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Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction

Feedback from our customers is the origin of all our ideas. In order to increase customer satisfaction, all Toshiba Group employees operate from a customer perspective. This applies not just to those who work in direct contact with customers, such as those in sales and after-sales services, but in all divisions, from development, design, manufacturing, product quality, staff, and so on.

Medium- to Long-term Vision

The Toshiba Group’s goal is to provide high-quality services in all business areas.

FY 2015 Achievement

We set a "Special month to improve Customer Satisfaction," and ran education and training on CS for all employees

Future Challenges and Approaches

We will continue to provide CS training and education for our employees, in particular our Customer Satisfaction Improvement Month activities. Moreover, we will set up a committee for further improvement of service and product quality, and promote the sharing of measures and information.

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Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy

Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct states that Toshiba Group Companies makes the voice of customers the starting point for all ideas and provides products, systems and services that deliver customer satisfaction based on the customers’ requirements.

Adhering to the Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy established in 2003, Toshiba Group endeavors to sincerely and quickly respond to the voice of customers, employ them to develop new products, and protect customer information.

Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct 2. Customer Satisfaction

Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy

We make the voice of customers the starting point for all ideas and provide products, systems and services that deliver customer satisfaction.

  1. We provide products, systems and services that are safe and reliable.
  2. We respond to requests and inquiries from customers sincerely, promptly and appropriately.
  3. We value the voice of customers and endeavor to develop and improve products, systems and services to deliver customer satisfaction.
  4. We provide appropriate information to customers.
  5. We protect personal information provided by customers.

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Customer Satisfaction (CS) Promotion Structure

CS Promotion Structure

For cross-functional activities in accordance with the Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy, working groups (WGs) by subject have been set up.

CS Promotion Structure

CS Promotion Structure

Customer Support

We have set up call centers for different product groups and services in various countries. Each call center formulates its own targets for improving the quality of customer support.

Toshiba Group in Japan responds to customer inquiries concerning the products and services offered by Group companies, both in Japan and overseas, through the Toshiba Customer Information Center. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provides cross-divisional services to our customers, by guiding them to our specialized call centers, and forwarding calls to the division in charge, etc.

General customer support > Inquiries (Japanese)

Toshiba Customer Information Center: Breakdown of Inquiries (FY2015)

Toshiba Customer Information Center: Breakdown of Inquiries (FY2015)

Major Contact Centers for Individual Users in Japan (Apr 2016)

Major Contact Centers for Individual Users in Japan (Apr 2016)

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Improvement of Support to Customers

Initiatives for After-sales Services

KIZUKI training to improve receptiveness in after-sales servicesKIZUKI training to improve receptiveness in after-sales services

In order for each after-sales services division in the Toshiba Group to share their issues and tackle service improvement Group-wide, we have established an After-sales Service Enhancement Working Group.

This working group's activities include surveying service sites to identify issues, training for service engineers, and sharing case studies for improving CS.

Moreover, in order to share information related to maintenance services, we also have an Information Sharing Enhancement Working Group, as well as After-sales Service Meetings by region to share information within each region and strengthen cooperation.

Initiatives for Handling Inquiries from Customers

Contact Center Competition Contact Center Competition

We have a Contact Center Enhancement Working Group, which is aimed at improving the quality of response at Toshiba Group call centers. This working group plans and implements telephone response skill training, CS awareness surveys of contact center staff, and self-checks of response quality.

In November 2015, we held the 8th Contact Center Competition. A total of 27 participants from 21 call centers competed in a contest of response quality, in order to encourage overall improvement. Moreover, when the Act on the Elimination of Disability Discrimination was enforced in April 2016, points to consider when taking calls were collated as guidelines.

Education and Training of Employees on Dealing with Customers

Toshiba Group provides education and trainings for employees to understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and to learn the skills necessary for dealing with customers. We also provide a variety of manuals, including the Customer Service Manual and the Collection of Telephone Responses to Customers, and raise employees’ customer service awareness through employee briefings and publication of information on the company website.

We also conduct e-learning for employees in order to improve CS. In FY2015, the topic was "Improving Customer Satisfaction: Making Customer Feedback the Origin of All Ideas," and 99% of the 64,865 domestic Group employees received the training. We plan to continue this e-learning in the future.

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Sharing and Utilization of Voice of Customers

At Toshiba Group, all parties concerned, including top executives, share information on customers' complaints, opinions, and requests about our products and services received through our daily sales, repair, and service activities, and via telephone or the internet, in order to improve the quality of our products and repair services.

Activity Example: Constructed a New Facility Training Building

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corp. facility training building Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corp. facility training building

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corp. constructed a new facility training building on the site of the Toshiba Fuchu Complex in FY2013. This new building, which also functions as a showroom, is designed for providing maintenance services for elevators and building facilities as well as for conducting engineer trainings in order to improve facility construction skills. The building is equipped with a high-rise elevator shaft for skills training on the maintenance of high-speed elevators. Such elevators have been increasing in number in recent years as increasingly taller buildings are erected. This facility training aims to ensure safety and comfort during high-speed elevator operation. In addition, the East Japan Service Information Center, which provides round-the-clock support services, including remote monitoring of Toshiba elevators and building facilities, relocated to this building and expanded its office in order to provide a variety of technologies designed to ensure security for customers. A maintenance support system that makes use of mobile phones is also available to facilitate speedy recovery from damages suffered due to an accident or large-scale earthquake.

Activity Example: Providing Various Services around the Clock throughout the Year

TOSHIBA TEC Solution Service Corp. Contact CenterTOSHIBA TEC Solution Service Corp. Contact Center

Toshiba TEC Solution Service Corp., in charge of POS system maintenance, monitors networks around the clock throughout the year for customers with service contracts and provides support, remote maintenance, and failure recovery services.

In order to enhance the level of customer satisfaction, the company solicits customer opinions to understand customer needs and mobilizes them to improve the level of services as well as daily operations.

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Inspections and Audits of Customer Support

Since 2005, self-audits of major call centers have been continuously performed once a year using the Contact Center Quality Checklist unique to Toshiba.
High priority items with low implementation status are focused, and targets are set. Accordingly, measures for improvement are implemented, such as customer response skill training, monitoring, etc.

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Customer Satisfaction (CS) Survey

Toshiba Group conducts a CS survey (also called Voice of Customer survey) on corporate and individual customers for implementation of a PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

Since FY2005, the CS survey has been conducted Group-wide, covering individual and corporate customers to find out their views on Toshiba Group's products, prices, repair services, etc. The findings are shared among the personnel concerned, including senior executives, and are executed in activities to enhance CS.

Toshiba Group's CS Promotion Cycle

Toshiba Group's CS Promotion Cycle

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Policy on Customer Information Protection


Toshiba Corp. was quick to recognize the importance of protection of personal data, and in 2000 established the Toshiba Personal Data Program based on JIS Q 15001, a management system standard in Japan, and in 2001 obtained the Privacy Mark certification. Toshiba Corp. strives for continual improvement on management system and accordingly, renewed the Privacy Mark certification eight times at present.

In addition, 21 Toshiba group companies in Japan which are required to handle large volume of customer’s personal data properly on consignment in connection with outsourcing have acquired Privacy Mark certification respectively as of Mar 2016.

Toshiba Corp. clearly states the purpose while using customers’ personal data and, in principle, obtains such information directly based on the consent of customers and other individuals. The majority of the information is basic personal data essential for contacting customers or providing services, such as name, address, telephone number, and email address.

Toshiba appropriately handles personal data in accordance with internal regulations and rigorously controls personal data using a framework integrated with the data security management structure.

The principal purposes of use of personal data with Toshiba Corp. are published on the following website.

Purpose of Personal Information Use

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Support for Customers’ Business Continuity

At Toshiba Group, we assist our customers’ business continuity, providing them with the latest technologies, products and systems.

Activity Example: Achieving a Stable Electricity Supply in Times of Emergency with a Hydrogen-based Autonomous Energy Supply System

Toshiba's Energy Systems & Solutions Company is offering H2One™, a hydrogen-based autonomous energy supply system that uses renewable energy and hydrogen and is suitable for a diversity of purposes.

In March 2016, we received an order from the East Japan Railway Company for a BCP*-model H2One™, which can supply its own required energy without relying on system power supply, even when vital utilities are severed in the event of disasters such as earthquakes. This system, which is set to begin operating in Spring 2017, has been installed in Kawasaki City's Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station, on the JR Nambu Line. Its tanks store hydrogen produced by electric power provided by the solar panels, and in the event of emergencies, it can use this hydrogen to generate power using fuel cells, and supply energy for lighting in parts of the station building. It also provides electricity in ordinary times, and controls the quantity of produced and stored hydrogen, and of generated power in an optimum manner, using the hydrogen-based energy management system H2EMS™.

Through providing H2One™, Toshiba will continue to strengthen communities against disasters, and protect business continuity in emergencies, through providing a stable energy supply.

*BCP: Business Continuity Plan

Activity Example: Providing BPO* services to manage supplier information for procurement activities

Toshiba's Industrial ICT Solutions Company provides services that support customers to continue their business activities. One such service is the Supply Chain Watching Service for BCP, which handles the collection, maintenance and renewal of supplier information on behalf of customers, with regards to the procurement of raw materials, parts and so on. In the event of a disaster, the service surveys how the situation will affect customers.

Through this service, which utilizes the Toshiba Group's experience and knowhow regarding operating procurement systems, we will assist our customers to formulate BCPs, support them in the event of disasters, and contribute to the better management and use of supplier information.

*BPO: Business Process Outsourcing

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