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Toshiba awards scholarships to university students around the world to help support development of a new generation.

Toshiba Great East Japan Earthquake Scholarships

Photo:Group photoToshiba Great East Japan Earthquake Scholarship presentation ceremony

Toshiba believes that fostering the youth responsible for the next generation is especially important to restore Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. We are providing scholarships that need not be repaid to university students who are victims of the event.
In October 2011, we started monthly stipends of 100,000 yen to each of 230 students enrolled in junior colleges, universities, and master's programs in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures. These students found it difficult to continue their education due to economic reasons caused by the earthquake. These payments continued until the ends of their educations. In March, 2015, all of 230 students had graduated, and the amount furnished after completing the project totaled approximately 500 million yen.

Photo:Messages cardGraduation messages

During the payment period, Toshiba sponsored excursions to its factories and Chūson-ji Temple and threw graduation celebrations to deepen the exchange between the students. The President also sent messages for graduation and the coming of age ceremonies to celebrate new beginnings.

We received a letter from a graduate that said:
Immediately after the earthquake, I was worried about whether or not I could continue my education, so I was extremely relieved when I was chosen as a recipient. After that, I was able to concentrate my efforts on school and extracurricular activities without economic worries. There is no doubt that because of the strong foundation of the scholarship, I was also able to receive an award of excellence for my thesis. I will repay this kindness, little by little, by effectively contributing to society.

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Scholarships in China

Toshiba set up a scholarship fund for Tsinghua University in 2001, and in 2010 gave away a total of about 250,000 yuan in scholarships to 45 students.
We have donated about 30 million yen since 2011 to emergent projects run by a voluntary organization of students at Tsinghua University.
We established a Toshiba Scholarship at Zhejiang University in 2004 and have handed out scholarships since then. In 2016, we gave 52,000 yuan to 5 graduate students.
A joint research center of environment and energy with Tsinghua University has been managed and we have adopted 2 students from the center.

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Scholarships for Female Students in Asia

Photo:ScholarshipsGraduate of Asian University for Women who visited Toshiba's headquarters (Tokyo)

Toshiba supplied the Asian University for Women (AUW) with the scholarship for about 4 million yen from 2013 to 2016 every year. AUW is established in Bangladesh, in order to provide higher education to women in the rural and impoverished areas of Asia.

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Scholarships in Vietnam

Each year since 2005, we have given a total of about 3 million yen in scholarships to students at the Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City campuses of Vietnam National University, and we already have adopted 142 students from this University, and 90 persons work now.
We have been providing scholarship to 30 students every year and managing a joint research center of software.

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Scholarships from Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines)

Photo: Scholarships from Toshiba Information Equipment(Philippines)

Toshiba provides educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged high school students through universities and institutes for vocational education in technology for the purpose of contributing to human resource development in the Philippines.
Since establishing the scholarship system in 2008, we have supported 90 students and, of those students, adopted 50 as employees.

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Scholarships in Brazil

In February 2014, Toshiba established a scholarship system with the Universidade de São Paulo in São Paulo, Brazil, to support the cultivation of human resources and science-technology education in South America.
With a standard of 20,000 dollars per doctoral student and 10,000 dollars per master's student, we give a yearly total of about 50,000 dollars to students who are mastering or are affiliated with the doctoral program for electrical engineering.

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