volunteering

Mie Factory, Mie Chapter of the Toshiba Labor Union

photo:Nursing Home Volunteering

Twice a year for more than two decades (as of 2006), Toshiba Mie Operations and labor union volunteers have visited a local senior center to clean the facility and offer entertainment, such as making rice cakes and joining in bingo games. Elderly residents and staff members alike appreciate the volunteers cleaning ceiling air conditioner filters, high window panes, and other out-of-reach areas. But the outreach goes beyond cleaning duties. It brings a smile to many seniors' faces to talk with the young volunteers, and they look forward to the regular visits.

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Orphanage Outreach

Tomoshibi Kai

Founded in 1964, the Tomoshibi Kai association has the simple yet heartwarming mission of accompanying orphans on trips to the zoo. As of 2006, the volunteers have done this about 400 times. Several times a year, children can also enjoy fireworks displays, athletic events, and chances to pound rice cakes. Volunteers have included employees Tsuneo Tsunofuji, Masato Shindo, Yoshimasa Ishii, Mitsumasa Tsutsui, and many others.

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1st Winners (August, 2004 to July, 2005)

Voluntary Recycling and ¥1 Donation for Fundraising

Mie Operations and Local Group Companies

photo:Voluntary Recycling and 1yen Donation for Fundraising

To raise funds for worthy causes, employees at Mie Operations and local Group companies recycle empty cans and used milk cartons from home and supplement the cash received with ¥1 donations.
What began in 1994 as voluntary bottlecap collection to fund gifts of wheelchairs evolved into this program, which is held four times each year.

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Voluntary Snow Removal for Seniors

Hokkaido Branch

photo:Voluntary Snow Removal for Seniors

Seniors 80 and older were treated to snow removal in a city-sanctioned voluntary program that could only be conducted in snowy Hokkaido. For two weeks during heavy snowfall in February, 45 volunteers including branch manager worked in groups of three or four to shovel snow around houses, freeing a dozen households from the snow. Volunteers' much-appreciated efforts were covered in a local newspaper, complete with photos.

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Semiannual Fundraising for the Community

Kaga Toshiba Electronics

photo:Semiannual Fundraising for the Community

Fundraising to give something back to the community is a recurring commitment at this Toshiba company at bonus time. Donations had continued for 13 years (since 1992) before this effort was recognized with others at the first Ashita awards. Fundraising drives are held semiannually at each worksite, and the president joins many employees in contributing. Recent fundraising had seen ¥168,000 (raised to ¥218,400 through corporate contributions) donated to two community centers. Over the course of 13 years of donations, the site had raised ¥5,574,000, an achievement that was covered in a local newspaper.

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