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Teaching Competition (China)

Seeking to contribute to the future development of scientific and technical human resources in China, in 2008 we established the Contest of Math and Science Teaching Program for the Normal University Students in China in cooperation with China's Ministry of Education. This is a contest for students of Chinese teacher training universities.
From 2010, we expanded the scope of the contest to take in the entire country, and in 2015, approximately 12,600 students from 43 Normal Universities throughout China participated.


Preliminary contests are held from June to September at 43 universities throughout the country under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. The final round of the competition is held in December, with one First Prize, three Second Prize, and six Third Prize winners being selected in each of the categories of mathematics, physics, and chemistry, for a total of 30 prizewinners. In addition, the students among the prizewinners who excel most highly in "innovation" are chosen to receive the Toshiba Innovation Award, and the universities that were involved in preliminary arrangements and hosted the final round are granted Organization Awards. In the following June, the First,Second and Third Prize winners and their instructors receive training in Japan.

Photo:Group photo
In December 2015, the finals for the seventh annual Teaching Competition were held at South China Normal University in Guangzhou City.

Photo:demonstration class
The situation of a presentation "demonstration class" (left), and the examination (right).

Photo:the examination

Photo:Ms. Jia Huiyu
Ms. Jia Huiyu of Henan Normal University (left) received the Toshiba Innovation Award.

The seventh training in Japan (April, 2016)

Photo:Demonstration classPhoto:discussions
Demonstration class (left) and discussions (right) were conducted at Chuo University Junior and Senior High School.

Photo:Toshiba Science Museum
Field trip to the Toshiba Science Museum (Demonstration of superconductivity technology)

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Comments by the participants

Ms. Huang Guizhen the Director of the Department of Teacher Affairs of the Ministry of Education of China

"Thanks to Toshiba's support, the visit to Japan and exchanges with teachers for the winners of the Seventh Japan Class Plan contest went smoothly and well. Training in Japan allowed the teachers and students from Normal Universities to broaden their outlook and expand their knowledge of Japanese innovations and developments in fields such as economics, science, technology and education. The opportunity to experience Japan's culture widened my field of view, and I got deeper understanding of how important it is for China and Japan to strengthen mutual exchanges in the economy and trade, education, and in technology, as a means to promoting friendship between them. Also, the visit to Chuo University Junior and Senior High School, where the students from China did demonstration classes in English and then discussed it with teachers at the school was an opportunity for very useful exchanges. We thank Toshiba from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us the opportunity to enrich ourselves through the wealth of information this training provides."

Mr. Ye Yongpeng of South China Normal University, first place winner in Physics

"The demonstration class on the theme of physical "resonance" at Chuo University Junior and Senior High School, carried out with the assistance of teachers at the school, was very successful. The teacher also gave a class on the same theme, getting students to use the sensor of a mobile phone for sensitivity recognition resulted in a successful class, which showed the teacher's innovativeness. The visit to Toshiba Science Museum and other venues provided great opportunities to understand the Japanese people. Their innovation, eco-awareness and lifenology consciousness was very interesting."
(Mr. Ye Yongpeng plans to go to graduate school at South China Normal University.)

Ms. Chen Qiuling from South China Normal University, first-place winner for chemistry

"A demo class at Chuo University Junior and Senior High School on chemical "flame reaction" was surprising for the skillful teacher's teaching plan design and the experiment to explore the theme. I was also impressed by the attitude and experimental skills showed by the Japanese high school students. I would like to adopt what I learned from this training and be a good teacher who can cultivate and interest in chemistry among students in the future."
(Ms. Chen Qiuling plans to go to graduate school at South China Normal University.)

Ms. Cai Xiaochun from South China Normal University, first-place winner in Math

"The demonstration class at Chuo University Junior and Senior High School was impressive. In the class on the theme of mathematical "Fibonacci sequence" the logical nature of the whole lesson was highly impressive, and fully expressed. I think that students not only understand what they are studying based on experience obtained by this training, but also the underlying principles, which allows them to understand how the answer was reached and how to do it for themselves."
(Ms. Cai Xiaochun plans to become a junior high school chemistry teacher in Hebei, China.)

Ms. Jia Huiyu of Henan Normal University, winner of the Toshiba Innovation Award and second place winner for math

"The training in Japan was rich and meaningful. It was very useful for reinforcing the foundation for improving my capabilities, and for studying scientific knowledge, and also for the opportunity to see Japan and its people from various angles, and to understand cutting-edge technology and the culture. I think this experience will be important in my future life, in shaping my thinking and mental properties."
(Ms. Jia Huiyu plans to go to the graduate school at Northwest University.)

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